The Duellist And the Emperor
12 Chapter Twelve-The Sword of Carnage
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The Duellist And the Emperor
Author :Elcid
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12 Chapter Twelve-The Sword of Carnage

A week had passed, and Eddy who was in a state of insanity killed Arrieta Long after making love to her. He had choked her to death with his bare hands and the murder was kept quiet as the mess was cleaned up by a Union Guard General who had visited him, to pass the message that Fei was summoning him.

Eddy had moved to Feiville, living there in an apartment, when he came back from Wobbleton. He had lied to Fei about the events that had occurred in Wobbleton, telling the Emperor he had made the decision to kill his foster mother and little brother out of hate for the Separatist movement. Eddy said that when he killed Aunt Catherina, Silver had shown up and killed Jeffrey, and he had to run away as he was not on the same level as Silver. Now that he was summoned, he wondered what the Emperor wanted from him.

During the meeting, he realised that the Emperor had summoned him for other reasons. 'Edward…my boy,' began Fei as his eyes pierced through Eddy, 'I have an important task for you, there is an item that will be transported and brought to me. It is a powerful relic, and if you are successful in protecting it during its transit. I might share some of that power with you.' 'What…' Fei interjected as he said, 'Do not by any means open or try to find out what the item is…I will reveal it to you, depending on how well you carry this task…' pausing Fei continued, 'You and I, are very similar…I see your thirst for power and your ambition.'

Eddy was excited after the meeting, and as he walked the corridors of the Fei tower he bumped into Daniel, who it seemed was going to see Fei. 'Eddy…How are you?' asked Daniel. 'I am all good boss,' replied Eddy candidly, which annoyed Daniel who tapped Eddy on the shoulder as he turned away, forcing him to look back at Daniel. 'I would not be too happy if I were you, you think you can replace me,' said Daniel, as he slightly glared at Eddy who stared back at Daniel defiant and unafraid. 'I will be in charge of the security of an item that is being transported here in Feiville…I have already replaced you!' he said as he strolled away. Daniel's heart began to race, he knew what the item was, it had to be the Sword of Carnage he thought.

Sun and his father headed to a bar downtown in Feiville, where they secretly were going to meet with someone. Phoenix did not say who it was and told Sun that he will see who the person was once they arrive at the bar. The individual was a man who hid beneath a hood and was patiently enjoying his whisky, it was Daniel Faris as he revealed himself and then hid back in his hood. Someone else was coming to the bar, Phoenix revealed to Sun and this person he said was from the Separatist movement. As Phoenix had been in contact with a few of their members.

This Separatist member was none other than Boris Subek, who joined the table where they sat. 'So, let's get to business time is ticking,' he aggressively said, without greeting anyone as he sat. 'Wow,' Daniel Faris gazed at him astonished by his rudeness. 'You heard the man Danny, what is it you want to desperately tell us?' asked Phoenix himself looking impatient. 'The sword,' began Daniel, 'I know you do not trust me, but I have come here to this filthy place, that is probably filled with Separatist loyalists…Anyway, Fei has entrusted Eddy with the security of an important item that is being transported here to Fei.' 'And...' Phoenix paused as he realised, he was raising his

voice and brought it back down still sounding angry, 'So you think that is the sword?' 'What else could it be, he was careful not to tell Eddy what the item is, and after my snooping around with some Union Guards, the item will be heavily guarded, and they will be travelling from the outskirts up north of the city,' said Daniel, and all he got was a look of suspicion from Phoenix. 'Uncle…you not bull shitting us, right?' enquired Sun, who expressed signs of trust. 'Look I believe the son of a bitch, I will have my men on it, just give the exact location they will be travelling from,' said Boris as he stood up ready to leave the bar. Daniel gave the rest of the details he had, and the exact location he had retrieved from one of the Union Guards. Then Boris immediately left, once he got what he came for and as Phoenix and Sun were about to leave Daniel said, 'I also want to rid the world of Fei, believe me when I say that.'

Not too far from their table, was another hooded figure who had increased her hearing to a supernatural level, that she heard everything as if it had been directly whispered into her ear. It was Adel Hiss who had been obsessing on how to find the Sword of Carnage and now she knew how.

In a small beach somewhere in Feiville, was Felix and Carl waiting for Silver to arrive with

Charles. Once Felix saw them, Charles who was holding Silver's hand let go and rushed towards Felix, who lifted him up with a bright smile on his face. Carl grinned at the two and was even happy to see Silver, who had told them of the ordeal Aunt Catherina experienced, and how she wanted to kill herself. After the reunion, they all watched the ocean with its waves crashing as the wind blew.

