The strongest magician
4 A hell of a Nigh
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The strongest magician
Author :RailyX
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4 A hell of a Nigh

Hello again , I practice my magic control in the moment while waiting till night. Why you ask. Well , I need to get stronger when I want to do the same thing like I did in the game and night is the ebst time to unleash a sudden attack upon your enemies.

[Hey Taji! Why are you talking to yourself when you can talk to me instead (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ]

Ignoring the second part of her sentence I answered: I imagine I am in some kind of novel and I tell the audience what is happening.

[Then you should tell them we're gonna marry!]

"Like hell I would!"

I decided to go back training my magic. If you asked me how I was able to get soo much strength in the game , I would've answered "A bit of luck together with knowledge and skill".

In the Game was a dungeon with 100 floors. In the 100th floor was a sealed Dragon who was also the Final Boss. The first one to defeat this boss without party member would get a special scene where an angel give you a Divine Core which would amplify your powers. The lucky one was me. I mostly did Solo runs with the help of Summonings.

You could advance to the next class after Lvl 20. But I decided to Level my Character first to Lvl 100 and then advance. Why because you would miss out a lot of Stats when you don't level the rest of the Lvl. Exactly 80%.

I came up with that idea when I was reading Wuxia/Cultivation Novels. There the masters also tell you to first get a strong foundation because this will affect your strength in the future.

And I found a Hidden Class. After Apprentice would normally follow Mage and then Archmage.

But if you have a Divine Core in your body you could advance form Mage to God of Magic. And from other classes to other God Classes.

[Hey!!! Stop your monologue for now. Your Magic Control is now Lvl 2. yay.]

I was happy but then I asked Eve: "Are you mad at me or something."

[Not like you'll care *pouting*. ]

Well , ****. If my System is mad at me , how am I gonna survive. What did I do which could hurt her. Wait a sec. Is she mad at me because I was angry when she said she'll marry me. Is that really all.

"I am sorry , okay Eve. I'll marry you one day when you got your own body and you aren't in my head."

[I am not mad. But you said you'll marry me (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ .]

Hah , too easy.

[Hey Taji , I want you to remember that I still can hear your thoughts.]

Note to myself: Eve still can hear anything to say in your head.


It was evening. After more training of my magic control I was able to form other weapons as well. My Magic control went up to Lvl 3. and Magic Archery evolved into Magic Weaponry Lvl 2. .

I used to learn how to draw and the most basic of a katana from my father. He was what you would call a 'freak'. Like really. Whose parents give their son a katana on their 10th birthday as a present.

Well , my old man would do and I really liked the Katana.

Suddenly I heard to people talking coming near hear. I used my Phoenix to saw what's going on. Two men were talking while going out of the camp.

"Probably changing the guard shift." , I thought.

I drew my bow and shot the arrow when I saw him. The arrow killed him instantly and the other person was surprised and drew his sword but the next moment I already slashed him with my sword.

"Good , that they didn't make any sound when they were attacked..."

[Yeah , they could've called the other bandits and you would've died my dear... so be careful.]

"I know."

I observed the camp from above with Phoenix. There were three people left. Two guys which are wielding a classic sword of middle age. The last one seemed to be the boss. He had a wolf coat and form what I guessed he is a druid.

"Did I levelled up from this fight , Eve?"

[Yeah. Of course. Can't have my future husband be weak. Lemme show you your Stats <3 …

Name: Todoroki Tajima

Class: Apprentice Lvl 4

Sub-Class: Martial Artist Lvl 2

HP: 53/53

MP: 35/42

VIT: 9,9

MAG: 6,1

AGI: 7


Summoning Beast/s: Phoenix Emporer Lvl 2

Dragon King Lvl 1

Soul weapon: Silver Claw

Talents: Magic Control Lvl 3

Skills: Fireball (Lvl 5)

Counter (Lvl 2)

Magic Weaponry (Lvl 2)

Well , I could only hope it was enough to defeat them. I burned the corpses and sneaked in and with the help of phoenix I started to walk through the camp and tried to find the best hiding spot.

