Transcending The Nyx
3 Asking for Guidance
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Transcending The Nyx
Author :TrueDawn
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3 Asking for Guidance

After five minutes, all that was left on Mill and the old man's greasy hands were the bones of the rabbit.

Mill then looked at the old man and extended his outward as he pointed to the rabbit's leg bone. The old man instantly understood what Mill wanted and gave the rabbit bone to him.

After grabbing the rabbit bone from the old man, he then went down a nearby stream and washed the two bones since they were sturdy enough to be used as shafts for makeshift weapons.

The old man also decided at this time to go down the stream as well, washing off the grease from his hands. As he did this, he looked at Mill who was still thoroughly cleaning the rabbit bones.

"Thank you, young one. You've saved me from my impending doom."

Mill continued to wash the bones as he looked at the old man with a smile. "No problem sir, I was just doing what I can. Then again, why are you here in the forest? Doesn't the nearby town have a retirement home for old people?"

Even though the technology of humans have been mostly destroyed, most of it was still intact thanks to the existence of the internet. They were able to replicate almost all of their previous technologies within a year and even improve upon them with the usage of Nyx.

With this, one could guess that retirement homes for the elderly were built as well, taking care of the people who helped build the civilization of the previous era.

The old man tried to search through his memories, but ended up getting a headache instead. "Agh...I can't remember. Sorry young one, I think I had some sort of great life before I ended up in this state, but I still don't remember what kind of life it was." The old man laughed bitterly as he scratched his head. He was somewhat disappointed that he wasn't able to answer Mill's question.

After a while, Mill was finally finished washing the bones and placed them beside him as he still had a smile plastered on his face. "I see. Then does sir have amnesia? Seeing your response being vague, I assume that sir has that symptom."

The old man rubbed his chin for a while before nodding as he hesitated. "I-I think I have amnesia. Young one, I don't know if I do have amnesia or don't, but is it fine with you if I stay with you for a while? My memories might come back if you agree." The old man's hesitation was not because he was denying the fact that he had amnesia, but the fact that he was asking a boy who wasn't even in his teens for shelter.

Instead of getting angry, Mill instead became understanding and nodded. He grabbed the bones and stood up as he said, "That's fine with me sir. I don't know if it'll help you recover your memories, but I'm fine with you staying with me. It kinda gets boring if you're alone, you know?" Mill chuckled lightly.

The old man looked at Mill's expression and couldn't help but chuckle as well. "Well young one, thank you. I don't know how to repay you but if I recover my memories and remember who I was before I had amnesia, I'm sure I'll do just that."

"Don't force yourself sir," Mill said as he felt some sort of attachment to the old man already. "Just take your time."

Afterwards, Mill turned around and walked back home while the old man followed Mill to his house.


After letting the old man stay in the house, Mill had a more interesting life compared to before. Most of the time, Mill would sit in front of the old man and ask the old man to tell him stories, to which the old man would agree and it wracked its brain of all its fragmented memories.

During these stories, Mill finally knew the old man's name. The old man's name was Haus, which had that German ring to it. Even then, Haus still didn't remember his previous life.

As days passed by, their quality of life actually improved. With Haus living with him, Mill was able to do more things than before like patching up the holes in the abandoned house. With the makeshift tools he created back then and with the help of Haus, they were able to gather the wood necessary to patch up the holes all over the house, letting the warmth stay in the house for longer as it was currently the winter season.

Since it was the winter season, Mill also grabbed the rabbit fur he saved back then and also grabbed the various furs of hairy animals and sewed them together to make a jacket which would keep them warm.

Haus was surprised at how skilled Mill was in various aspects, and even asked Mill to teach him to sew. Mill agreed not long after.

Around three weeks since Haus started to live with Mill, Haus decided to help out in hunting food as well, using a makeshift dagger Mill crafted as his weapon. The two of them were somewhat inseparable at this point as they searched through the forest side by side, making sure they didn't leave any prey untouched.

The reason why Haus decided to help out with hunting was because Haus' constitution was better than before. From his extremely skinny body back when Mill met him for the first time, he now had more muscle in his body, which actually emanated a slight stifling aura around him.

As they found prey along the way, Haus would always take the initiative, killing all of their prey in one hit which surprised Mill a lot. From the skinny old man he met that begged for food, to the buff old man that could kill prey in one hit. Was he dreaming?

As Mill continued to watch Haus attack, he became more and more engrossed on how Haus was able to kill those prey so efficiently.

So on the night of that same day, as they carried a big haul of prey, Mill looked at Haus and asked, "Can I ask a question?"

Haus then looked at Mill and lightly smiled. "Go ahead young one, ask whatever you want and I'll try to answer it to the best of my abilities."

Seeing that Haus didn't decline, Mill decided to ask the question. "Can you teach me how to fight like you?"

Haus froze and stopped in his tracks as he looked at Mill weirdly. "Are you joking young one? Even though you saw my skills there, it was mostly muscle memory, I don't even know how I was able to do those things."

"So what if it's muscle memory?" Mill refuted while he maintained his calm. "Your body still knows how to do it right? Then why don't you teach me through real life experience?"

Haus wanted to decline the offer but he remembered how Mill took care of him and treated him like a close family member. At this moment, the fragmented memories he had before he came here flashed through.

A house being burnt, a mob of angry people chasing after him, multiple people holding blades wanting to cut his neck off...

He didn't know why that happened to him, but it was also the same reason why he wanted his memory back.

At the end, Haus sighed. He looked at Mill and asked once more, "Are you sure young one? You're not going to regret it right?"

Mill nodded without hesitation. "I'm sure I won't regret it."

Haus then nodded back as he gave out a laugh while they continued walking back home. "If that's the case, we'll start tomorrow young one. I'll try to teach you to the best of my abilities, I hope."

They then continued to walk back home, not knowing that a dark entity was following the two of them from behind.


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