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Author :k_k_b
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-3 Author“s note


To all you ascendants who made the decision to check out my work, I sincerely welcome to my humble haven. In this haven of mine, I always strive to provide the heavenly elixirs without need for spirit crystals. Words alone, can't express my gratitude for your effort and time. I appreciate you all from the depth of my heart. Once again, I say, welcome!
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The concept and reality of fantasy is beyond mere imagination. Many consider the nature of fantasy as an expression or narration of perceptual shaping of reality and twisted imagination. No matter your point of view, all forms of fantasy and magical realism, are not what they are thought to be.

Some minds remember details of the past while others can only recollect echoes of the past. This I will leave with the discerning minds to make out. There's only a fine line between reality and imagination.

This very tale, was passed down to me through the generations that existed before me. My great ancestor, who lived during this period in time, made a detail narration of these events of the past. This is what I want to share with you. I believe it's time for you to know what truly happened.

This novel relates the journey of a young trueborn girl, Yao Ming. Born as an ancient during the days of the primeval wars.

What will become of her?

Let's take the journey together, down the memory lane and find answer to this elusive question.

I, your humble author, will try my possible best to tell the tale as it happened.

Your importance as readers, can't be emphasized enough. You are the heart and soul of everything. I deeply appreciate and applaud you all.

Please leave your comments, reviews, votes and other forms of encouragement and support, as you read my book.

Thanks and welcome.


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