The Overlord Beastmasters
6 Afterwards
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The Overlord Beastmasters
Author :TyrantTiger
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6 Afterwards

Sameer woke up from his walk of the memory lane as a knocking sound was heard outside. With a frown Sameer simply stood up saw the time and understood it was lunch time.

He answered through the door and simply said "Tell mother I would be down in 10 mins"

He really was amazed as how soon the humans could adapt.

With his information the geography of country completely changed with the passage of time as half of the country was already taken by Evolved Beasts. With the right of being a governor given to individuals was spread the government used them these 'Governors' as watch dogs but later on these big powered governors took the land as their birthright and lived as tyrants to tackle this problem a whole new power system was introduced termed as the Nobel Houses where these so called Nobel Houses will be the incharge of their areas in return that they will protect the week and the needy; but would be on the back of the call of government in case of emergencies and war.Here war means do or die.

This was the case for not all then most of the country's affairs and to tackle and handle all the shit an alliance was formed with most of the countries which in the 3rd year to epoch changed to all the world.

The reason for the 'Alliance' to come to life was due to the Pakiztani government firing a nuke on the jungles of Ranthambo National Park, Razasthan which was in their neighbouring country Inzia what it led to was a zero casualty among the beasts as it was found out that the land where the nuke hit was actually the territory of now known Amethyst tiger and that to the nuke the tiger unintentionally evolved from now specified 3rd Tier Supreme to 5th Tier Tyrant Beast.

After it's direct evolution it just attacked all the different nuclear plants ;weapons and anything that was radioactive this costed Pakiztan to loose all of its country's nuclear power and now their new ruler is a Winged Amethyst Tiger that has a nearly undestroyable body and mind of a 30~40 something adult and there shit hit the fan.

Using Nuclear energy these beasts can super evolve and it's a boon for them not a curse as most great minds thought; as soon as the revelation came every nuclear country destroyed their arsenal in fear of giving birth to a smart beast as similar to the Amethyst Tiger.

Now major regions are either controlled by Nobel houses in the names of Alliance and the other by the General and Tyrant levels of beast.

Amethyst tiger was the first beast to be a tyrant beast but not the last as the other beast came from many different parts of the world.

Inzia however house not one but 3 Tyrant level beast luckily they were open to trade and some rules; no one will interfere in their privacy and they would not attack any human estate in return.

Obviously it all happened after 2 other tyrant level beasts were slayed by the Alliance army on the cost of 1 million soldiers comprising of Noble families too.

The treaty is mentioned as just an armistice and both parties are just getting ready for the fight.


As Sameer was thinking of different matters...he didn't pay any attention to the hall as he was climbing down the stairs..he just absentmindedly sat on his designated seat and only after a few seconds he saw a tab on place of his plate.

He questioning looked at his father who told " This is the business performances, assets and investments.....I am too old for this if only your brother was here...we could manage this somehow we are just a special family with our speciality being we are distinct members of a Count. There are many wolves that are eyeing our business if we can't control of them, in the future.....we will just give them to your cousins we will just...."

As Mahendra was saying he was cut off by Sameer suddenly saying "Don't worry father we still have some time and just to remind you we already provide safety to over a population of 100k I just need to increase my strength to the next tier and we can be a noble family in true sense."

"As for these businesses i will take care of them accordingly; but after lunch" he said in a joking manner.

Hearing the ruckus the opposite side of the hall was opened and through it entered the three beasts,

Hyperion was looking the same size then before with the exception of having two heads and his fur was now more black the magma on the bones looked same as well; Hades was with a grey fur and blue eyes he looked more of the same as before the epoch and Sellene was actually the biggest in size, she was triple the size of Hyperion himself and she had a cloud as a tail her ears were also covered with some of that fur.

With their addition there was an ambiale environment among all of them.

Sameer really liked this surreal environment.


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