The Gangster Princess
1 Eighteen Years Later
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The Gangster Princess
Author :KateTGP
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1 Eighteen Years Later

Cྉhྉaྉpྉtྉeྉrྉ 1 (Eྉiྉgྉhྉtྉeྉeྉnྉ Yྉeྉaྉrྉsྉ Lྉaྉtྉeྉrྉ)

Eighteen years later...

Achiara, Herewood

The Royal Palace

October 4, 2035

"Requesting all board members to enter the meeting room immediately."

Chris buried his head into the palms of his hands. He didn't have the energy to deal with this meeting right now. Especially now that he knows the reason behind it.

Renzo walked over towards him and handed him a crisp white folder.

"It's about time, don't you think, Your Majesty?" he asks his old friend.

"Muerte Eterna is lucky enough not to start this war at the second my daughter turned eighteen," Chris replied darkly as he glanced at the folder.

It had black lettering across its exterior. The words read, The Duel.

This was the deal he and King Alexander Reynon agreed to put up with not less than eighteen years ago.

Their children—Alex and Jessica's son, and Chris and Callie's daughter—will figure out each other's identities and kill their target. Though the parents of these two know the identities of each other's children, these two should still work their way to hunt down each other.

And at the end, one has to kill the other.

But what kind of parent would want their own child dead? It's not that Chris didn't believe in his daughter to face the son of his rival. It's because he wasn't sure if his daughter, Kate, can handle a task this big with a weak heart.

It was too much of a risk to take. Dilated Cardiomyopathy wasn't a joke, after all.

But he couldn't go back on his decision. It was either he surrenders the whole Corazones y Espiritus to Alex, and get killed afterwards with every CYE member joining him in death, or to have a chance at winning, by letting his daughter kill his rival's son.

"Does Princess Kate know from which kingdom her target is from?" Renzo asks.

Chris shook his head. "Neither does the Prince of Adelmo. Both of them will attend the same school in Las Vidas, but no one is to be aware of their social status," he says.

"How so?"

"Only the most elite people from different kingdoms can be allowed in a school on Las Vidas. Nobody else there will know who these royals are as long as they never mention where they're from," he explains, "and both Alex and I paid the school's president to make sure that no one will find out about Prince Josh and Princess Kate."

"And on the internet?"

"Our online specialists of each kingdom are taking care of it. Any photo or information about the royal families will be eliminated off any tabloid, newspaper, and even on social media."

"Good. Though, I couldn't believe how heartless Alex is...putting his own son's life on the line just for the sake of power and money," Renzo comments briefly before neatly arranging the documents on the table.

"The fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree after all," Chris adds, "the late King Alistair Reynon had made a significant impact on the royals of Adelmo. I won't be surprised if this new prince acts like his father."

A small black envelope fell off from the stack. Chris bent over to pick it up. It had a golden seal of Corazones y Espiritus on it, but he never remembered seeing something like this at all.

"Renzo, what is this document for?" he asks his friend.

"Oh, that," Renzo spoke, "your daughter wanted to give that to you before she left this morning."

"Did she mention why?"

"Nope. The princess threatened to have me locked up if I dared to read it," he jokes.

Chris couldn't help but grin as well. Knowing Kate, it was very expected of her to be private about her life. She inherited that from him after all.

"I apologize on her behalf," he tells Renzo, who just shook his head.

"No big deal, sire," he assures him, "besides, now you know how your parents felt when you were Kate's age."

Chris let out an amused chuckle.

"That, I agree with you," he says as he removes the seal and opening the envelope. Taking the card, he read it silently...

Hi Dad!

Mom says that I'd go to Las Vidas' College today. I hope no one there recognizes that I'm a princess. I know that they've put us in different classrooms and all, but I can't be too sure. Mom also said that there would be a gathering at the castle in Las Vidas so I could meet the royals and the 'rich people' from Herewood. I hope I can find that Gangster Prince even under a mask. I won't let you down, Dad!

- Kate

Chris closed the letter and put it in his suit pocket. He felt a bit more relieved knowing that Kate has almost everything under control.

Until now, it still scares him, knowing that his daughter can't live a normal life. As much as he wanted to send his family to a place far away from Herewood so they could be safe, he knew his enemy too well, since Alex can easily track them down and kill them.

None of this would've happened if Alex never accepted the deal.

