The Dying Angel: Origin
2 Chapter 2
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The Dying Angel: Origin
Author :Adraik
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2 Chapter 2

@@Jack hided himself from the humans and with a lot of effort and research he found out that humans were persuaded to kill him by The Devil himself.

Jack asked himself why did The Devil wanted with him or why did he wanted to kill him.

So, Jack tried returning back to heaven but somehow it was closed or why couldn't he return.

Jack with fear ran away to the mountains where no one could find him. Meanwhile the Humans put a bounty or a reward on return if the found Jack the Angel.

People were so scared of what Jack is that they ignore him or we could also say that society totally ignore him.

Jack felt pain he cried every day and thought that God had abandoned him. Jack hided himself from society and hunted his own food. Jack learned a lot of stuff about humans and learned how to control his powers as an angel better, but at the same time he felt a little of hatred for God and The Humans.

Jack felt alone and scared, but he also felt like he could do something about this problem, but will also need more power and wisdom about this world. So, Jack started training every single day without no rest.



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