Worm to Demon?
1 Prologue
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Worm to Demon?
Author :ldoronoco
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1 Prologue

Is this the worst day of my 24 years? No 

That day was the day I was born, today is just tedious.

I woke up like normal, stretched, had a bowl of Cheerios and stepped outside to buy more milk.

Dressed in a light shirt and shorts, I was enjoying the sun against my skin. Walking and running around my neighborhood had always been a fun part of my day.

To breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the views of the inner city parks, I loved it. Sadly, my city was rebuilding, becoming more modern, more inclusive, it was becoming some else's city. 

Like my ex-girlfriends, I just had to let it go.

My bags were packed and I'd be leaving for Japan tomorrow, a city I had only seen in magazines or online, I even did a virtual reality experience of Tokyo once, I had to hack into some school to get access to the program but it was worth it.

Although, the three months community service wasn't worth it, I got too excited and hacked in from my dorm, rookie mistake.

I could have made something similar but where was I going to get the funding or the time. Uni was a full time gig during those days, ' architecture will be the death of me ' is what I'd say to myself.

'Mr Gin, why do you need £50,00 for? ' 

' Ah, Japan of course' Id say more fluff to the questioner but, I  don't like looking people in the eye, makes me uncomfortable, makes me forget my words sometimes.

A balicavar in high heat is not a good idea btw. 

The milk in the store was too cheap, it made me slightly concerned, though the the store owner has been hanging onto his hair for the past two years, so I guess he's got bigger problems to deal with. 

So why is today tedious, well for one, the store owner no longer needs to worry about his hair, his brains are decorating the counter.

If he had just handed over the money, none of this would have happened. I guess this is why they say the best laid plans, never go to plan.

His son's behind him, weeping, snot just running down his nose...ewh.

The shop owner wasn't a rapist, a drug dealer or anything like that. 

He was merely an obstacle to my goal. 

His son is now one too,..ah look, the cute kid is charging at me.

So tragic, he was so young.

The way he's gasping for air on the floor reminds me of a fish. I used to have a goldfish, I named him Fred...cat killed him.

I don't blame the cat, I did the same thing for something I desired.


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