The deal that descended upon their families one hundred thirty-five years ago.


135 Years Ago



Wilfred Espiritu and Alistair Reynon were the first leaders of Corazones y Espiritus and Muerte Eterna—a syndicate that was focused on drug and weapon dealing. They resided in an unnamed island on the country of Herewood.

Caleb Vidas, a young thief, handles his own syndicate, Noche y Luz.

Nathaniel Corazon, though he preferred to be called as 'Nate,' is Wilfred's cousin. The three of them were allies at the time.

Nate also had a sister named Rose, whom Alistair was truly in love with. So he secretly courted her by bringing her gifts at night, until a month later, she agreed to pursue a secret relationship with him.

However, when Nate found out about their relationship, he got furious, accusing Alistair of completely betraying his trust. Even if Alistair told him that he'll protect Rose and that he really did love her, Nate brushes him off, knowing about his friend's history with women.

Nate asks Wilfred for help by asking him to tell his friend off for Rose' sake, but he declines because he shouldn't have to do anything with his cousin's issue with Alistair. Feeling betrayed for the second time, Nate storms off, saying that he'll start his own gang, away from CYE and ME.

Months later, Estoy Mintiendo, the gang Nate created, was running out of funds. He devised a plan to earn more money and at the same time, get back at Wilfred and Alistair.

He goes to Alistair and makes a deal with him—if he deposits a portion of the funds of his' and Wilfred's gang into Estoy Mintiendo, Nate would allow him to date Rose without any limitations. Alistair was hesitant to accept the deal, but after thinking that maybe he and Rose could be happy together, he accepts Nate's offer, unaware that it was all just a trick.

So it began. Every week, Alistair would steal a small portion of CYE and ME's funds while Wilfred is away. And every week, he gives the money to Nate.

As this kept going, they reached an amount of one hundred thirty-five dollars stolen from CYE and ME.

When Wilfred discovered the theft, he got really angry with Alistair, knowing that he's the only other one who had access to the funds. He went off to confront him, who was also dealing with his own problem. Alistair saw Rose with another man, whom Nate had secretly set up with. Rose tells Alistair that she was tired of hiding and that she was engaged to the man next to her. Betrayed, Alistair grabbed his gun and killed the man, ignoring Rose' desperate pleas.

Just as Wilfred confronted Alistair, where they split up their old gang into two separate gangs—Corazones y Espiritus (Wilfred's) and Muerte Eterna (Alistair's), Nate interrupted the both of them with a satisfied smile. He tells them that it was all a part of his plan—to make them enemies and benefit from their fight to fund his own gang. The three ended up in a full-fledged fight, while Caleb, the young thief, tried to stop them.

Caleb also tells them about the coming of a very powerful man who is willing to invest in the dark syndicates of Herewood. This was Tsutomu Hayashi, the president of a country called Unmei. All of the leaders challenged each other to who will get Tsutomu's investment first.

Wilfred surprisingly meets Tsutomu at a local armory, where they have a little chat regarding their businesses. Tsutomu sees potential in CYE, so he tells Wilfred he's willing to invest.

When Alistair found out that Tsutomu's going to help Wilfred, he sets up a plan to kidnap Tsutomu and after that, he'll blame it on Wilfred. So he sends out a group of his agents to kidnap the person meeting up with Wilfred.

Unknown to both Wilfred and Alistair, Tsutomu had to go on an urgent business meeting on that day. His youngest, kindest, and most beautiful daughter, Achiara Hayashi, volunteered to take his place in meeting Wilfred. Her father hesitantly accepted.

As Achiara arrived at CYE's headquarters, she gets ambushed by Alistair's agents. Wilfred immediately spotted her in danger, not knowing that this was Tsutomu's daughter. He saves her and then Alistair's men flee from the area.

Achiara thanks Wilfred and tells him of her identity. He gets surprised and starts apologizing for the inconvenience, but she kindly tells him that the important thing was that he saved her life.

She reports to her father with a cheerful expression, and after Tsutomu hears of Wilfred's heroism, he invests in CYE AND he granted a special bonus: the power to rule the rest of Herewood.

Things change when Wilfred and Achiara fall in love with each other. Wilfred wants to spend more time with Achiara, while she wants him to pursue his dreams.

Soon, they come to a decision to ask Tsutomu to choose from the other gang leaders to whom will be the leader of Herewood.

