Transcending The Nyx
1 Prologue
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Transcending The Nyx
Author :TrueDawn
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1 Prologue

The Nyx, commonly termed as the intangible energy that holds every single thing in the universe. It holds immense power yet it is weightless, can turn into any shape yet it is formless, can explode into a vast array of colors yet it is traceless.

With the Nyx holding insurmountable power, many sentient beings worshipped this almighty energy. Some beings were even able to manipulate the Nyx to suit their needs.

Yet it was only around five years ago did the humans of Earth luckily discover this energy.

At first, they were perplexed as to how this energy came to be or how it was formed. Even with the help of their advanced technology, they weren't able to tap into it...

Until the Shifters came.

Three years after the discovery of Nyx, these creatures came to this world with only one goal in mind: plunder Earth out of all its Nyx.

The humans tried to retaliate against the Shifters, yet they weren't able to due to the fact that the Shifters had the ability to manipulate the Nyx. Conjuring complex arrays in the air to turn the Nyx into a weapon of mass destruction, the Shifters spared no mercy to annihilate the humans and take Earth as their own.

But even though it seemed like the humans died under their hands without a fight, they were gradually accumulating information on the properties of Nyx and the methods of using them.

How to sense the Nyx, how to absorb the Nyx and assimilate into the body, how to utilize the Nyx...all of these were indirectly taught by the Shifters to the humans.

Fast forward a year later, almost all of the available land were captured by the Shifters, even setting up cities of their own to allow more Shifters to come. Yet at this exact moment...

The humans who were forced into a small area of land were able to retaliate against the Shifters with the first generation of Nyx wielders.

These people were human and not human at the same time as they have transcended the capabilities of a normal human. They were called the Night Walkers.

The Night Walkers were able to fight against the Shifters and reclaim a large piece of land where with the help of the humans and Night Walkers, set up a new civilization as a starting point of a new era of magic and technology.

This civilization was known by all humans as the Grand Void Civilization.

Even as of now, the Night Walkers continued to fight against the Shifters as they continuously became more immersed in the Nyx, finding ways to become stronger.


Year 2019, within an abandoned house.

A slightly frail boy sat on a chair made out of scrap wood. The boy wore tattered clothes and had a dirty face, yet he wore an intricate pendant around his neck as his eyes gleamed like the stars.

The boy looked out of the window and saw the numerous amounts of trees and bushes surrounding the house. Not long after, he could hear the hoarse cries of the crows, making him tense up and clutch on his pendant.

After a while, he loosened his grip on the pendant as he took a few deep breaths. "Mill, you're already 12 years old this year. You're still scared of loud sounds?"

He then opened the pendant and looked at the small scroll of paper, as he always used to do. The paper was made out of fine material, and the words written on it were incomprehensible, yet he was sure that the scroll was his only way of finding out who his parents were.

From the time of his birth, Mill grew up not knowing his parents, living in an orphanage most of his life. He didn't even have a surname.

He lived in the orphanage for 10 years, learning basic skills like reading and writing, and even practical skills like sewing and cooking.

Not just that, he also read a book on the Nyx and the Night Walkers, people who wield insurmountable power.

After reading the book, he had a dream that he would become a great Night Walker and fight off against the enemies of humanity. But then he realized, how could an orphan become a highly esteemed Night Walker that easily?

With that, he moved out of the orphanage, moving into this abandoned house that no one cared about and started to hone his skills here.

Since the house was surrounded by what seemed to be a forest, he had to adapt. For two years, he had to learn how to avoid attacks from beasts, as well as how to attack the beasts on their weakpoints. He also learned how to craft basic weapons that would at least ensure that he could live another day.

After a few minutes of staring at the pendant, he closed it and stood up as he grabbed the makeshift spear he crafted. He then went outside and started to walk, searching for any prey he could kill.

"I hope I get lucky in my hunt this time."


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