The Return of Asgard
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The Return of Asgard
Author :NevoNeko
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As I turned away from my Valkyries I faced a red headed woman adorned in red robes.

"Amelia, meet my Valkyries. They will be lending you a hand in arresting or taking down the Death Eaters" Said Thor as he faced Amelia.

"Prince Thor, I have brought the three Valkyries that you have requested" Said the now standing Brynhildr as she introduced the Valkyries.

"This is Geirdriful, Gondul and Hlok" Said Brynhildr pointing to each of the Valkyries.

As I looked over I saw Geirdriful and Gondul Sporting black hair and brown eye's while Hlok had blue hair and blue eye's. Each specialized in a different form of Asgardian Combat.

"It is good to see you again Prince Thor" said Geirdriful

"Likewise Geirdriful, Gondul, Hlok" said Thor as he greeted each Valkyrie.

"I want all three of you to head into Hogwarts and find the deputy head mistress. She will give you further instructions and provide the necessary lodging for the next two weeks. Said Thor.

"Understood, Prince Thor" said Hlok as she started heading toward the castle followed by Geirdriful and Gondul.

"Now that, that is out of the way. Bryn meet Amelia Bones, the current Minister of Magic and head of its law enforcement. Said Thor as he faced Brynhildr.

"It is nice to meet you Amelia" Said Bryn as she looked at Amelia, observing her.

"No the honor is mine Miss Brynhildr" said Amelia as she stood straight.

"Amelia, Brynhildr will command the Valkyries and assist you in rounding up the Death Eaters. I'll be observing and helping out when needed." Said Thor

"It will be done Prince Thor" said Brynhildr.

"Now Bryn, ill let you and Amelia work the details, However I want this settled as soon as possible." Said Thor as he looked up to the sky.

"Yes, Prince Thor I will handle it, they shouldn't pose any problems." Said Brynhildr.

"Good, Also don't do anything that I wouldn't do" said Thor with a smile.

"Oh I curse the thought" said Brynhildr smiling back.

"Let us be off Amelia" said Brynhildr as the Valkyries formed up behind Brynhildr.

"Please follow me, my Aurors should already be surrounding each of the Death Eaters locations, awaiting our arrival." said Amelia as she led Brynhildr and the Valkyries away from the castle.


(1 hour later)

(POV Brynhildr)

I stand outside one of the many Death Eater compounds, It seems to belong to an Amycus Carrow.

I see Auror's trying to brake the wards only to end in failure.

"Step back and follow my lead Midgardians" said Brynhildr as she drew her blade and infused it with wind magic.

When my preparations were complete I took a step toward the compounds barrier and swung downwards tearing the Barrier apart.

"THEY BREACHED THE WARDS" said a Death Eater.

When I finally got a look inside the barrier I could see 15 people in black robes adorned with a white mask.

"Surrender now, or face execution" said Brynhildr as she infused flame magic into the blade.

"AVADA KEDAVRA, BAMBARDA MAXIMUM!" spouted the Death Eaters

As I spotted the curses heading my way, I ran toward the death eaters sliding underneath the spells. only to swing my blade lighting all the death eaters on fire.


I quickly stood and rushed toward each Death Eater beheading all opposition.

"SEARCH THE COMPOUND!" yelled out Brynhildr while the Aurors were stunned by the sight they just witnessed.


(Normal POV)

As I watched from the sky as each location was being raided by my Valkyries and the fellow Aurors. A couple hours passed only for it to finally be over. The only remaining location would be the base situated at Riddle Manor. I quickly flew over with Mjolnir as I spotted my Valkyries gathering by the Manor's Barrier.

"Leave the Wards and surrender, we have you all surrounded" said Amelia as she amplified her voice with a sonorus.

"What is the meaning of this AMELIA!, You are trespassing and acting above your station" said a platinum blond male in green robes.

"Come out Lucius Malfoy you are under arrest for being a known Death Eater. This goes for everybody else in that manor" said Amelia in a calm voice.

"You don't have the Authority!, wait until the Wizengamot and the Minister hear about this! You wont be nothing after i'm done with you, you blood traitor!" said Lucius as his voice was heard pass the wards.

"Unfortunately for you, earlier today Cornelius was relieved of his position. I am now the Minister of Magic and I also have the authority from Thor himself to judge the Wizengamot and the Noble clans. said Amelia with a smirk.

"That charlatan fake dare calls himself a God, and only you would be foolish enough to buy such lies." Spat Lucius.


"Its over Lucius, come out and surrender and no one has to get hurt" said Dumbledore as he apperated next to Amelia.

"Dumbledore has Snape informed you on who's in the Manor?" asked Brynhildr while she walked up to Dumbledore.

"The remaining inner circle of Death Eaters are all currently inside" said Dumbledore as he played with his beard.

Nodding to the response Brynhildr turned toward the manor and started to speak.

"You have to the count of 10 to vacate the premises, or we will eliminate everybody inside" said Brynhildr as she crossed her arms.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,"

"The hell we would listen to a mudblood whore, just wait until our backup arrives and we will have you groveling at our feet, worshiping us as your master on your knee's." said Lucius not noticing the clouds turn dark as lightning started to concentrate at a focal point awaiting to be unleashed.

"8, 9, said Brynhildr as she looked up and smiled.

"10" said Thor as he unleashed the condensed lightning bolt, striking the manor, obliterating the wards and killing most of the residents in the manor.

While I descended from the sky, and landed in front of everyone only to yell out

"I want those alive before me now, and those dead to be marked of the list. Now Go!" said Thor as the Valkyries ran into riddle manor to finish of the task.