It was Tsutomu's personal choice to choose Caleb, who bashfully accepted. But the young leader shares that he is worried about having his 'buddies' fighting again. Tsutomu, Caleb, and Wilfred make a plan to divide Herewood into four separate areas according to each place's specialty—Las Vidas, the main kingdom, Achiara, the blossoms kingdom, which Wilfred named after his one true love, Adelmo, the gems and crystals kingdom, and San Kalayaan, the bloodshed kingdom.

Noche y Luz, Corazones y Espiritus, Muerte Eterna, and Estoy Mintiendo operate each kingdom respectively.

There were some prices to pay for such a change.

The first one is to take over Herewood. Next to that, every gang has to make their own kingdom abundant, otherwise, all will fail.

Caleb, Wilfred, Alistair, and Nate were forced to work together for the meantime in order to make everything work.

After years of preparations, a war occurred in 1914. Every other politician was assassinated by the group, including their families, all the way to their direct descendants. They even eliminated every law enforcer and the top five-hundred most influential people on Herewood.

Doing so earned the four gang leaders their royal titles as Tsutomu declared their country's government as a monarchy, thanks to his presidency in Unmei.

After the success of their ruling, Alistair made a deal with Wilfred. As a compensation for the one hundred thirty-five dollars he had stolen from him, their eldest recent direct descendants from one hundred twenty-one years later (since the crime occurred fourteen years ago) will pay—to truly prove whose descendant is deserving of their power, one must kill the other.

Wilfred accepted the deal, and there was more to than just the main concept of their agreement.

But nobody else knew...except for one family.


Back to the present...

"Josh! You better get downstairs or else we're gonna be late!"

The voice of Prince Josh Reynon's slightly younger sister, Princess Jenna Reynon, could be heard from outside his bedroom door.

However, the prince didn't have any intentions of going to an actual school at all. He was contented with what he had right now—he didn't want to get to know new people who might just betray him in the end.

"If you're so worried about being late, Jen, then why not ask your boyfriend to pick you up?" he spat coldly.

"He's...busy," Jenna answers unsurely.

"Then have someone else like the driver take you," Josh tells her with an annoyed tone, "you're a princess, in case you forgot."

"I just got here from Las Vidas!" she whines.

"Who told you to go here anyways? I never invited you."

Jenna sounded more offended at his response. "Excuse me! I'm the one in charge of keeping your identity safe in MY kingdom!"

"Thanks, but no thanks," Josh answers flatly.

"Your arrogance will be the death of you."

"Cool, because I don't care if I die," he retorts.

His sister didn't say anything else after that. She just walked away from his room until her footsteps were out of earshot.

"Good! I can be alone now! I can't bear to talk to anyone in this family right now," Josh says in his thoughts.

He doesn't have the best relationship with his family—especially when it comes to his father. He felt rather...strained. Everyone in the kingdom of Adelmo is always looking up to their royal leaders. And because he's the only crowned prince of Adelmo, his 'fangirls', as his assistant, Rayner Cezares, calls them, send a lot of love letters addressed to him. Of course, by disinterest, he has them shredded and thrown away once he receives them, unknown to the senders.

"I bet the citizens out there enjoy their own lives better than I do," he thought coldly, "What is it they like about a royal life anyways? A lot of people want to be royalty, but are they even aware of how messed up this kind of life is?"

The intercom in his room suddenly activated.

"Your Highness, your sister has a point. If you don't get your ass in the dining hall right now, you won't be able to do your mission is Las Vidas on time," a male voice, that belonged to his royal assistant, Rayner Cezares, blared from the speaker.

Though that wasn't how anyone out of royalty normally talked to Josh, he didn't mind his best friend's words. In fact, he considers him as the only one who treats him like a normal person—except for when he has to call him by his title.

"There's something called 'waiting' Rayner," Josh answers with a proud tone, "I believe you've heard of it?"

Rayner lets out an audible laugh. "Pal, I really don't want you to die yet, so do me a favor as a friend and get ready before it's my turn to die once your father kills me."

Josh rolls his eyes at his friend's exaggeration.

"Don't be stupid, my father wouldn't waste his time on killing someone like you," he says smugly.

"Hey! What's that supposed to—"

"You said it yourself! I can't waste any more time dude!" Josh interjects as he turns off the device with its remote.

