The Overlord Beastmasters
3 House Gamma-II
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The Overlord Beastmasters
Author :TyrantTiger
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3 House Gamma-II

As Sameer was reminiscing his past he still continued to think of what happened next.

The pitbulls were bought a year before the epoch and it was clear that everyone was happy.

Big brother started to prepare for government jobs and started gyming as a full time hobby.

But Sameer knew it was just a hoax under government jobs as he preparing something else. It was only later that he understood his brother's grand plan.

In November when Sameer was waiting for his birthday he was gifted a small egg from his brother, the peculiar thing was the egg was inside an incubator.

His brother smiled at me as he handed him the incubator and told him that this was his partner. Only later he understood it's reason.

At 14th August big brother told that he got an exciting place to go and watch independence day flag hoisting. The thing was we were made to take our pets with us too.

On 15th we were driving towards the so said venue; when brother took a sharp turn and came in front of a bank and stopped and made everyone to ditch the car , puzzled with his action just when dad was going to ask him if everything was right, the clock hit 11:37 and bam it was like i could see my heartbeat, the rhythm of its contractions and pumping blood it was not just mine but i could clearly discern my parents heartbeats and breathing too.

Whereas the same for his brother, only his eyes were radiating an unexplainable vibe something that made Sameer feeling different he didn't knew the feeling but he was sure about it; something different.

What happened to him he could see happened to his parents too at least up to a point but for some reason when he tried to sense his pets he found that they were still surrounded by some kind of thin air or particles.

And it just accumulated overtime,only after 50 minutes the film started to break and something big, scary and tyrannical started to come out. Three dogs with the size of cows was truly fear inducing just as i thought we are dead my dad called him in a confused but firm voice "Hades are you hungry???"

And Hades stopped looked down at his dad and just went and started licking his hand as answering him.

Similar happened between Hype, Sel and mom.

Watching everything brother whispered to me "Call Horus he would be hungry too"

"Fuck it what the hell is happening,how are all you three fine they are monsters look at them their canines they can tear a damn car whit it we are just...."


They used to fight as kids but as they grew up it was occasional brawling but this slap he felt it like a wasp's sting.

"Good, you are now calm"

"Little brother try to feel your connection with Horus, you are natural"

Just as Sameer was going to shout he actually felt it a voice telling him to calm down and run as fast as he can.

And for a second he saw the very ground he was standing was actually between many barns filled with cows and buffaloes.


"Exactly Little bro"

"WHAT are you boys talking what happened to all three of them??"

"Dad believe in me for the next 2 hours you will get everything but first just ask all three of them to follow my order please. Sameer same for Horus please"

Sameer chuckled remembering that cursed and magnificent day.

Curse as the world fell and magnificent because he saw a beastmaster fighting.

Justa as mom, dad and me told our pets or according to brother our familiars about following brother's order they agreed.

And the show began contrary to our expectations brother breaked the bank's lock by simple swing of his arm and asked Hades to stand as the guard and let no entry.

'Selene and Hyperion both of you with me, Horus look for any beast in our way.'

After that he didn't know what happened but what came was a calming silence and then screams and howls of beasts, birds, dogs, cows and whatnot.

In half n hour all of them were back but just covered in blood and gore especially Selene.This time brother took me and Hades and I saw it Hades was pinning every beast coming his way as directed by Brother and Horus was tearing through the sky and with a zzzap his talons were talking off the heads of pinned down beasts and it was a piece of art.

After every massacre brother would make all the hearts dug out and only those that he seemed fit for Hades and Horus was given to them.

They seem content with their prize.

Afterwards we started saving people and this time we returned again and took off with everyone.

After saving those we could we all moved to our school and it made my mouth wide open.

The school ground was full of goats that were near size of small cars and brother ordered all the pitbulls to collect them in a single place .

All the hearts that were dug out were cut in halves and a shining strain was revealed with it.

All the three stopped doing anything even the goats looked absentmindedly towards the strain only after a high pitched cough the pitbulls reacted and made sure that every goat was in their control.

Brother swinged his head left and right and then made every goat eat one strain.

Just as I was gonna ask my brother he said,"We need to save as many as we can; tonight you'll get every answer."


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