3 Surin . YOU ARE Pervert Part 1
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Author :Rex_shed
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3 Surin . YOU ARE Pervert Part 1

As the intention of Surin moves, time sus­pended unexpectedly really once more.

all the surrounding , even the air and atmosphere .pause in one place .
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Looking into the strange scene, surin did not look so startled as first time ,on the contrary, at this time his at heart is actually wild with joy.

" time stop. Was i the onr who stop the time , if so then i have suoerpower to stop time ...."

When surin was looking around . Surin suddenly noted that in his top right-hand corner of his view .

A string of figure was beating bring red unceasingly


Probably is the countdown of digital stop­watch is the same,

And speed of number decreasing was pro-gressively according to ome second.

" Eh This red number . What does this mean ?"

Looked for several seconds, the No.

jumped 13, but Surin has not discovered the

function of this red numbers.

But surrounding

time around him stop , Surin sees the schoolmates who was in the classroom coagulated the move­ment, and in front was standing one of the prettiest girl in class. ' QinYan Ran.

Like other Qin Yanran was no exception and stop along with other in one place

This time Surin saw that Qin Yanran has pressed brow ,her red lips were tight sealed, she look squinting to look at Surin slightly ,


I give this chalter in 3 part


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