He rolled over to the opposite side of his bed with a tired groan. When was the last time he's ever been willing to live?

Ever since he knew that he'll be an assassin for his father's gang, he's been receiving lots of pressure to meet his father's extremely high standards.

'What for?' he would ask him at times. And King Alex would reply, 'Perfection.'

It was frustrating, really, to have your own father beat you up to be stronger. The worse part? When Josh knew that his first target was to kill a girl, he snapped.

Many women in Herewood's mob world tend to get killed because of three things: recklessness, body boundaries, and emotions. In short, females are more sensitive than males, making them unfit for a gang.

At least, that's how Josh saw it. His father told him many times: he should not underestimate the Gangster Princess, however, he should still be confident enough to put an end to her life.


After changing into something a 'civilian' of Las Vidas would wear, Josh took the castle elevator to get to the dining hall.

Seated there were his parents: King Alexander and Queen Jessica Reynon.

Beside them was his sister, Jenna. Right across her was his seat, which Rayner was standing behind from.

He sat down on his chair as his father started eating while lecturing his son.

"A true assassin does not waste a millisecond of time lounging around," Alex scolds him, "what took you so long?!"

"I wasn't 'lounging around' for your information," Josh answers back, "I was wondering why you had to give me a weak target for my mission!"

"Here they go again..." Jenna complains with a sigh.

Alex continued to respond. "Nobody expected Corazones y Espiritus' heir to be a girl! Even the parents were shocked!"

"I don't care if her family was shocked!" Josh counters, "I'm just saying that I trained all my life to kill someone for The Duel, and here I am, facing a piece of paper saying that I'm going to kill a girl?!"

"Alright, you two, quit it!" Queen Jessica interrupts the both of them, "Do we have to be like this everyday? Fighting every breakfast, lunch, and dinner?"

She glares at her husband. "Alex, you're more mature than your son, you should at least learn how to understand him."

"He says the wrong—"

"And you, young man," she turns to Josh, who's staring at the ground resentfully, "don't forget that you're talking to your father. He's not someone you can just question like that."

Jenna looked between her father and her brother with an amused smile on her face.

"Mom, how do I be like you?" she snickers.

Jessica faces her daughter and smiles at her.

"You don't have to be like me, dear, half of my genes are enough to mold you into a queen," she replies confidently.

"Speaking of which, Jenna," Alex starts speaking again, "didn't you tell us that you're engaged to Prince Mark Corazon of Las Vidas?"

"Whoa, wait, you guys are engaged?! Seriously, Jen?" Josh reacts in a shocked and offended tone.

"He's not what you used to think of him anymore, Josh," Jenna explains calmly.

He sighs and shakes his head. "Whatever. Just don't regret your decisions."

"I assure you, I won't."

Jessica decided to break off the tension between the two.

"What about you, Josh? When are you going to find your special someone? For real this time," she asks him.

"I don't know," he replies as he takes a bite out of his food, "it's most likely never to happen."

"Oh, don't say that, dear. There's bound to be someone out there for you," she reassures him.

Jenna snickers and adds, "Yeah, maybe someone who's exactly like him!"

"Maybe you shouldn't have married Princess Claire Mintiendo in the first place?" Jessica suggests.

"I never wanted to marry her—I was forced to," Josh replies while glaring at his father.

Not too long ago, Josh got married to a young princess of San Kalayaan. Her name was Princess Gwyneth Claire Mintiendo, the only daughter of the Mintiendo family who owns the gang Estoy Mintiendo. However, their private marriage was purely business, to benefit both the Estoy Mintiendo and the Muerte Eterna gangs.

"But at some point in your life, you loved her," Jenna points out, "that's why you're acting all distant and cold because she cheated on you."

It was only unexpected that Josh liked Claire. But then, he found out months after that she was having a romantic relationship with one of her agents. That was his first heartbreak.

"Yeah, well, I don't love her anymore," he lied as he continued to eat.

The rest of the meal was silent, and soon after, Josh prepared to leave for Las Vidas.

He carried the backpack he was going to use for school, and he loaded his other luggage into the royal jet. Jenna only brought a few bags with her, considering that she basically lived in Las Vidas. Rayner was there to accompany his best friend to the main kingdom.

"Mom and Dad will go to Las Vidas on a separate flight later," Jenna tells her brother as they board the jet, "I've already arranged a place for you to live in for the meantime."

