The Overlord Beastmasters
5 House Gamma-IV
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The Overlord Beastmasters
Author :TyrantTiger
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5 House Gamma-IV

All the Army men grouped together and one of them came forward they seemed hesitant and worried with the presence of Hyperion and Sellene.

One of the man among them went forward and asked a simple confirmation question, "what is white?"

The survivors who were happy for army be there were dumbfounded as it was more of a question to them as well.....what the hell is white.

Near Hyperion stood Sameer and his parents and as he heard the question he simply replied " Color of purity and nothingness"

As not expecting the question from the mouth of a 13th year old the soldier walked the half distance and said" We have been asked by the command centre to make you available for some confidential talk."

"I would like to correct you on that , 1st it's a discovery in few months everyone will get that and I am coming with you all but following you."

"And how would you do that kid?"


His shout was replied with a long roar. The soldier and his troop was scared shitless on the first place after watching Hyperion and Sellene they knew this was their pet and similar occurrences of pets saving their masters have already seen and reported by many areas especially by police and army's canine unit.

But no way they have seen having survived with their pets and could save so may others.

The reason for the soldier's fear was the beast that was clearly off their radar and the warm breath that was touching their backs.

They didn't dare to stay here any long and simply moved out to get in there choppers.

As they were flying in the air they could see many people shouting for them to come back and free them. He didn't knew how he should tell these poor souls that this may be one of the very few save places left on this country or planet to say at the least.

As they moved further they could see a big black beast following was none other than Hyperion.

After 10 min they were standing outside the capital itself and it was blocked by multiple tanks, cars and buses in such a manner that it looked more so as a wall of iron, clearly to fend of any beasts.

As the soldier's have already contacted the top brass he was granted a safe passage.

Soon they were present at this unknown safe house.....with a little clearance Sameer was now addressing the most powerful people of this country and it's true representatives at least in a certain way.

Sameer took a deep breath and started narrate what his brother told him...

"Everyone I will cut to the main topic straight away as you could see outside the monster present there is different to any one of the monsters or what I call beasts you would have seen for now....the reason is simple they..sorry..we are evolving I know all of you already know something's wrong with you and that's natural because it so happened with our family too..but the pressing matter was it also happened to animals pet were alright upto a certain extent and now all those zoo's, sanctuaries, wildlife results even jungels without any high grade predator is now a sure death zone....My dog is actually a result of a second stage mutation or so my brother thought. As we need proof for such theory but the problem in front of us is their is something called elemental affinity..."

"And you proof is..young man"asked the man seated in the center the PM (Prime Minister).

"This, sir" Sameer remembers that day he presented the PM with a strain found in the beast's heart. It was magical to see a room full of grown men dumbfounded in front of a kid as they were ogling the strain they knew about the presence of an unidentified object in the mutated beasts heart but this was the first time they were seeing one in front.

"Hmm....boy my men tried to obtain this thing from multi beasts and we were never able to properly take it out how do you explain that" asked a man in army uniform.

"Simple sir, my brother studied the way our dogs took out the strain directly from heart and he got a knack of it.

"So we can also evolve" this question silenced the room as the low whispers were now just old men trying hard to breathe this question has touched all of them on a very tight spot.

"Yes, my brother could use earth but on a very nimsicale way."

"And your brother....."asked the President in a very depressing tone.

"Dead with our Black Kite.....he told me to come look for you guys as it will only take a few more minutes for the power to get back and you need to convey the information to everybody. People with pets & Army's elite canine unit can work wonders but those wildlife sanctuaries should be no entry zones"

"That we will see now no need to shy please do tell us WHAT.DO.YOU.WANT??"

"There is no food available until the roads are cleared off beasts from major cities....I would like to provide the army with proper rations in the form of goat meat as cow and pigs are not what the major religions in army would accept."

"And the price of this exclusive contract??"

"I will help the army by loaning you my dog Hyperion's services for the clearance of the immediate Eastern state and..."

"We don't have much time boy, the things you are providing us have already made sure off what is coming is going to make some noise so up with it..."said the Defense Minister.

"And I would like to have the half of the state provided to me as I would represent the government by ensuring the protection over the people as more like a governor."

"You are a kid....Do you accept us as fools or do you think of yourself as a super shit or...." Just as the opposition minister was going to continue he was intervened by the PM who just replied

"Ok but we have to get on specifics"

"Sure sir" replied Sameer meekly for as he was told by his brother the fish took the bait.

Everything provided in his brother's name was just a way to secure their family enough funds, residence and a name in this old but foreign world.

Every goat was sold on the price mapped in goat was equivalent to 5 strains but of miscellaneous nature; only the army was sold with the nature of elemental theory his brother came up with and the price was that all the animals that Hyperion slayed or Sameer tamed with his help were then property of Sameer even if the owner was there.

He also found his house, or his family's by naming his father the Governor (Now Ser) and their house Gamma.

It was low but in the eyes of army Sameer and his family were going on with their future business tactics and the army easily understood that the reason why they were provided with the theory was to protect the country from the outsiders as well as the original inhabitants.

For all the oldies present in the safe house this was nothing but to get a dog for guarding their eastern side, both metaphorically and literally.

None of them would have believed that this was actually Samar planting the seeds, Sameer giving the water and the government providing their own fields for the rise of House Gamma.


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