The Dying Angel: Origin
3 Chapter 3
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The Dying Angel: Origin
Author :Adraik
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3 Chapter 3

Several Years has pass and Jack became extremely strong and smart but his only problems was society also known as The Humans.

So, he started going to the capital and searching allies that can help him knock some sense on the humans and let them know that he isn't evil and he isn't going to use his powers to destroy this world or harm anybody, but as usual no one stopped and looked at him he found himself with a big wall that he could surpassed.

To humans it didn't matter how strong and beautiful Jack was but what did matter was his title as an angel and his powers to destroy this world, so everyone looked down on him, but one person came and approach him saying that he would help Jack if he gives him a large amount of money and after he had helped him he would need to cut his wings too.

Jack with excitement said yes but because he was so excited he didn't hear the part about the wings.

Jack asked for the human's name and the human responded:

"My name is Cody". What Jack didn't know that later that friend will be turned into an enemy and also the man that will make him dive into despair.

Another two years passed and they were all prepared to enter the Empires Castle and talk to The King but the next day Cody wasn't in the house where they were staying and preparing everything. Jack searched all over the house and couldn't find him so he went to town and suddenly he was blinded by something and was stabbed in the back by his own friend, Cody.

After several hours Cody sell him to the empire and the king gave Cody the title of a Master Knight also known as the captain of his own squad with about 3,000 people on it.

The King started torturing Jack the Angel and then The King told the knight too cut his wings off and the knight obediently did it.

Jack was mad, scare and in a lot of pain, he felt like he was about to die and he almost fainted because of the pain.

The King started saying so much bad things about him and Jack being mad spitted on The King and in this world spitting on The King is like harming him or killing him.

So, The King ordered Jack to be kill in public in front of thousand and millions of people.

The day of execution started and everyone was prepared to see Jack die. Jack was on a big stage and The King saying things like how Jack harmed the world and how he can destroy it if he wanted too so everyone agreed that Jack should be killed.

The King order the knight to take off Jacks head, but suddenly a white and black light appear in front of Jack and nobody could see anything except Jack he could see God and The Devil.

God said to him that he could choose what path he wants to go in and half of his heart was already covered in darkness and the other half was all pure white, so God gave him his wings back, but he falling in despair choose both The Devils and God's path.

In other words, he didn't choose anything because he wasn't sure to trust God the guy that put him in this misery or The Devil that made all The Humans hate him.

So, he chose nothing. Then the bright light disappeared and

Jack had his wings back, but there was one wing with a different color, there was one white win and one black wing, also all of Jacks bruises recovered. Jack in his mind decided to run away like all those years and he choose to kill himself, because of how society was so cruel and Jack the Angel couldn't handle the pressure of being ignore, being mistreated, being bully and looked down by others. Jack thought that the only way to escape those feelings were by committing suicide.


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