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Why Does It Have To Be You
Author :marshietearjerker
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I panicked. "What do you mean?!"

"Let me in first." He commanded.

Wow! Who is he to command me— He's Claudius Monterrosa I forgot.

I rolled my eyes but I stil let him in. As if I have a choice. Tsk.

He sat down on my couch and crossed his legs. His eyes wandered around the place. "Your apartment is so small and it's so hot."

I remained smiling but I really want to punch this 'creature'. That stupid debt is getting on my way.

"Excuse me but your purpose for coming here is to settle my 'nonexistent' debt and not to tell me your complaints about my apartment." Hehe. I hope he lets this slide. He's so rich anyways.

He looked at me mockingly. "Nonexistent you say? Do I have to remind you how expensive a Bugatti is? You should know that. After all your boyfriend— ex boyfriend owns one."

This time I showed him my annoyance. How could a stranger hurt me with the truth?! He has no right Hmph! "Why do you care anyway? And what the hell is wrong with you? You're rich so pay for the repair yourself! Just forget about this 'nonexistent' debt of mine! Since it's nonexistent anyway. Be an efficient CEO and be a good example by helping the poor and the needy!"

He gave me a blank stare. "It's not called being efficient. That's showing a loophole in the system. If people found out that I'm willing to share, they would eventually take it for granted and they'll just be useless to the economy. They won't work hard for the sake of convenience since the money is already in front of them." He crossed his arms. "So tell me, how is it called being effecient?"

I looked at him with disbelief. What is this guy even saying? I can't follow up.

I cleared my throat. "Whatever! What do you want?"

"Pay me." He authoritatively said.

I grinned. "Aside from that?"

"Just pay me." He gave me a blank stare again.

What's wrong with this guy? Does he even show emotions?

"Then what is the other option?" After saying those words made me realize that I stopped him from telling me so. Of course being sent to jail is not part of the options. But really though. All my assumptions are wrong—or maybe he's just denying it.

"Like I said awhile ago, you'll be sent to jail."

I rolled my eyes. "Next."

He looked at me as if he was staring at a goddess— ehem, as if he was staring at an unknown weird looking creature. Hmph.

He paused for a while. "I have something better to offer."

My mood immediately changed. "What is it?"

"Be my—" He was cut off when my door suddenly opened.

We both turned around and saw a nasty creature. Kaizer Rodriguez.

I saw Claudius clenching his jaw from my peripheral vision but I didn't mind it.

I shouted at him. "How did you get in here?! I changed the password!"

Kaizer gave me a smirk which looked so dirty for me. And when I say dirty, it's the bad thing not the sexy thing. "I figured that you don't memorize anything else but your birthday."

Fuck. He knows me too well.

I was about to let him out but I was stunned by the way he looked at us when he observes us.

He looked at us with disbelief and with a hint of agitation. "What are you doing with my rival in business? We just broke up. You're unbelievable."

Rival in business?

I gasped. "Oh my gosh! I forgot that you're actually rivals!"

Kaizer's company, R Enterprises and Claudius' company, Monterossa Enterprises are rivals in the business industry. Their terms of wealth are equal. Their intensity is equal. But they're opposing eachother. Kaizer is very friendly while Claudius is very cold. Even their competitiveness are equal. No wonder their car are the same... i guess?

Then I realized that what he said is actually annoying. I glared at Kaizer. "Excuse me? How about you? You've been fucking my sister for 4 whole years! And now you're telling me I'm unbelievable even though I haven't done anything with your rival?! Go away!"

Kaizer looked away and then he looked at me again as if he heard something confusing. "The fuck? I thought you're in a relationship?"

"We are?" Both Claudius and I said in unison then we looked at eachother. Then we both scrunched our eyebrows. "Disgusting." We said it again together.

Kaizer looks confused. "So what is he doing here? He's basically a stranger."

I acted as if I'm confused as well. "So what are you doing here? You're basically an ex."

I think I just imagined things but I saw a proud look from Claudius. Or did it really happen? Probably not.


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