"FIENDFYRE! said a dark voice as a giant fire snake came out of the manor about to envelop the Valkyries. Only to be stopped by a large blue magic circle by Brynhildr's barrier magic.

"Is that all?" said Brynhildr as she walked toward the figure.

"noNoNO, I cant be defeated I am IMMORTAL!" said a possess Lucius.

"No you are not, You lost your immortality as soon as death got a piece of your soul. Funny thing about horcruxes, if the immortal plane doesn't interfere you would be annoying to kill. Lucky for me I have a niece who is a ruler of death. Have fun in Niflheim, Tom ill make sure to pay a visit." said Thor

"SILENCE, I AM A GOD I CANNOT BE DEFEATED!" said Voldemort as he shouted "AVADA KEDAVRA!" only to be blocked by the barrier magic. But, but that is impossible the killing curse cannot be BLOCKED! said Voldemort now in a panic.

"To bad" said Brynhildr just as she swung her blade to end Voldemort's life, only for it to be interfered by a magic circle.

After the circle dissipated Brynhildr jumped back and awaited for the new enemy to show himself. a couple of seconds later a shadow started to form and slowly take the shape of a man.

"who are you and why are you interfering in Asgards matters" said Brynhildr as she was trying to get a feel on the enemies strength.

"kukuku, hahaha, why aren't you the beautiful lady said the red skinned man wearing some type of light blue fiber.

"Answer the question" said Brynhildr as her eye's narrowed.

"hehe, my name is Lust, son of Trigon. You see this man behind me promised me his soul after he accomplished his goal so I cant allow you to kill him before than." said Lust as he started looking around at each Valkyrie.


Lightning struck killing Voldemort in his place, while the now named lust wasn't paying attention.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, MONGREL" said Lust now noticing Thor.

"Are you talking to me demon? because you seem a long way from home. I would advise you to leave and tell daddy about your failure's here today" said Thor as he walked up to Brynhildr.

"YOU THINK, you can tell me what to do!" said lust as he charged his eye's with red energy, about to release it at Thor.

As I watched the demon in mild amusement, I swiftly threw Mjolnir at Lust as he fired his beam. Mjolnir cut threw the beam and hit him straight in the face sending him flying back.

"Go run along to daddy, go scat" said Thor in a shewing motion as he recalled Mjolnir.

"I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE, JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE!" said lust as he faded into the shadow's and disappeared back to his realm.

"Well that was interesting" said Thor

"Quite" said Brynhildr.

"Bryn take the Valkyries and go with Amelia to the ministry and clean up the situation there, Albus you shall accompany them and provide support. I will be heading back to Hogwarts. Notify me if my presence is required. Also start the trial process immediately once everything has been taken care of. said Thor as he spun Mjolnir and took off.

"Sigh i'm not getting any sleep tonight, Am I?" said Amelia as she placed her hand on her head.

"I don't believe anyone of us is Amelia." said Dumbledore as he yawned.

"Alright enough lazying around, lets finish this. I want to get back to Asgard" said Brynhildr as she started walking out of the manor with the Valkyries in tow.


Hogwarts Dumbledore's office, November 14 1994


"So, Albus how's the situation settling at the ministry" said Thor sitting in front of Dumbledore's brown desk

"With the Death Eater attacks being dealt with, the Ministry has been focusing its time in replacing certain positions with qualified personnel." said Albus as he sipped some tea from his cup.

"The only issue we are having is with the student body. Also the family members of some of the Death Eaters" Said Dumbledore as he sighed.

"Only time can solve that issue, I recommend talking to each family separately. While doing so have one of the Auror offer up his memory of the event and have it displayed in a Pensieve. As for those pure blood supremacist that give you trouble, just show them Tom's family tree." said Thor as he leaned back on his chair.

"One more thing, Albus my brother, should be coming down sooner than expected to take over Magical Britain." said Thor as he rested his head on his hand.

"Does that mean you will be leaving, Prince Thor?" asked Dumbledore.

"I'll be coming and going, I would like to explore Midgard and see the sights" said Thor.


Scene skip- Hogwarts Hallway.

As I walked through the hallway heading toward my room, I took a right to head toward the stairs only to collide with a brown-bushy haired student.

"Sorry about that miss, I should have been paying attention" said Thor as he offered a hand to the now collapsed student.

"it's alright it's also partly my fault" said the brown-bushy haired student as she grabbed my hand only to just realize who I was.

"Oh forgive me, Prince Thor I should have paid more attention" said the brown-bushy haired girl as she bowed he head.

"It is alright miss, but we seem to be in a conundrum. You already know my name but I have yet to receive your's. said Thor as he smirked in amusement.

"Ohh How foolish of me, I'm Hermione, Hermione Granger, it's a pleasure to meet you Prince Thor" said Hermione as she offered her hand for a handshake.

"No the pleasure is all mine Miss Granger" said Thor as he grabbed Hermione's right hand and brought it up for a kiss.

"Now than It has been my honor to accompany such a beauty, but I must be going. Until later Hermione Granger" said Thor as he smiled and kept walking toward his room.

Once I arrived I could hear noise coming from the other side. So I opened the door only to see my apprentice Fleur sitting down on the couch, speaking to Freya who is seated on the other side.

"Have I come at a bad time" said Thor.

"Nonsense, I was just showing your pupil how to channel magic without a wand" said Freya as she looked toward the door.

"Good Afternoon, Master" said Fleur as she greeted me as I sat next to her.

"Afternoon Fleur, How as the training been going for you?" asked Thor slightly curious.

"...It's.. been great Master" said Fleur as her lips twitched.

"That's good I was wondering if.."said Thor before he stopped talking, because he could sense and hear someone outside flying toward the castle.


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