The Dying Angel: Origin
-1 Chapter 0: Informational Page
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The Dying Angel: Origin
Author :Adraik
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-1 Chapter 0: Informational Page

The year everything occur was in about 10 B.C, and in this world humans were really smart and they had already form countries and the countries were protected by knights and also were attack by other countries who wanted land and power.

Humans used copper, silver, gold coins as their currency.

Angels are special beings that work besides God and only the most loyal and trustworthy Angels can get to see God himself.

Angels are stronger than any other being in the world but they also live in a place call Heaven.

Jack is one of those Angels but he was God's favorite and God treated him like a son himself so in other words he was one of God's children.

Jack had a skin as pure and white as the snow, Jack had beautiful white wings in his back, Jack had gorgeous blue eyes like the beautiful sea, Jack also had a beautiful soft and white hair, Jack was also the most beautiful angel in Heaven.

White represents good or light and Black represents bad or Darkness

Jack is on the Kanzuki empire.

This is a world of swords and magic.

There will be another story related to TDA:O soon.


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