Why Does It Have To Be You
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Why Does It Have To Be You
Author :marshietearjerker
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Kaizer became sad. "Just listen to me okay? I was drunk—"

I chuckled with a hint of mockery. "I think you're indeed drunk. People can be very honest when they're drunk anyways."

Kaizer gave me a pleading look. "I'm sorry."

Oh well fuck him. How dare him use my weakness! I can't cry right now.

"J-just get the hell out of my place!" I chocked in my words.

I looked at Claudius. I really want his help now!

But what a jerk! He just stared at me as if I never said anything— well I never said anything but atleast understand the situation. Ugh!

Kaizer held my hand. "Please. I swear I never intended to cheat on you." Liar.

Fuck I'm gonna cry again. Argh.

My tears was about to fall but Claudius went into the scene. Thank goodness.

"I never expected that you're Ms. Calventes' ex boyfriend."

I glared at him. I mouthed him 'Will you please stop rubbing the salt in the wound?'

But he didn't mind me.

Thankfully, Kaizer's attention was diverted to Claudius so I got the chance to wipe my tears.

I saw Kaizer clench his fists. "You're seriously being an asshole right now? Get the hell out of her house!"

Claudius raised his right brow. "You're the one who has to leave." He glanced at me. "We're currently talking about a deal but then you suddenly barged in."

Kaizer didn't mind his remark and looked at me. "You decide who's going to leave and stay."

Hearing those words made me happy. I sneered. Can I choose both?

I smiled inwardly but Claudius' remarks changed my mood completely. "No. She has no choice but to let you leave and let me stay. Our deal is very important."

Shit. So he read me. He knew what I'm about to say.

Kaizer became more agitated. "Shut up!" He roared. "As you can see, my girlfriend and I need to clarify things so get the hell out of her place!"

I looked at him in disbelief. He's my ex!

I heard a chuckle from Claudius.

Alright. For a guy who's very good looking like Claudius, I'm expecting his laugh to be sexy.

But what I heard is very far from what I expected. It sounded so hideous.

Now I have trust issues! In the novels I've read, the male leads— CEOs in particular, looks so hot even though they're being smug. But this guy! He looks like a devil. Literally.

"You're seriously claiming Ms. Seraphine as your girlfriend?" He stood up from my couch. "She just said that you're basically an ex."

I looked at Kaizer's expression. Damn. His pitiful look makes my heart break.

I want to cry again but I just can't show him my weak side.

Every time we quarrel, he always gives me a pitiful look and that's my weakness. I really can't bear to see that look on his face.

Kaizer looked down. "I know you need space right now..." he looked at me. "I'll just go for now." And then he left.

And here we go. My tears finally fell. I can finally cry—

"Tsk. Will you stop crying? We still have a business to discuss."


I just realized, I'm not alone.

To make my situation worse, I'm with a devil.

And to make my situation much worse, the devil saw my weak side.

I'm fucked up... again.


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