"Who's going to run the kingdom while we're gone?" Josh asks her.

She chuckles lightly, then she looks around to check if anyone was nearby. Once the coast is clear, she whispers, "No one."

"What the fuc—"

"Relax, bro, Mom and Dad will visit Adelmo frequently. Plus, their business is running smoothly. Even JR's makes money when I'm not around," she giggles as she ruffles her older brother's black hair.

JR's is Jenna's own designer clothing business. It's her way of earning money allotted for her savings. Sometimes, she uses the money for her 'floofs'—very tiny white fluffy artificially-mutated cats with big black eyes.

They seem to like a lot of people in the royal household...except for Josh.

"Are your little killing machines going to be there at the palace?" he asks exaggeratedly.

Jenna rolled her eyes in disbelief.

"Yes, and you don't have to call them that," she replies dryly.

"I'm alright with the fat one—he barely does anything at all," he says with a laugh.

His sister started laughing too. "Yeah, Floofy Sr. really loves to sleep anywhere. So, expect him lying around at the most unexpected places," she tells him.

"So if I see him in my room, can I drag him back to yours?"

"Hey! You don't have to drag him or any of the other floofs!" Jenna shrieks at him.

"What's all this shouting about?" Rayner asks as he approaches the two siblings.

"Las Vidas stuff," Josh answers with a bored tone as he rests his head on the seat's armrest.

" that you mention it..." Rayner turns to Jenna and asks, "Do you and Prince Mark still manage the Noche y Luz gang?"

"Of course we do," she replies with a chuckle, "in fact, we found something really interesting that could help the gang."


"Nope, not yet," she corrects him, "but we found the perfect place to hold black market auctions."

Josh looked up in surprise.

"Where?" he asked curiously.

Jenna gets her phone from her bag and opens it. After a while, she shows a picture in it to Josh and Rayner.

"Nice choice, sis." "Whoa! That's so cool!"

In the picture was a large dome-shaped theatre. Vivid purple and blue lights coated the entire stage, with the seats surrounding it in a semi-circle.

"At the back of the theatre, there's a golden trimmed balcony for the VIPs!" she squeals.

"So, who's going to host the auctions?" Josh asks.

"Sora. Sora Raine Santos, one of the weapon dealers," Jenna answers, "we will disguise her whenever she's onstage. She'll be known as 'Aeros.'"

"But seriously though," Rayner says, "how are you going to market your earnings from the auctions?"

"I'll tell you that later," she promises, before looking back at Josh, "for now, we have to focus on my older brother's mission."

"There's nothing much about it, really," he assures them, "I just have to kill some girl."

"Yeah, before she kills you," Rayner reminded him.

"I doubt that would be happening," Jenna says with a laugh, "this is my brother we're talking about! THE Prince Joshua Carlos V. Reynon of Adelmo!"

"I appreciate the praise, Jenna, but I'm not THAT popular," he chuckles.

"But isn't it bothering you that you don't know what or who your target is?" Rayner asks Josh.

"A little," the prince answers, "but whoever she is, I know I can kill her."

"Well that's obnoxious."

"I wonder what she's like," Jenna said as she started thinking. Josh couldn't help but agree.

"Yeah, I am pretty curious to know what kind of person this Gangster Princess is..." he says in a curious tone.


"It's already eight in the morning!"

"The princess should be awake by now!"

"Should we assist her?"

"Poor girl. Having a heart condition must be really tough."

The white doors of the princess' bedroom swung open, revealing a very sleepy Princess Katherine Espiritu, who's still in her light pink nightgown.

Long, still-messy, wavy dark brown curls framed her face, complementing her dark turquoise irises and her light colored skin. Rosy cheeks and tinted lips brought more life to her face to hide the tiredness in her smile.

The maids around her room earlier quickly greeted the princess.

"Good morning, Your Highness," they say simultaneously as they curtsied.

"Good morning..." Kate replies while rubbing the sleep off her eyes.

"It's time to get ready for your first day at Las Vidas College, Princess Katherine," a female voice came to say, as the owner approached them.

When the maids saw who it was, they bowed down immediately.

"Good morning, Your Grace," they said, curtseying again.

"Get up," Duchess Alexandra Detrimundo says, bored with the formalities, "I'm here to make sure my dear cousin doesn't get surrounded by the press once she leaves."

