Why Does It Have To Be You
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Why Does It Have To Be You
Author :marshietearjerker
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"Uh..." I looked away. Oh my freaking gosh. Why am I so stupid?! Kaizer's Bugatti is beside this man's Buggatti! Argh!

He stared at me from head to toe so I was so conscious. Is he really checking me out right now?—Impossible! How could an elite check a commoner like me?!

"State your purpose." His deep mellow voice sounds so sexy— Omfg. Calm thyself Seraphine!

I faced him with bravery but I was suddenly intimidated. "I..." I looked away at cleared my throat. Ugh why can't I make a proper conversation?! "I was possessed!" I shouted with eyes closed.

His brows scrunched.

Ahhhhh! Seraphine you idiot! Why did you make a super dumb excuse?!

I know I might hate myself for doing this but I have to.

I pouted and whispered. "My disgusting ex boyfriend and slut sister had sex and I witnessed that nasty thing so I decided to take my revenge by vandalizing his car. I didn't know that you had the same car so I mistook your car as his. So I'm sorry."

In the novels and stories, men fall for 'cute' women. So when they pout and asks for forgiveness, the man had no choice but to accept it.

But what's with this situation?! I thought I was cute?!

Claudius was silent for a while but then he frowned. "Why are you pouting? Stop making fun of yourself. You look like a duck."

Now I finally know why he's called the legendary cold hearted CEO! He's so blunt! Ugh! His honesty makes me so sick.

I was really offended so I have to set aside his intimidating aura. "Excuse me? You're quite rude. Especially to a delicate woman like me! Say sorry!"

In this situation, the man should smirk while defending himself. I should prepare.

The temperature suddenly dropped.

'Oh no. Here comes his smirk.'

I was supposed to be in a daze at his smirk! But what the hell?! A disappointing 'stern look' is the one that greeted me! Seriously?!

"A delicate woman? How could someone so delicate damage a car to this extent?" He stepped forward so I stepped backwards. "And woman, you're the one who's rude. You mistook your ex boyfriend's car for someone else's and wrote words that doesn't even pertain to an innocent person."

I stopped. Okay. That makes sense...

But I should win this argument!

"So? That's why I said sorry in the beginning. You're the one who's insulting me." I gave him my bitch face.

"But your sorry isn't enough. How about you pay compensation, hmm?" He hummed— wait. He hummed?!

When I understood what he meant, I was alarmed. Shoot! A Bugatti is very expensive! So of course the repair is automatically expensive too.

I pushed him and I felt his very toned chest. What the hell?! "No!"

He made his tone colder. "No?" He stepped forward again. "Perhaps you can't afford it?"

I clapped hard. "Bingo! I can't afford it..." I pushed him and immediately ran away. "Adios! I'll pay it when we meet again!" And I doubt it to happen... right?


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