The strongest magician
2 Reincarnation
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The strongest magician
Author :RailyX
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2 Reincarnation

VRMMORPG. A game genre which conquered the whole world in a short amount of time.. With the newest technology of the year 2150 it allowed them to create a new world in our head. There are multiple games but the most played is the game SOULBLADE. OF course these games also entered the E-Sport scene.

Through thinks like the rank system in arenas or dungeons one could always see the best or who might be the best. Since the release of the first season the one always having the top spot was a game character with the name Tajima34X.

Well , life is pretty boring for the most people.

______________________________________________Tajima POV________________________________________________

Hello , so I am called Todoroki Tajima. (AN: I always will use in story Family Name/Given Name)

I am just talking in my head right now hoping that this is like one of the novels I read in my previous life. Yes you heard right. Previous life. Well , in the moment I am dead. What happened?

Like always I was waking up going to work. But how unfortunate a train crashed into the train station where I was staying. And now? I am nowhere. Yes. Nowhere. A white room without windows or doors. And an old man sitting in front of me.

" Ehmm. Might I ask who you are?"(Tajima)

"I'm the one who's called god by the folks like you. I decide upon the fate of the deaths. "("God")

"Does that mean you're gonna reincarnate me or what...."(Tajima)

"Yes. You're exactly right."(God)

"Ah okay...."(Tajima)

"Aren't you a bit to calm about this situation."(God)

"Mabey , I had a really pitiful life. Mabey my new life or what comes after this is better."(Tajima)

"Ehmm....So we'll just skip the explaining part. You have four wishes for the next life."(God)

"Can I live in the world of SOULBLADE."(Tajima)

"Yes , you can."(God)

"Ok , that will be my first wish. And I want my soul weapon to be the same like my character in the game."(Tajima)


"As my third wish I want all special stats or gifts of mine to be kept."(Tajima)

"Ok and you're last wish."(God)

"I want a system which has everything form the game to support me in my new life but it should also be able talk and think like a normal person."(Tajima)

*Interesting.... I think you'll be able to entertain for long time. *(God)

(AN: "..." is for normal talking;*…* means whispering)

"Did you say something?"(Tajima)

" Ehmm no , so I'll hope you have a good time in your new life. "

____________________________________________ 3Person POV________________________________________________

A portal appeared in front of him and sucked Tajima in different dimension.

Etharnos. Year 1538. A hole appeared up in the sky around 20 km over the ground. A human shaped figure fell out towards the ground.

"What the hell!!!!!!!! Are you trying to kill me?!?!?!?!"(Tajima)

'BOOM' (AN: Imagine a meteor around 3m crashing into the ground)


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