"I appreciate the offer, Alexa," Kate tells her, leaning against the marble wall, "but I can handle myself just fine."

The duchess scoffed while saying, "Oh really? I did a quick background check on LVC and it seems like there are a ton of paparazzi waiting for you to get there."

"Err, I think my father will get everything under control," Kate replies.

"Okay, okay," Alexa says, giving up on trying to convince her stubborn cousin, "could you at least hurry up so we wouldn't be wasting any more time?"

"Alright, but there's something I have to give to you," Kate replies.


She faced her maids and motioned for them to leave her alone. They followed the order and quietly left the hallway. The princess then turns to the door leading to her study and leads her cousin inside.

The room was painted in a light rose pink , accented with silver and diamond trims and a pale rose gold marble floor.

"Wow, your parents really give meaning to the rose of Achiara," Alexa says jokingly.

Kate lets out a soft laugh. "I have no problem with it at all. In fact, I really like it. It makes me feel like a princess."

"You are a princess."

She smiles cockily and answers, "But I'm also a gangster."

Spotting the white intricately carved desk in the middle, Kate walks over to it and reaches for a black envelope with a red seal. She handed the envelope to her cousin.

"These are the people we have to look for in Las Vidas College," she tells her, "Attorney Renzo's daughter, Rachel, will be there to help us."

Alexa tried to recall who Rachel is. "You mean that redhead best friend of yours who looks like a model instead of a lady-in-waiting?"

"Um...yeah, that's her."

"How's she gonna help us?"

"She's been studying at Las Vidas College for two years, so she'd know which ones are the new students," Kate explains.

"That's going to be easy, because the Gangster Prince is only a few months older than you. If we're lucky, he's probably in the same level as we are," Alexa says with a chuckle.

Kate looked at her with curiosity.

"How do you know his age?" she asks her.

"Investigation," Alexa replies flatly, "but I'm not supposed to tell you my specific findings."

A soft chime-like tune came from Alexa's pocket. She pulled out an antique rose gold pocket watch.

"It's time to load the luggage into the jet. You and your parents will eat breakfast there during the flight to Las Vidas, which hour at most," she announces.

"Hang on, I don't know how to start the mission when I get there!" Kate wails.

Alexa sighs and says, "Just...wait for uncle's instructions later. Also, you should get dressed. You don't want to appear in front of the table looking like that."

Kate shrugged and walked over to her huge ballet-slipper-pink walk-in closet. She pushed the two doors aside, revealing a few gowns, dresses, casual clothes, and sleepwear.

"Hey Alexa! Can you go downstairs and tell my parents I'll be there in five minutes?" she asks her cousin.

Alexa rolled her eyes. "Fine. Five minutes, Kate." Then she leaves the room.

Kate stared longingly at her closet.

"I'm going to miss this when I move to Las Vidas for months..." she sighs as she starts grabbing the clothes she'll wear for the day.

She chose a white fur jacket and a knee-length coral pink dress, along with white diamond-studded sneakers.

The rest of her other clothes were already packed in her suitcases. Before they were packed, they used to fill almost the whole closet..!

"Alright, time to get ready!" she says to no one in particular as she starts changing into her clothes.


"Mom! Dad! Good morning!" Kate greets cheerfully as she dashes down the castle foyer, with her luggage in hand.

"Good morning!" Queen Callista greets her daughter back with a warm hug. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Kate replies politely. Then she walks to her father and hugs him too.

King Chris chuckles and hugs her back.

"My little gangster princess looks like she'll be attending a party, not a mission!" he jokes.

"Nah, I know what I'm getting myself into," Kate answers as she pulls away, "but come on! Today's the first day, so I don't see why I need to be scared of losing my life."

"Okay, but please be careful at times," Chris tells her, "you're not an ordinary citizen, Katherine."

"I'm happy not being ordinary," she quips proudly.

"You might regret that once you step in Corazones y Espiritus," Callie says with a laugh.

Duchess Alexa approached the King and Queen.

"Your Majesties, the royal jet is ready to go," she tells them.

"Thank you, Alexandra," Chris replies with a smile, "your mother will be here to handle the kingdom for the meantime, correct?"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Queen Ysabel Detrimundo of Perlas is Alexa's mother and Chris' older sister. When she was still a princess, she married Prince Aaron Detrimundo of Perlas, her childhood sweetheart, who loves to spoil Alexa, Kate, and their other friend—Princess Caroline of Las Vidas, with gifts from abroad ever since they were babies.

