The WhiteRooms
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The WhiteRooms
Author :WhiteRoom
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5 0003

Lee Wang moved forward determined to keep going forward, even when the world that greeted him was a world of darkness. The only thing Lee needed to keep going was something to walk on. With no hesitation he pushed on, the only thing visible were the three people who followed him.

Though they all had no memories and only knew their names. They understood that they couldn't trust each other yet. Doubts about each of their group members ran through their minds. Eventually, they came to similar conclusions, they had to trust each other, whether they liked to or not.

"So.." Fao Shan mumbled, moving closer to Lee. Staying 2 steps behind him, he opened and closed his mouth; struggling to choose the right words to say. Fao was a shy, quiet man, so talking to others was a daunting task. It was the way Lee held himself, though, that made Fao nervous in his presence. While Emilia carried herself as someone of a higher class and Fang Shen's presented himself as a venerated master of his class, Lee, on the other hand, had an almost otherworldly, archaic presence.

"Yes, Fao?" Lee answered in response to his single word, his eyes still focused ahead of them, moving forward at a constant pace.

"Do we have a plan on... a-a plan on what we are to do, or when, I mean, ... once we reach our...destination?" Fao spoke with a nervous voice.

"Move forward and seize the opportunities that will increase the chance of success in our trials. That's what Prometheus said." Lee said confidently still facing forward. "If we can somehow regain what we once knew, we can follow the path we want, not the one set to us by whoever or whatever placed us here." He stated in an almost angry tone, eyes focusing ahead of them more diligently.

"Why are we to trust this Prometheus so easily!" An outburst of anger came from the only feminine voice of the group. "Were you ever told to never trust charlatans!" She huffed as she crossed her arms in disgust. Swiftly, she rushed to move a single pace ahead of Lee.

"Who decided to put you in charge! What are we to believe that you aren't in ties with this... this fraud!" She puffed angrily.

"Now Ms. Shwartz" Feng started.

"Enough!" Emilia yelled pointedly to the older man.

"This man appears as suddenly as the wind! And moments later is taking us to who knows where!" She began in a heated tone. "Who's to say he is the mastermind behind this!"

At this point, Emilia had brought the question the other three had but lacked the courage to say out loud. There was nothing to say that someone couldn't be lying. To Emilia, the most likely candidate would be none other than Sir. Wang: Who from the moment he had appeared seemed too confident, had somehow got a man claiming to be Prometheus to speak, and now they were here in this nightmare.

After the accusation Emilia made, Lee stopped in his steps. It was true, he himself didn't know if anyone was really who they claimed to be and he could not know if Emilia was truly who she was either. Though one thing was for certain: she is unsure what exactly Sir. Wang intends to accomplish.

Before he could answer her, say anything to defend himself. Fao Shan spoke up in a quiet voice. "Sister Schwartz, please understand that we are in the same situation as you.."

Her eyes seemed to twitch slightly as he spoke. She stood with her arms crossed and was so mad a vein could be seen popping out of her forehead. She calmed herself and sighed. Suddenly the rage came back full force. Fists clenched she growled, "It seems we are. That doesn't mean I wont keep an eye on you." As though to emphasize her point, she spat "I trust you as much as a rat and until you earn my trust, I will not believe a word you say."

"Then there is trust, even if it is small; trust lives." Fang Shen interrupted as he put a hand on both Lee Wang and Emilia's shoulders. "Let's put our differences aside, we must journey forward. The path is long, and we must keep our wits if we are to survive these trials by fire."

Fao Shen hurriedly took the initiative to stand beside Lee Wang, just as the group once again moved forward. Though the tension within the group was thick, they temporarily put left all the bickering to die while they focused on the long trek ahead of them.




"How long has it been?" Emilia Yawned, her demeanor now more relaxed as she had slowly become accustomed to her new group of... Allies? Friends? Acquaintances. They had been walking for what felt like hours. To pass the time Emilia decided to analyze her new acquaintances.

Fan Sheng acted as a leading role model for the three of them. A simple man who focused on the single step forward instead of the long journey ahead. A kind smile, a kind soul. He kept the peace between the group. Though older, that didn't mean he was in any way, not an interesting person. He seemed wise, someone who had many stories to tell, probably a lot of boring ones, but maybe some useful ones too.

After much tension between Lee Wang and Emilia Von Schwartz had died down, they all decided to share what they had known. Though as harmless as this sounded it was, in fact, quite the opposite. While they told what they knew, they grasped capabilities, what they knew now hinted what they knew then, and what they could do in the future. As well as any anomalies within one's story could reveal if someone was really a mole or a rat. Yet as far as they all knew they were so far clean, innocent contenders with no memories.

Fao Shan, from what Emilia could tell: wore his heart on his sleeve. He was someone who was open like a book. Genuinely he was kind, hopeful, and honest. He seemed to be the most innocent and cute person she could think of. He was kind, he seemed familiar, but she didn't know in what way.

Her cheeks flushed as she shook her head, grumbling angrily at how her thoughts had wandered. Coming back to reality, she angrily glared at the smiling boy, who, upon feeling a pair of eyes on him looked away from Lee Wang and immediately shrunk down from Emilia's analyzing glare. His cheeky smile quickly turning into a twitching nervous grin. He turned back to Lee Wang, once again sparking small talk in what he had hoped would end with her dropping the gaze on him, and eventually she did.

Finally, the most... eccentric of the three males Emilia had met. While Fao Shan was who she found out to be a simple and straightforward soul, Fao Shan to be the timid, young aspiring gentle natured being. Lee Wang was blatantly, a mystery. He wasn't the type to be on purpose and pretentious. Yet it seemed the mystery even bothered himself as he knew just as much as they did themselves. That bothered her, but it bothered Lee Wang more as his eyes, revealed that he was conflicted.

He was hesitant in his lack of knowing himself more than what he didn't know was in front of him.

Emilia sighed. Unlike politics this wasn't a court. She was too tense. While she didn't know her personal past, she did know about a political court. That didn't necessarily bother her, but it unnerved her how easily she felt she gained the knowledge of her new acquaintance's personalities. Staying within step of Lee Wang and Fan Sheng, she paused a single step to match Fao Shan as she tuned back into the conversation. Or in this case, Fao Shan talking Lee Wang's and Fan Sheng's ears off.

"... That's why strawberries are not fruit." Fao Shan smiled as he confidently smiled at Lee Wang. Who glanced back with a small smile and only shook his head.

"Why is there a fruit called grape when there is already a grapefruit?" Lee Wang spoke after a pause.

A moment of silence later, and Fan Sheng burst out inn heated laughter. Fao Shan paused in concentrated thought. While Emilia's composure nearly broke at the thought of this stupid question. How could they all be so carefree? With a strong puff, she opened her mouth to speak but quickly closed her mouth as Fan Sheng took a forward stride and held out his hand to halt the group.

Fan Sheng's eyes narrowed as he looked forward, "We are here I suppose." He stated. Emilia looked up as her eyes focused on a new door.

They all focused on it, as though maybe just by staring, they could catch a glimpse on what lay past the ominous veil.

Though they had just met, they had finally come to terms of the thin and fragile line of trust that connected them. They were prepared to face whatever lay beyond the door. They had to trust each other, knowing it was the only thing they could do.


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