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supernatural love story
Author :malumolu
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15 DAD



"Sir, Piya was being framed. If you not believe you can also enquire our principal. "

"okay". Inspector picked up the phone and dialled the telephone number of the college.

" Hello, this call is from the police station. I want to know about miss. Piya Min's report about miss. Anna and miss. Joanna..... mm..... mm... mmm... okay👌 thank you for your information. Okay you have to come to the police station to the enquiry. Okay ". Inspector hang up.

"Okay, I will give the bail on the condition that she must report in the police station in weekends. Okay? "

"Thank you sir. "

Mr. Wen enter to the room.

Piya who was walking towards Niya freezed after seeing Mr. Wen.


Whoa so Mr. Wen is Piyya's Dad.


Piya still remember her tenth birthday🎂.

That day was her last day of happiness☺.

That was the day her Dad abandoned she and her mom.

Her Dad and mom was college mates and sweethearts.

After the graduation ceremony of their college her Dad disappeared and came after ten years.

Started to leave with her mom. And Piya was born after one year.

Her mom Liya Min, mom's twin brother her uncle Lin Min and her Dad was college mates.

She didn't know that time why her uncle Lin hated her Dad.

Her uncle Lin kicked her and her mom out of house🏠. Her Dad arranged another house for them.

On her tenth birthday🎂 her mom and dad started fighting and Dad leaved the house.

After that she seeing him today.

One year after Dad leave the house her mom died⚰. And she admitted into a orphanage.

Now she realize that why didn't come home often!.

He have another family. Another wife and another two children. Her mom and uncle knew about that that's why uncle Lin kicked out them. @@


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