Worm to Demon?
2 Charin to Charon
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Worm to Demon?
Author :ldoronoco
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2 Charin to Charon

Is this the most tedious day of my 24 years? No 

That day was the day I was died, today is just unique.

I have been queuing here like a normal human, yawning at times, moving forward, bit by bit but the line is long.

I would say it's tediously long but I'd hate to overuse my favourite word.

My skin is now pale white and there is nothing to enjoy or do in this queue. As we walk, my shoulder neighbours smell keeps getting worse. 

I didn't know a soul could smell and can smell. 

Ah,my bags were packed and I left for Japan just as planned, I even took my magazines and saved images with me for cross reference. I  did a real life tour of Tokyo. It was not worth it, I was still unhappy and everyone around me was happy.

Although,it took the police three weeks to find me, I was surprised, it was a very long time. I had thought they were rookies at one point. I could have country hopped and hopped but if Tokyo couldn't make me happy, where could.

Run,hide,run,hide,run some more, that's effort and that was too much effort for me at the time.

So why is today unique.

There's a red yellow horned being glaring at me, he is speaking but I can't understand him.

If he'd let me get a word in, he would understand the situation. I guess my fate will be grave..something I expected

He's using a red stamp, I do wonder what he is saying. 

Oh, he looked down at me, tall he is.. too tall.

"Mr Charin Gin, 56,000 dead by your hands, what exactly for? "

'Ah, he talks, English as well, of course'

"I'd like to say some fluff stuff like they were too happy or I was helping the earth or it was only meant to be a school project but it got out of hand, but questioner, I don't like lying to people, makes me uncomfortable. Simply, I had a few days to spare so I thought why not?

Never stand beside a construction site btw, things can fall on your head.

His suit looked a bit cheap, what is a demon doing wearing a suit. Ah, he's writing and stamping papers again, should I be concerned.

" Mr Charin Gin, the Gods of Life have removed your mandatory rights to reincarnation or rebirth. 

The God's of death, have sentenced you live your last life in universe 8, on the Planet Kzar.

How do you plead?"

Seems I have some problems to deal with, that's too specific "Guilty, I guess." 

So this adds another  layer to the day, but my future existence is now in question.

Should I begin to weep, get on my knees...but is there a need, what is done is done. At least the other souls can stop staring at me now.

I wasn't a rapist, drug dealer or anything like that. 

So that sentence feels very heavy for some reason … ah look, he's stamping away again.

He kinda looks cute, stamping away.

Childlike cute.

Ah, he's reaching into the air,  the floor is shining with me being dragged into it, only me.

The view reminded me of a Flash cleaner advert, I used to enjoy.

I don't blame the man, I used to buy the same product, good stuff.


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