Why Does It Have To Be You
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Why Does It Have To Be You
Author :marshietearjerker
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I'm very excited to meet my boyfriend. Today is our 5th anniversary.

I planned to meet up with him in my sister's hotel. After our dinner, I decided to give him the intimacy he asked.

Since I'm very nervous, I got here earlier. I need to talk to someone right now so I decided to go to my sister's office.

I immediately opened the door without even knocking. I was about to greet her but I saw something I never expected to see.

"Oh my gosh! Kaizer! Faster!"

"Fuck! Josephine you're so good!"

I smiled to prevent my tears from falling. I never showed my pathetic side to anyone. "Hey guys..."

They both froze. They slowly looked at me.

I chuckled bitterly. "Is this your gift?"

Kaizer immediately pulled away and clothed himself. "It's not the same as you think."

And there it is. I heard that line. The worst line for excuse. The moment those words came out, I heard goodbye.

"Then what is it?" I remained smiling.

Kaizer looked away. "I love you." He took a deep breath. "But when I asked you to have sex with me, you declined. I have my needs! And your sister has always been there for me."

Wow. He fucked my sister for 4 whole years.

I acted as if I'm shocked. "What a coincidence! I was planning to give you my first today!"

Suddenly there's a sparkle from his eyes. "Let's just forget about this okay? I want my gift." Excuse me?

I smirked. What a dick. "Too bad, I'm breaking up with you."

I looked at the both of them. My sister's smirking naked. Kaizer's got his pants on looking dirty. Gross, they look nasty. "Goodbye slut and man whore."

The moment I closed the door, my tears fell.

Why is this happening to me? I sobbed.

Thank god I haven't given him my virginity. He's an asshole.

I can't help but chuckle bitterly while crying. "Why does my breakup have to be so cliche? Ugh."

I really want him to experience hell. I wiped my tears and went to his car. I'm planning to ruin his beloved Bugatti.

I got a pebble and wrote "Asshole" "Man whore" "Cheater" "Dick" "Stupid". I scratched everything.

"Ha! I finally got my revenge!" I laughed.

I was so delighted until I saw the window rolling down. Uh... last time I checked, Kaizer's with my sister.

I was about to run away but when I saw the man's serious face, I was dazed.

This man is the legendary cold hearted CEO of Moneterrosa Enterprises, Claudius Monterrosa...

"Woman, you dare mess with me?" His cold intimidating aura gave me chills. Uh oh.

From this moment I knew... I was fucked up.


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