The Overlord Beastmasters
4 House Gamma-III
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The Overlord Beastmasters
Author :TyrantTiger
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4 House Gamma-III

Sameer watched as his brother used Horus as a mount and told Hyperion to follow him.

He was given only one job to look after the survivors.

As the clock ticked further the school was filled up to the brim and as time passed more and more people came. He has to shift the goat herd at a different location under the watchful eyes of Hades.

With every addition in survivors sound of clamor and turmoil increased among them; but all it took to make them sit obediently was Sellene's roar, yes they stopped barking as what came outside was something similar to a roar that shook the very blood flow of its target.

As the sun was setting the wild noises of the evolved beasts had stopped for around an hour the silence that continued was more of depressing then peaceful.

At around 7 p.m. Horus crash landed in front of Sameer and others. Sameer remembers how shocked he was to see Horus left wing burned and a talon missing.

The scene made him angry and dread filled him as he understood why he was feeling so annoyed and angry. But it only took him seconds to understand how severe the state of affairs where....his brother was missing and just as he was going to scream for his parents he saw Horus passing him a book just before he fainted. Luckily no one saw that as they were scared by the unexpected arrival of the bird.

That book was answer to all his questions.According to what his brother said he had taken care of all of their needs for at least 10 years and he would be back before this tenure.

But it wasn't up to that. There were things especially mentioned for him, steps to take, people to talk and no one to believe in except his two cousins and parents.

But what shocked him to core was that he needed to give the letter to the Prime minister that was present within the book.

He is especially told to lay low key and loose on certain matters to show that what they provided to the government and authorities was just them getting lucky and nothing else.

He completed the instructions his brother provided such as burying Horus in front of all the collected survivors and tell them that his brother was dead with Hyperion while trying to buy time for the last batch of survivors.

Sameer remembered it was all just shock as he understood that his brother is a cursed repeater who is doomed to come back any day in his life after his previous death this is already the 159727 th time.

As the shock faded Sameer started completing all the work his brother asked him to do...he still remembers how everyone showed a happy and evil glint when he told his brother is dead. His parents were mourning and people were already starting to harbour ill intentions and greed was evident in most of their eyes.

At that point the child inside of him broke like how a mirror breaks he could see the blood in his body was flowing at a heightened pace and it was no way slowing down.

'Brother is right there are bastards everywhere we save them, provided food and shelter and they are not even hiding their intentions...he is right I need to do those things"

'1st step show of authority'...."Everyone I know what half of you are thinking and I also know what other half is thinking about....Let me tell you My brother and 2 companions are dead; some of you may also have guns but before you try to act smart please do watch outside it's for both scared and the opportunists among see."

As the people watched the teenger who was not more than 13 years old end his speech they felt a sense of dread as he has already mentioned about guns but every smartass understood he is talking about any future rebellion and whatever outside lurks is his surety for survival.

Some people collected all their courage and marched to the trees to try climb and see what was present outside.

The 1st one who started climbing the tree came down as fast as he climbed and started shivering uncontrollably.

The reason was found soon enough by everyone, at the school gate which was used for entry and exits of school bus laid Hyperion sleeping peacefully the only difference was that Hyperion's fur has changed from dark grey like his siblings to pure black ash colour on it's full body a red exoskeleton could be seen wherever the bones were present even while speaking his mouth was dripping with lava and occasional steam was coming out from his nostrils, the tail was twice the size of body itself.

Looking at such a scary beast people were speechless until Sameer called upon them and scared them again." Oh sorry for not telling but it appears only my brother and bird died and please let me all introduce you to HYPERRRIONN"

As Sameer screamed at the top of his lungs the sleeping giant of a dog stood as straight as an arrow and pounced over the fences like wind flowed itself...only with a murderous expression.

Watching him everyone' just gave up their any greedy feelings and they started begging Sameer to show Mercy.

His brother has already given him a rough outline and he is going to do it. 'Big Brother Knows how dire the situation is!!!'

"Don't ever think to hurt my family for we are not to be played with."

'1st step complete ,now 2nd step'

He made Hyperion leave to find his siblings and started to accompany his parents.

They just lost their son for them nothing mattered but Sameer knew for the protection of their parents he had to take some extreme and foolish steps.

Sameer went for a call that took approximately 15 minutes and after around half n hour, the people herd a chopper flying towards their direction painted with army's sign.

Sameer remembered what he said at that time under his breath when he saw soldier's parachuting near the goat herd....'Let the games begin'


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