The WhiteRooms
2 Monolouge from Prometheus
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The WhiteRooms
Author :WhiteRoom
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2 Monolouge from Prometheus

Money, fame, and personal gain. The triad of human desire, an almost primal lust for infinite resources. The opportunity to become better than one another has been the plight of mankind since the beginning of their existence. Money gives its owner power, the power of choice to become virtuous or infamous. Fame, a psychological egotistic appetite that is undeniably rooted in the minds of each human being would provide a lifetime of validation. As for the third, personal gain, that can mean a lot of things, as my sister once said, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Perhaps what one finds admirable, another would not. A title, a specific value, knowledge of a feat of epic proportion, or even the gratification of a bet well won, who knows exactly what these people will come to consider. One will pursue their "beauty" through their own efforts. The attraction of such a chance draws both good and bad, not in equal parts, however. Attaining a level of greatness so ultimately godly is only achieved through the will to persist. Through revolution, through invention, through inspiration. The one commonality that unites the most polarized classes of peoples is their ultimate demise. Death, the angel of equilibrium, has a profound effect upon those who recognize his presence. I ask you to think about the idea of Death not coming. Infinite power, fortune, and time to develop knowledge that takes mortals thousands of lives and years to even understand a petty blip of. Human's provide such a wonderful canvas upon which my brothers and sisters can develop their art. The art of philosophy some would come to understand it so. As we hone our craft, we come to understand how easy these creatures succumb to corruption, could there be one who doesn't?

Yet, even through every trial, every obstacle, there are such predictable conclusions. A peasant who would kill for the chance at what seems infinite wealth, a whore who craves the attention of her fellows betrays the ones she so craves respect from. Are we missing something? Would they overcome their past selves and accept the person that they have become? Could they sacrifice their own self-interest for a bigger picture of moral virtue? Mysterious and elusive are those who can do just that. Our puppets only know what they are given, not what is beyond. There are those that pursue the unsaid and unspoken truth. The hidden meanings to the questions life hides.

However, there are those destined to tread the path given to them. Through fate, chance, or karma. Those who will fall on the path to greatness empowered by the light of truth are those who will rise. Becoming a paragon, fighting against fellow man and near impossible trials requires not only strength, intellect, flexibility, and courage, but it also requires knowledge of the self, which so few have. I digress, I shall leave you with only one question, If the opportunity to gain it all presented itself, would you take it?

-Prometheus Log


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