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The Guy Next Door : Erotica
Author :XianXiao
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8 Part 8

When the alarms on Aria's phone blared at 4 in the morning, she immediately found her phone and turned it off. After a while, when she tried to roll on her bed before waking up as usual, she found herself besides a nude chest. This came as a shock and all her sleepiness went away.

When she saw Caden's naked torso, she remembered what happened yesterday and blushed profusely. Seeing Caden sleep so peacefully she didn't have the heart to wake him up. Taking off the blankets off his body she stared at him like a creep, when she saw a thick prominent bulge on the skin right boxers, he wore to sleep. She couldn't help but be impressed with the sheer imprint on it. Thinking about how he tired her set a determination on her.

She was determined, to tire him out the same way or frustrate him only to think about nothing but her. Little did someone sleeping know, he was about to face the hardest days of his life.

With that thought in her mind, she went online and searched for all the hottest skimpiest lingerie. She wanted to buy it online but, won't be the same feeling as in stores. So, selected the ones she liked and thought she's buy it at the mall. She then stealthily went to the bathroom and cleaned herself of her fluid, and dried her hair.

When she came out, she found him still in bed, snoring cutely. Blushing at was about to do, she then tiptoed and got under the blanket. Leaving light kisses on his boxer-clad body, she saw him scrunch his face adorably. Slowly taking out his *member* she kinda thought it was squishy, muscly and kinda cute.

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Remembering what she saw on her laptop the day before. She sloppily kissed the head, licking it down to the shaft. Since it was her first time, she then took it on her mouth sucking it and grazing with her teeth unintentionally. She thought she was imagining that it actually grew more hard and bigger in her mouth.


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