The Immortal Player
140 Level Forty One!
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The Immortal Player
Author :RDestroyer
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140 Level Forty One!

Back in the Naval Team, Contra Almirante Paul Solares coordinated with Pedro's Aunt regarding the location of the docking area. The ship fought against the waves as they took a curved path towards the docking area so that they would arrive at the shore with their fronts facing the land.

"How long before we arrive at our destination?" Pedro's Aunt Veronica asked Paul as sweat drips on her troubled face.

"We'll be there in a few minutes." Paul Solares answered, calmly. Then, he glanced at Beatrice who was the second in command of the Naval Team and said, "Be ready to fight. We'll arrive at any moment."

"Tch!" Beatrice crossed her arms and flicked her tongue in response. Then, she complained, "Is there really a need to fight? I mean... Shouldn't we join hands together and fight the freakin' monsters instead?"

Despite the complaint of Beatrice, Paul simply frowned in response and said, "These are the Captain's orders! If you have complaints, tell him directly! And... I am sure that there were reasons for his decisions."

Hopeless, Beatrice sighed and left the CBCR. She headed towards the front most part of the deck and stood there with her arms crossed, while her attention was focused on their front.

"Fighting other humans?" Beatrice said as her face wore a frown. "What is that bastard thinking?"

~~~~~Attack Team's POV~~~~~~

Just when Pedro started grilling the birds, Sabrina woke up next to Yojiro. Knowing that she was amongst the last ones to logged off, Pedro can't help but gaze towards her out of concern, thinking, 'Did she even eat or take a bath? I know that she wanted to spend time with me, especially after what had happened. But... I am worried that her health might get compromised just because of that!'

Consequently, Sabrina gazed at him, eyes to eyes, as if sweetly asking, 'Is there a problem, dear?'

Her simple and innocent eyes made Pedro blush 'inwardly' and it, consequently, made him avert his gaze--shifting his attention back to the bird he was grilling.

Pedro shook his head a couple of times--seemingly trying to shake off the embarrassment that he felt, and thought, 'How embarrassing! I hope that she won't make a big deal out of it! Speaking of which!'

Yojiro chuckled lightly in response when Pedro averted his gaze from Sabrina after they stared at each other with a 'tinge' of intimacy. His chuckle was loud enough to break the awkward silence and, consequently, make Pedro fake a few coughs as he glanced back towards Sabrina.

"By the way... I have something for you!" Pedro said as he handed two books and a Random Creature Transformation Skill to Sabrina.

Since Pedro was grilling with his right hand, Sabrina took the initiative to stand and sat beside him whilst receiving the books and the skill. Then, she checked the two books first, since she was already familiar with the Random Creature Transformation Skill.

"Thanks..." she said, in a shy tone. But in the next second, she glanced towards Pedro and asked, "Tome of Level? Why are you giving it to me? Why not use it for yourself?"

"Myself? Leveling up is not my problem. So, it's better if you'd use them instead," he said, calmly. Then, he gazed towards Sabrina with a smirk on his face, and said, "Besides... I want to fight along side with you. How would it be possible if you are asleep?"

Sabrina could only force out a smile in response. Her heart raced suddenly at that split second, rendering her speechless. That said, she was able to control the happiness and excitement that she felt deep inside, probably because of the after effect of her Demon Eyes.

Pedro was slightly dismayed by her lack of reaction to his 'spot hitting' words. Hence, he simply shifted his attention back to the birds and asked, "Won't it be fun, don't you think?"

Sabrina shook his head before she said, "It would be! To be honest... I can't wait for it!"

Pedro glanced to Sabrina in response. Seeing her 'excited' smile, Pedro burst into laughter and said, "Why do we look like maniacs? Looking forward for a life and death fight... Are we retards?"

Sabrina simply chuckled in response with her smug almost reaching her ears, and said, "We're not! It's just that we had these abilities that makes us strong enough to enjoy fights!"

"You are right!" Pedro said as he laughed once again. But after a few seconds his laughter halted, creating a momentary silence as he looked up into sky--glancing to the rising moon. Then, he said, "Besides... It was them who wants a fight. We'll just give them what they want."

Sabrina remained silent whilst retaining her smile. On the other hand, Yojiro can't help but remain silent as shivers run down his spine after hearing what Pedro had said.

'His thoughts... His actions... It's all terifying for someone of his caliber! No wonder he was even greatly respected by Contra Almirante Solares!' he thought deep inside as he followed their gaze and shifted his attention towards the rising moon.

After a few seconds, they all returned their gaze to their own matters--Pedro and Yojiro focused in grilling birds while Sabrina used the two Tome of Level that consequently increased her level from 21 to 41. Now, she was only eight levels below Pedro, who was at Level 49, and consequently changing the range conditions set by both of their demon eyes.

Sabrina was with in the plus or minus 9 levels compared to Pedro, thus, placing her under the middle range of Pedro's [Emperor's will] Skill.

So, whenever Pedro uses his [Emperor's will] Skill that was a passive skill of his Demon Eyes, Sabrina would only feel a 60% consciousness fatigue compared to the instantaneous loss of consciousness when her level was more than 9 levels below from Pedro's level.

Although Sabrina's skills would be silenced as Pedro's [Emperor's will] Skill would govern over the silence resistance given by her Demon Eyes, she would still be able to move and 'farm' the unconscious enemies through physical attacks.

On top of that, being with in minus 9 levels from Pedro allowed her to use the [Body Analysis DX] skill of her Demon Eyes, giving her the ability to analyze and check the status of Pedro's body--including his weak points.

Well... That's if Pedro was not using his Demon Eyes and had silenced all of her skill.

That said, Sabrina had suddenly increased he strength by a huge leap. That is why it took her a few minutes to adjust to the changes that happened on her body. Her height did not increase, nor the size of her muscles. But... her body felt lighter--as if she can run faster, while her five senses became a bit more sensitive.

"What's your level, now?" Pedro asked out of curiosity.

"Hmm?" Sabrina glanced to him in response and said, "Level Forty One. Why?"

"Forty one, huh? You're just a few levels away from me." Pedro paused for a second as he pondered something. Then, he chuckled, "I can't help but wonder what would happen... if the world would knew that the player with the highest level is a girl?"

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    《The Immortal Player》