The strongest magician
3 New World , a long Journey and Death
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The strongest magician
Author :RailyX
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3 New World , a long Journey and Death

I thought he was gonna let me reborn but he just threw me through a hole.

[New life form discovered...Integrating with Host.

HI!! I'm your new System Eve pleasure to meet you (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ] (AN: Imagine a girly high voice.)

What the **** . What a System are you. Never read about a System like this.

[Thank you ≧◡≦ . I am here to support you in your new life and be your only friend for your first few months.]

Uhmm okay. Wait do I have my normal Stats.

[Okay let big sis show you your stats...

Name: Todoroki Tajima

Class: Apprentice Lvl 1

HP: 35/35

MP: 30/30

VIT: 6

MAG: 4

AGI: 5


Summoning Beast/s: -

Soul weapon: Silver Claw

Skills: Fireball (Lvl 1)

Counter (Lvl 1)

] (AN: I will make post a chapter about the system so don't worry if you don't understand it)


I shouted with a happy voice. I still got them. Why you ask?. Basically , what made a character special in the game is , you can only create one and you get random stats. They will be distributed over the 4 Stats Vitality , Magic , Agility and Luck. I was a mage who could get his MAG stats extremely high because of summoning and equipment. But because I had more VIT in the beginning and because of my Soul weapon I was also strong physically. My Silver Claw had the attribute that after I kill something with physical dmg while having the Silver Claw equipped my physical stats will get stronger and the same was for my magic attacks.

[Hey! I want you to remember that you still have unopened Gifts which you got. ]

You ask why I wish to get all the Gifts? Because of special items I got in events. How many do I have Eve?

[ 2. Almighty God decided to let you struggle more and picked the two which you considered most important and he decided to remove your level cap.]

Uhmm seems like he enjoy himself there in heavon or whatever it was. Eve open them.

[Of course , Honey (✿◠‿◠). Yay , you got 1x Phoenix Emperor(Legendary Summoning Beast) and 1x Dragon King(Legendary Summoning Beast).]

That was the reason why I wanted the Gifts. There were 2 Tournaments with the ebst rewards and I placed 1st in both of them and got these two. Of course there Lvl 1 now but there strenght is still around a normal lvl 10 player. Also while the phoenix increased my MAG ,the Dragon increased my VIT. I played all seasons in the game and I knew everything about it. When this world is the same like the game I'll have nearly no problems at all. But of course it'll take a time till I have high Levels.

"Whatever! Let's go look around!"

[Yay , let's go.(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ]

"..... I don't care anymore."

I asked Eve to lead me to the next city. While walking I tried out some spells and moves. While Magic Spells cost mana , Physical Spells wouldn't cost anything. But over usage would make you tired.

[Hey!!! You acquired a new Talent! It's called Magic Control Lvl 1. Yay!] (AN: Passive effects=Talents)

The voice still confused me a bit but after reading what the new Talent does I slowly realised , that this isn't a game. This is not a world where everything was programmed. This is a world where he could create own spells and own moves. He wanted to try out his hypothesis and started creating a fireball and form it with his own imagination. The first thing he came up was archery.

He used to do archery all 3 years in high school. He formed a bow and an arrow.

He took his stance which was close to perfection and shoot the arrow.

His target was a tree which was 100 m in front of him. But instead of the normal way it would hit the target , the arrow exploded.

[Hey!!! Good Job , Tajima (◠△◠✿). You gained the skill Magic Archery]

Skill Name: Magic Archery

Effect: You can use your magic and form a bow and arrow out of it.

This should be helpful. I did a lot of Archery in my free time and also won multiple tournaments. If this world is just RL , it means I still have my Skills in Martial Arts.


Hey everyone who can hear my inner monologue. When you want to reincarnated like me in a new world. Ask God to either give you a bit of money and around few hours near a town or just tell or jsut ask for food. This isn't a game anymore. I was walking for around 36 hours already and I am nowhere near a town. I killed few monsters and I leveled up. But I didn't wanted to eat them. They looked terrible disgusting after I beat them to death.

I suddenly saw something to my right. A few tents were built and I smelled food. But my inner sense told me to be careful. I got on my knees and slowly approached the camp. There were two guards standing infront of the tents chatting with each other

"Hey can you look at their Status." , I asked Eve.

[Sure thing... Wait a moment...]

Name: ???

Class: Lance User Lvl 5

Sub-Class: Thief Lvl 2 , Brawler Lvl 2

System Evaluation: Can be dangerous but not unbeatable.

Name: ???

Class: Swordsman Lvl 4

Sub-Class: Thief Lvl 1 , Brawler Lvl 1

System Evaluation: Pretty Useless when you look at yourself

I guess they are Bandits from their Classes and their camp in the middle of nowhere.

"Hey Eve. What's the best way to defeat them?"

[Uhmm , I think you should just shoot at them and try to keep distance.]

I thought about her advice and hid behind a tree. I formed a bow and arrow and target the Lance User because he was the stronger one. After realising the arrow it flew at him but he was still talking.

The arrow exploded in his face throwing him to the ground.

"WHAT THE …" He was stopped because an arrow pierced trough his heart and exploded in his body. The swordsman stood up and turned around only to be met with a silver fist punching in his abdomen. I used a standard chop directly on his head and he passed out.

After thinking about magic while walking the last few hours , I realised I could control my magic. In the moment I would need absolute concentration to do it , but I was sure that after his talent has higher levels I won't have any problem. I controlled My arrow so that it would pierce the target and hit the heart and then let it explode in his body.

If you ask me if it was cruel. Yeah , probably.

If you ask me how I felt killing him. Not much. First because he was thrash and did a lot of bad things and second because the system help me get over killing and blood easily.

I opened my claw and killed the swordsman. Suddenly I heard an announcement.

[Hey! Good Job! You fulfilled a hidden quest.

Quest: Kill the guards

Task: Kill the 2 guards in front of the tent without being noticed.

Reward: 100 Exp , 1 Gacha Ticket.

Added New Quest

Quest: Kill all the Bandits

Task: Just kill all the Bandits in the tent. No more questions.

Reward; 200 Exp , 2 Gacha Ticket , Deadly Reaper Cultivation

You gained 120 Exp for killing ??? and ???.

You gained 100 Exp and 1 Gacha Ticket.

Gacha Ticket is stored in Inventory.

Magic Archery Lvl 1 leveled up to Magic Archery Lvl 2.

Class leveled up to Lvl 3

New Stats coming up , dear <3...

Name: Todoroki Tajima

Class: Apprentice Lvl 3

Sub-Class: Martial Artist Lvl 1

HP: 47/47

MP: 28/38

VIT: 8,6

MAG: 5,4

AGI: 6


Summoning Beast/s: Phoenix Emporer Lvl 1

Dragon King Lvl 1

Soul weapon: Silver Claw

Talents: Magic Control Lvl 1

Skills: Fireball (Lvl 3)

Counter (Lvl 2)

Magic Archery (Lvl 2)

I definetly got stronger stronger and I got a new sub-class from fighting hand-to-hand combat against monsters.

After thinking about my strategy on how to accomplish the Quest I decided to wait until someone comes out to change their shift and then kill them.

I went back to the tree and hid behind it and threw the corpse in the forest. I used my Phoenix to get a good look from the sky on the camp and their movements.

The following night will be a slaughter.


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