After five minutes of crawling I found a good place. It was behind a corner near the entrance where the three of them sat down.

I regulated my breathing and heartbeat nearly that it looked like I was dead. I drew the bow with absolute concentration and created three arrows this time. I jumped out in the opening and shot them.

"WHO AAREE YOUUU!!!!" screamed the one who seemed like the captain.

*Tchh* Seemed like I underrestimated him. While the other two were dead he was able to block my arrow. But he was still hurt from the Explosion.

"Tell me his Stats" I cried out when I tried to get more distance between us.

[Sure thing , honey …

Name: 'Wolf'

Class: Druid Lvl 13

Sub-Class: Brawler Lvl 7

State: Burned , Injured

Evaluation: DANGEROUS

Whatever , I don't care anymore. Today he'll die from my hand even if he's way stronger. My Anger swelled up in my body and a dark pulse exploded and pushed him back.

[Hey!!! Good job you can use Dark Magic now. And you got Dark Pulse Lvl 1.]

I had a smile which could be considered crazy and I channeled a Dark Bow and Arrow in my hands and I tried to copy what I saw in a anime.

The arrow flew with high speed. Wolf stepped to the side but the arrow flew into the ground several meters before him. He was confused.

'What is he doing' he asked , but before he realized it , the arrow appeared behind him and pierced his back and passing though his body. A hole filled with blood could be seen in his chest.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" He shouted. His hands turned into claws and his eyes were red like blood.

This was a basic ability wich every Shapeshifting focused Druid had. 'Bloodlust'. The lower your HP the higher your Speed and Damage. But when activating it you won't have control over yourself and you will kill everything and everyone who is near you. Your damage would double but the drawback was that after that you couldn't move for a few seconds.

He jumped at me and tried to bite my neck but I created a Katana on my waist and draw it so fast that he couldn't dodge it midair. He fell to the ground and dashed to me.

I activated my sould weapon and a silver claw appeared in my right hand. I used [Counter] and blocked his attack while punching him. He flew back and I used Dark Pulse and kocked him down..

His [Bloodlust] was over and I went in for the kill I created a flame and burned until there wasn't anything left from him.

[Ding!!! Finished your Quest づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Quest: Kill all the Bandits

Task: Just kill all the Bandits in the tent. No more questions.

Reward; 200 Exp , 2 Gacha Ticket , Deadly Reaper Cultivation

Show new Stats...

Name: Todoroki Tajima

Class: Apprentice Lvl 7

Sub-Class: Martial Artist Lvl 5

HP: 71/71

MP: 22/54

VIT: 13,8

MAG: 8,2

AGI: 10

QI: 0


Summoning Beast/s: Phoenix Emporer Lvl 2

Dragon King Lvl 1

Soul weapon: Silver Claw

Cultivation: Deadly Reaper Cultivation: Qi Condensation Stage 0

Talents: Magic Control Lvl 4

Skills: Fireball (Lvl 7)

Counter (Lvl 3)

Magic Weaponry (Lvl 3)

Dark Impulse (Lvl 2)

He aquired Qi. Qi is said to be life force whic everybody has. The mometn he got his Cultivation Technique he got Qi as Stat. It can't be raise through level ups but only through cultivation.

He started wondering if God has his hands in it , because he got exactly what he wanted.

[Darrling you wanna use your Gacha Ticket now.? (◕‿◕✿)]

"Sure , why not. What can I get from Gacha?"

[You can get Items or Skills. But God said you should use them for Companiens. They'll live like a normal person be like every other person. But they'll help you get stronger until you're strong enough to protect yourself.]

"Why not. Just use them."

[OK. Ding!!!. You got ...]

Two people appeared before me and I fell down and looked up scared. There was an old man like these seniors and elders in novels. He also had a scary aura which basically yells me to be careful. He looked a lot like Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto from Bleach. On the other side was a girl wich resembles a knight in a shining armour. She had blue eyes and a blond hair which made me blush.

"Master" "My king" they said while bowing in front of me.



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