Three Wishes
1 Prologue
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Three Wishes
Author :AngelLi_8
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1 Prologue

A man and a woman sat in their home, holding a baby girl while humming a lullaby to lure the girl to sleep.

"She'll grow to become a good genie, my dear." The man said to the woman.

"Yes, we have high hopes for you, my darling," the woman said to the baby dotingly.

"I guess, it may be time for me to give up my powers and retire." The man suddenly said.

The man was a genie, one of the rarest and last of his types left in the universe. Genies had the job of granting others' wishes. As a genie who had granted 999,999,999 wishes already, he had the power to choose to retire and pass on his power to his descendant. As the legends had stated, genies would be bound to their job until they have granted 999,999,999 wishes and finally, the billionth wish would be for the genie themselves.

"What will you wish for, my dear?" The woman asked.

"I don't know, maybe I'll save the wish for in the future."

"Well, that's a good idea."

"We will train her to be a good genie that'll make the world a better place."

"Yes, we will." The woman said and continued singing to the little baby genie.

"I hope you will be a genie like no other." The man said to the baby genie.

Eighteen thousand years later, the man will deeply regret the words he said on this one fateful day. However, there does not exist a medicine for regrets.

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    《Three Wishes》