Transcending The Nyx
2 The Rabbit and The Old Man
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Transcending The Nyx
Author :TrueDawn
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2 The Rabbit and The Old Man

Around 12 in the afternoon.

The sun was scorching hot, staring down at everything with its blazing rays. Even though that was the case, Mill was currently chasing a rabbit as he grabbed onto his spear.

"You can't escape!" Mill couldn't help but say as he chased the rabbit, slowly inching the gap between them.

Everyone knows that rabbits are renowned for their fast movement speed, but for Mill to be able to steadily maintain a gap between them and even slowly inch closer, is quite a feat for a 12 year old.

Seeing that the time was right, Mill grasped tightly on his makeshift spear with his right hand and threw it with all of his force.


With Mill's speed and strength, it wouldn't be absurd for the spear to carry a force that could possibly pierce through a tree's trunk.

The rabbit continued to run as it looked behind, only to see that a sharp and pointed object was only a few centimeters away from its body. It tried to exert more force and run away from the spear, but with the spear's slightly aerodynamic tip, it was too late.


The spear pierced through the rabbit's fur and broke its spinal cord, debilitating the rabbit's lower half of its body.

Mill saw this and couldn't help but smile as he ran at a speed faster than before, a speed rare for 12 year olds to do.

It only took him a few seconds to stand in front of the rabbit as he licked his lips, thinking up of methods on how he would cook the rabbit today. The rabbit looked at Mill with fear. It didn't want to die at all, yet its fate laid upon the human in front of him.

Mill didn't hesitate to grab a slightly large rock that was flat on one end and placed it right beside the rabbit's head.

After taking a few deep breaths, Mill then lifted it up and dropped it directly on the rabbit's head.


Mill looked away as he was sure that the sight he would see would make him gag for hours and even make him lose his appetite. He felt the warm rabbit's blood flowing down his shins as he bent down and tried to use his hands to grasp on the rock that ended the rabbit's life.

In the midst of his search, he felt some squishy and soft objects surrounding the rock and even had the urge to squish it. But since he knew what he touched, he gulped a bit of his saliva before finally grabbing the rock and pushing it away.

Afterwards, he looked at the rabbit's carcass and couldn't help but almost gag as he felt that the sight in front of him was horrendous. He swallowed his vomit down and grabbed the spear that impaled the rabbit's back. He then grabbed the rabbit by its hind leg and lifted it up, allowing the rabbit's blood to flow down like a raging river, forming a blood puddle near his feet.

After making sure that he drained out all of the blood in the rabbit, he walked back to his house as he couldn't help but mutter, "Blood still scares me even though I hunt almost every day. Anyways, I have food now."

It took him around an hour to get back to his house, but before he entered the house, he went to a nearby stream and washed off the blood on his body and on the rabbit he killed. Only then did Mill enter the house and place the rabbit on the chair he sat on.

He looked around and grabbed a somewhat dull knife as he brought it up in front of his face while looking at the rabbit. He was considering the part he would eat today and decided that he would eat the hind legs for now and save the other parts for the night.

He then used the knife to remove the fur from the rabbit's body, revealing its soft, pinky flesh to Mill. He didn't throw the rabbit fur away though as he placed it near a pile of other materials he collected over the years. He knew that the rabbit's fur would help him make a decent coat someday.

Continuing on, he went outside once more to wash the rabbit's body and chopped the hind legs off. He then grabbed a few big leaves from a nearby tree and placed the leftover parts from the rabbit there.

He then started a fire with some twigs and kindle he found near his house and grabbed a few plants that he was sure of being edible. He then grabbed some thin and sturdy vines from a nearby tree and used it to tie the plants on the rabbit's legs as he placed the leg on a stick, slowly rotating it over the fire.

As he continued to rotate the rabbit legs, an aromatic smell started to linger around Mill's surroundings, making him gulp his saliva in hunger. The rabbit legs gradually turned a crisp golden brown as the plants he placed on the rabbit legs created charred spots, raising its aromatic smell up a notch.

It was only a few more minutes of rotating did Mill raise the stick up and remove the rabbit legs from it.

"Ouch! Hot! Hot!" Mill wanted to eat so badly but the rabbit was still burning hot, so he had to wait.

After a few minutes of waiting, the rabbit legs were now ready for consumption. Mill peeled off a bit of the rabbit legs and revealed the tender white meat under the glistening golden brown skin of the rabbit legs.

He placed it in his mouth and slowly chewed, savoring the flavor of the rabbit legs. The tender white meat mixed with the taste of the various plants he added, the taste was comparable to a Thanksgiving turkey.

He continued to eat the rabbit legs until the rustling of a bush stopped him from his meal.

"Who goes there?" Mill instantly looked at the direction of the sound.

At that moment, the bush parted ways, revealing a man that wore tattered clothes just like Mill. The man's body was extremely skinny, more skinny compared to Mill's body. The man's hair was all gray, showing that the man was of old age already, yet the man's eyes glistened like the starry skies.

The man didn't fear Mill at all and came closer to him. "Please give me some food. I beg of you, I haven't eaten for over three days already. I just need some food."

Even though Mill lived alone, he still knew how to respect elders and grabbed the other rabbit leg he was going to eat and gave it to the old man, saying, "Here you go. Do enjoy it."

The old man received the rabbit leg and instantly kowtowed towards Mill which surprised him. "Thank you very much! Thank you very much! I can live for another day!"

The old man didn't hesitate to sit down and chow down on the rabbit leg as if he was eating a sumptuous feast.

Mill looked at the old man for a bit and thought that he was peculiar. Afterwards, he continued to bite down on the rabbit leg he was eating.

And just like that, a young boy and old man sat near a fire as they ate rabbit legs while being surrounded by nature.

But Mill didn't know that this action changed his life forever.


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