"Dad, will we still be selling 'the goods' at Las Vidas?" Kate asks her father.

She was pertaining to the drugs and to the weapons that they sell to run their business in CYE.

Of course, their gang didn't rely solely on drugs and weapons, they eventually have to make use of them. Gambling, killing, and stealing were part of their business too.

"We've been given the consent at Las Vidas to do as we wish by the Corazon family," Chris replies, "however, the Vidas family are still suspicious of us."

"They're always suspicious," Alexa snorted, "and not just of us, but also of every other kingdom here in Herewood."

"Now, now," Callie interrupts them, "we better board the jet or else we'll all miss out on today's missions."


The four of them, accompanied by other members of CYE, stepped outside of the castle and walked to the white plane.


Inside the plane's specially-built meeting room, the Espiritu family gathered to discuss what Kate will do during her stay in Las Vidas.

"Let's review the rules once more: don't do anything that will blow your cover, don't do anything that will make anyone suspicious, and never give in to your emotions," Chris says, passing the list to his daughter.

Kate gave him a quizzical look.

"'Never give in to emotions?' What's that for?" she asks him.

"Here's a concrete example, when you get angry at someone, you always have the tendency to attack them," Chris explains. "It's obvious that you got it from your mother."

Callie shot up from her seat and protested. "I'm the one who attacks people? Says the gang leader himself!"

"Mom, Dad, seriously, now's not the time to quarrel," Kate scolds the both of them.

Callie sat down once more and recomposed herself.

"Right! Now, did Alexa tell you your schedule for today?" she asks, changing the topic.

"I start school at nine and I end school at six," Kate replies, "after school, I'll be heading home to the place you guys prepared for me."

"When is your meeting with the royals of Las Vidas?" Chris asks her.

"Rachel told me that the new princess is willing to meet me tomorrow so I can get some rest," she answers.

"And your training?"

She looked at him confusedly. "I don't think I saw that in the schedule."

"Your combat training will be from three to four-thirty in the morning, and your weapon training, which includes shooting and other melee weapons, will be from seven to eight in the evening," Chris tells her.

Suddenly, there was a knock from the cabin door.

"Come in!" he calls out.

GB Araneta, the son of his close friend Dr. Kaiden Araneta, walked inside and bowed deeply. He was working as CYE's informant and Kate's driver.

"Boss, we've got some bad news," he said.

Chris chuckles. "Of course you do, that's the only time when you report to me. So, what is it this time?"

"A journalist from Las Vidas has overheard about the coming of Princess Katherine. He had spread the news all across the company he was working for."

"Alright then!" Chris says as he stands up, "Kill the person responsible for this. Also, have the soldiers know that they should surround every paparazzi near my daughter and let no one from a hundred parameter range escape."

"But what if they're at a hundred and one parameter range?"

He sighed in disbelief and glared at GB.

"Don't be stupid, as long as everyone sees the enemy, attack them at once!" he fumes.

"Uhh...yes, Your Majesty," GB responds unsurely.

"You may leave now, informant."

He bows down and exits the meeting area to assemble the soldiers.

Kate looked at her father questioningly.

"Do you really have to kill them? They're not that dangerous, right?" she asks him.

"They're dangerous if they're going to expose your identity to the public. Once everyone knows who you are, it will bring the whole kingdom down in jeopardy," Chris explains.

Callie decided to step in.

"Don't worry, dear. Prince Mark of Las Vidas will be there to help you during your stay," she assures her.

"Oh! I remember him!" Kate blurted out as she laughed, "He's the one who didn't know the difference between an M416 and an M16A4!"

Chris smirked at his daughter. "Prince Mark has changed that old habit. He's now one of the top weapon dealers in the world!"

"And rumors have mentioned that he had a very close relationship with your friend Princess Caroline," Callie added, "however, they don't seem to be currently getting along."

"Huh...Carol never mentioned anything about him..." Kate says, "I'll just ask her later."


The flights went on for almost an hour. In the end, both Princess Kate and Prince Josh arrived at Las Vidas on separate terminals.

Unknown to both gangs, there was another group who seemed to be watching the gangster royals very closely...


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