The Dying Angel: Origin
1 Chapter 1
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The Dying Angel: Origin
Author :Adraik
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1 Chapter 1

@@Once upon a time there was an angel named Jack.

And the king of the Demons named Lucifer also known as The Devil.

Jack went to earth to check on God's creation also known as The Humans, and the world.

Once Jack descended from heaven to earth he flew with his

Beautiful white like the snow wings he rushed to the Empire's Castle but everyone was stunned and they felt jealous they felt that nobody needs to have that power and look down on other people so they started a meeting to try and kill Jack the angel.

God once said to Jack that humans are selfish beings that hate people stronger than then or we could say that they fear the people that are stronger than them.

Earth is a world ruled by the humans and they didn't become strong because of strength or because of speed or agility but because they became smarter by time. Humans pass knowledge to people by generations and builds machines that are capable of killing almost any other species in earth and what Jack thought in that moment was that humans don't become strong because of strength or power but because of their ability to think and comprehend.

Also, humans aren't born strong they become strong by hard training and they don't suddenly become strong because they train, it also takes time, some humans train their whole life but don't become strong mostly because they give up half way or they don't put dedication.



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