The WhiteRooms
1 The Contrac
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The WhiteRooms
Author :WhiteRoom
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1 The Contrac

@@Welcome to the WhiteRooms

To those here seeking: Money, power, popularity, a new life, a chance to gain it all; enjoy your stay and try not to forget it. Before you are allowed to enter the WhiteRooms, you must first sign a waiver in full knowledge that should an accident occur, we are not responsible.

Terms and Agreement

I _______, accept the trials and testings of the WhiteRooms. My memories will be taken for the trials and testings under the circumstances of recovering them at the cost of points or events throughout the games.

• I also understand there is a possibility of being unable to remember the white rooms if the loss of the game occurs upon reaching 0 life points and as agreed upon I, _____ shall be taken out of the game and have no recollection of any events transpiring within the WhiteRooms.

• I hereby allow myself to participate with the risk of my life and any challenges that involve the risk of my well being.

• I allow myself and fully acknowledge the risks associated in the event I choose to participate in these games. All human rights understood to be temporarily taken from me at the chance to win the prize of 3 Billion, with 1 Million Dollars being given to my next of kin as payment. With the chance of granting one wish through living a real life, I hereby temporarily suspend all my innately human rights.

I _______, agree upon these basic terms for the chance of obtaining the prize and title of Champion



Thank you for your participation,

-The 0000's, Good luck and remember we will be watching. Ta Ta!



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