Worm to Demon?
3 What do I desire?
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Worm to Demon?
Author :ldoronoco
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3 What do I desire?

I laid in the brown milky darkness for what seemed like eternity. I didn't mind, it was warm and comfortable. 

The most peace I've had for a while. 

In front of me was a cocoon wall keeping me from the outside world, I was constantly coiling around myself in irritation waiting for something I couldn't put my finger on.  

I promised I won't use this word, I'm unsure who I promised or is it whom I promised...unsure of that too.

There are many things I no longer need to be sure of, but now that I have the time , well I have no choice but to use it to ponder over such lines.

This is tedious, there I said it.

I'm sure of what I am

1: I have a tube like body

2: I have a slippery like body

3: I have small like body

4: I have a white-pearl like body

5: I am worm 

I believe the gods of death left me a gift 'status'

Name: Charin 

Race: Worm


Level: 1

Stats total - 50

Skills- 9/9 Slots empty

Description; A Worm, that is blessed by the Gods of Death and cursed by the Gods of Life.

Minus all that happened, I did go to Japan for the culture, so I have an idea on how this works. It's like Pokémon meets Death mage...it's interesting.

I know how to move, it's like swimming under water, like a dolphin. I never did like swimming classes they were….. I need to find another word to use for my dissatisfaction of objects,events, experiences and beings. 

I don't think I would have ever seen this coming, I day where I've been isekaid.

What do I desire now?

Women?, riches?,land?, fame?

Women?no, I'm a worm

Riches? Unsure, I'm a worm

Land? I guess 

Fame? No, I'm a worm 

Oh..Food? Yes, that should be desired. 

For now I'll just move forward, looking for food.


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