Why Does It Have To Be You
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Why Does It Have To Be You
Author :marshietearjerker
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"Waah! What have I done so bad for them to do that to me?! They're so shameless!" I cried out loud in my house.

Tsk. Assholes and bitches really deserve eachother!

But I really want my revenge though. My supposed to be revenge was delayed due to that jerk. Although it was really my fault but still! If only he didn't park next to Kaizer, I won't be confused! Hayst.

I was about to get icecream for comfort but an unexpected doorbell disturbed me.

"Argh!" I groaned in frustration as I open the door.

I searched for the person who rang the doorbell but I failed.

Then I looked down and saw something that cheered me up.

It's a golden retriever puppy with a bouquet of roses! "Whoever gave this to me likes me very much hehe."

I was about to carry the puppy and the bouquet but I noticed a note on a flower.

I smiled so hard right now. I hope this cheers me up just like in the novels.

But what I saw was horrifying. I personally witnessed the art of manipulation!

I was expecting 'Cheer up beautiful. He's not worth your tears.' or something. But what I saw is...

"Hello 'delicate' woman. Or should I say, Seraphine Calventes. I sent my trusted delivery boy to notify you about the incident yesterday. I'm a person with little patience so I can't just sit still and wait for us to meet. Instead, I came looking for you."

After reading that last sentence, I felt shivers down my spine.

I was about to close my door but a hand stopped me from doing so. 'Oh shit.'

I slowly looked up and I saw the person I didn't want to ever meet again. Mr. Claudius Monterrosa.

I know I was definitely fucked up but I was seriously expecting this guy to smile atleast! Can't I experience the luxury of the female leads? Even though they have debts, they miraculously get out of this situation. In this story I'm the female lead! So why is this happening? Huhuhu.

His stern face greeted me again. "I am expecting you to pay me, woman."

I silently cussed. Why is my life so tragic? Hmph! Just wait! In my next life, I'll finish my delayed revenge! And this guy?! He'll be the third on the list!

I put on my innocent face. "I'm sorry sir but I think you got the wrong person."

His left brow arched. "If you're not Ms. Calventes, how come you reacted when you saw the note."

Shit. So he was observing me the whole time even when I smiled like an idiot while expecting it to be a good thing. Why am I so stupid?

I smiled awkwardly. "Well, I felt sorry for the person who's supposed to receive this."

I was expecting him to do something else but he just gave me his 'bitch-i-know-the-truth' face.

I sighed heavily. "Okay fine! I am Seraphine Calventes! Are you happy now?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes I am." He said emotionless. He's happy in that state?! Is he a robot or something?!

"Now pay me. Or else—"

"Or else I'll be your maid? Hah! I don't want to." I immediately cut him off.

He scoffed. "The maids I hire are top notched. You're not even comparable to them."

I do agree with him on that part. I can't do any household chores.

I was about to say that I agree but I suddenly had an idea what he actually meant.

"Or else I'll have to pay you with my body?! Oh hell nah!" I glared at him. Yuck.

I changed my mind. I don't want to be the female lead anymore. I don't want to be raped. And I'm not that stupid to the point that I'll fall inlove with the person who raped me.

He looked indifferent. "And why the hell would I do that to you? Woman, I have a barn of sluts. I don't intend to add another person."

Okay. Who cares if he has 'a barn of sluts' anyway? And I know his real intention.

"Hah." I chuckled. "I know what you're going to say."

He still looked indifferent. Ugh. This is the perfect illustration for frustration level 99999. "Tell me then."

I smirked and flipped my hair. "You want me to be your wife, right?" I confidently said.

If you guessed something embarrassing, the initial reaction would be denying. So I thought that he was shocked and caught off guard for knowing his plan but no. It's not like that.

He looked at me as if he was offended. Yes! Offended! "Excuse me? You think too highly of yourself." He stepped closer to me. "What I was trying to say is, you have to pay me or else you'll be sent to jail."

Not only did I made a fool out of myself but also put myself in a much more complicated situation.


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