The Overlord Beastmasters
1 The Morning Walk
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The Overlord Beastmasters
Author :TyrantTiger
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1 The Morning Walk

It was seldom that you can see a person walking the streets at such an early morning in a month of december but there he was enjoying his running session with a hoodie in top of his head and a leash in his hand or so it appeared to be.

But there was no dog to be seen with him at this point. As he stopped and started panting continuously he could see two pairs of blue eyes staring at him through the fog. If he didn't know those eyes; then no shit he would be screaming for his mom.

Sameer looked at those eyes straight and said in a teasing tone; " Hades do you want to be lectured by dad again.....hmmm???"

WOOff the dog replied in a serious tone as telling the boy to not give him up as a scapegoat. And then he came in front of him and as he said " Low and behold the great Pitbull Hades" in a teasing tone and as he expected Hades looked down at him something he learned from their father.

Hades was close to 8 meter in height and he looked more like a big SUV. It had a grey coat and it was underlined with blue streaks that were covering his stomach and then there were those blue eyes that were deep as ocean itself.

Sameer simply rode Hades and just in 2 mins they were at a fortress like building that was present in a barren surrounding. He could clearly read the name of the building " PET STORE". The people surrounding the store that was clearly a fortress looked at him and the dog but what made them scared was the sigil on his hooded jacket only those of Nobel Houses can have and India only have 11 nobel houses and each one of them were scary then the other.

"Before the epoch you could seldom find people near this place and now everyone wants one; buddy let's go back none of us want punishment from dad!!"Sameer said slowly and then went back to the direction were he came.

Sameer knew why he was treated this way and he clearly knew that he was just a maternal cousin to the Lord and hence the royal treatment but this is not his power or his standing it's all his cousin brother's.

As he was returning back to his home he went back to think about the day it began 15th August 2018; at 11:37 a.m. in Indian Standard Time the world stopped; the scientist declared the worldwide phenomena as Crush ; the word actually termed was Stillum but crush sticked up as a slang and crush it was as it crushed all the common sense.

It took a whole hour but everyone and everything went through the evolution people experienced a heightened increase in their senses and other changes.

He still remembers if not for Hades they would be dead like other half of the world's population.

The animals went on a rampage after evolution they teared down every human, beast or plant they came to contact with it. If not for Hades other beasts would have killed him and his family.

That was something that the government and his parents thought of but he knew the real reason for their survival it was all because of "HIM" and he remembers everything he was told by him.

As Sameer was lost in his thoughts he was already at the gates of a villa which was big enough to house a few more Dogs size of Hades.

He slowly moved down from Hades and took off the collar he was wearing, as soon as the collar came out Hades size doubled to a visible rate and he joyfully went towards a hole in the garden which looked more like a crater and near the crater sat a late 40's couple and as they saw Hades coming towards them both of them smiled and said something to him and Hades himself sat in between them as enjoying their company.

"And what took you this long" asked the man who was clearly patting Hades head he was Sameer's father Mahendra Kumar as he was waiting for his son's reply he was interjected by his wife who looked at her son while continuing in his stead " Don't be on his back, son when would you be returning to your college". asked Sanaya Singh.

" Next week mother."

" We need you to choose your pet soon and also pray for your brother"

"Son there are many responsibilities on your back and I know it's hard but you need to be ready for a life without us."

"Yes father"

"Mummy i would be resting on my floor"

Sameer turned inside the home cum fortress and went to the second floor which was his own, deep at right end was his room and he sat in front of the laptop with a freezing hand he looked up for any relevant news to him and as he was searching he found all irrelevant things as he started getting fed up of all of it he skipped to his status report at his university's website.

Name: Sameer Kumar Singh (SCHOLAR)

Allegiance: House Kurma

House: Gamma (Knight & Scholar)

Sigil: Burning Blue Wolf in Black Background

Tier: 2 (High Human)

Occupation: Student

"I need to find new evolution stimulants for further evolving, right now I only have an increase in strength and hearing. I need to work hard to have my very own familiar, pets are easy to get for me but a familiar is thrice more powerful than a pet."

"I wish you were here big brother I am really missing you!!"


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