Boris had selected Felix, James, Rochelle and Drasul, including ten militiamen and women, to retrieve the item which was believed to be the Sword of Carnage. The group launched their attack on a heavily guarded convoy travelling towards Feiville in the North. Drasul helped with the weakening of the enemy's heavy guard, displaying his ability with awe, he killed the majority of them. One figure popped out though not scared and ready to defend the item, it was Eddy. He had caught a glimpse of a raging and charging Felix who tackled him to the ground and started pounding him, with murderous fists. Each punch carrying with it a murderous intent to kill, with every single blow. Eddy managed somehow to push him off and they both stood up, going at it again, while everybody watched. Eddy threw a front kick and Felix snatched the leg and tripped Eddy, allowing Eddy to slowly get up. He rushed for Felix and was stopped by a sudden punch which sent shocking

sensations across his body as if he had been tasered. Whimpering, Eddy struggled to get up as Felix spat at him, glaring in disgust. Rochelle drew out her gun pointing it at Eddy, but James lowered her hand as he muttered, 'This is Felix's kill.' Felix strolled towards Eddy and gazed down at his cousin. Then he said as he held back his tears and replaced his feelings with erupting rage, 'You a sick fuck! And you need to die,' Before Felix could stomp Eddy to death, a helicopter appeared out of nowhere causing confusion. It was a Union helicopter and it began firing its machine guns, which ripped the grass with dust rising up as the bullets pierced the soil and everybody took cover. From a distance Drasul spotted another convoy coming, yelling at James and the rest he said, 'GUYS! I WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS, LEAVE THEY HAVE REINFORCEMENTS!' James heard his uncle clearly and he was not happy as he muttered to himself, 'Dammit why must you always play the hero.'

Accepting fate, James shouted for the rest to go inside their vehicles and as they moved, Drasul began to glow. James somehow knew this time his uncle will sacrifice himself and as they drove off. Drasul's body exploded into pieces, in a beam of electric light that spread out causing the helicopter
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to crash, the Dragon vanished into a large electromagnetic pulse.

Eddy sniggered, as he finally got up and watched Felix and the rest escape. James wiped a small tear as he looked back, it was war and his uncle's sacrifice allowed them to escape. The electromagnetic shockwave from the explosion, fried the electronic systems of the incoming Union reinforcements causing them to stop. The Separatist were using old vehicles that were not affected by the electronic magnetic pulse.

Retreating from the battle Felix felt like a failure, the supposed Sword of Carnage was right there for them to grasp. When they got back to the Nautifist, Boris did not seem phased by their retreat, instead of with some excitement he spoke of a second plan. 'The Nautifist is a supreme weapon, we will launch various missiles on the outskirts of Feiville causing them to rush to those areas, and then we will launch an all-out assault on the Fei Tower,' he said. 'Fei will vaporise all of us by himself,' objected James. Boris chuckled, causing everybody to frown except Carl and Silver who grinned in silence. 'Is there something we do not know?' asked Felix himself feeling more confused. 'The Slang Nyoka have the sword as we speak, one of their agents stole it and replaced the

original with a wooden sword,' said Boris. 'That means we have won!' exclaimed James, as his eyes lit with joy. 'Indeed, Medil will destroy the sword tonight and we will launch our attack tomorrow. We only find out about this, minutes before you guys came back,' said Silver.

The agent from the Slang Nyoka who had stolen the Sword of Carnage was none other than Adel Hiss, baffling the Separatists as to how it was done. Included by this surprise was Medil himself, he had never sent Adel, who revealed to him that she had eavesdropped on him and Silver, hearing about the sword. Medil took the sword to a volcano in the Dragon's Lair, where he threw the sword in a lake of lava, watching it melt. At that moment, a furious Fei had to find out that the item had been stolen and replaced with a wooden sword. After summoning Eddy, he physically had him off the ground, as he strangled him to his death with his one hand. Back at the volcano, as the sword was completely immersed and gone in the lava, Fei suddenly let go off Eddy who hit the ground gasping for air. He felt a weird and lethargic sensation creep in, as he kneeled on the ground struggling to come up. He knew then that the sword had been destroyed, but what confused him was why was he still alive? The lethargic sensations then vanished, and he quickly stood up looking at his hands. Something was different, his power was not the same and he could feel it was as

if the destruction of the sword had taken his power back to the level he had when he was in Tet's body.

Eddy finally managed to stand up as well as he struggled, once he was up, he glanced at Fei and then tried to run but was stopped as he felt an invisible hand choke his throat. 'I may have lost some strength but the people who are equal to me at this level, are all dead,' said Fei and with his lost words, Eddy's lifeless body fell as he was now dead.

Boris and Carl where to stay in the Nautifist and Felix, Rochelle and James and two hundred and fifty of the militiamen and women, were to launch the attack on the Fei Tower. They were to be joined by other Separatists, led by Silver from around the world that had managed to hide from Fei's grasp.

Sun and Phoenix met with other Guan family members and to Sun's surprise, Aunt Kelly was there, she explained to him that it was all a farce what she had done, and it was to protect the family. It was all part of the plan, which Phoenix understood. Sun felt a bit foolish and told Aunt Kelly to forgive him for being so blind. It was also communicated that the Guans were going to assist with the attack. Nevertheless, everybody waited for the announcement of Fei's demise, but it did not come. Boris in communications with the rest told them it does not matter the attack had to go on, he was convinced Fei must have been weakened by the destruction of the Sword of Carnage. 'If all else fails we will retreat and I will use the nuclear warheads we have on the Nautifist,' he said sending a cataclysmic ripple as this was something no one had thought about. 'Millions will die!' barked Carl as this was discussed in the conning tower of the Nautifist prior to the attack. 'It is the last resort and an option I also wish not to consider,' said Boris.

The attack began as was planned, with a couple of missiles landing on the outskirts of the city of Feiville. Prompting Union forces from across the world to gather and set up the immediate surface to air defences. The Feiville police and the few Union Guards around the Fei Tower were caught off guard as the Separatist moved in like a swarm of bees, overwhelming them after a few minutes of gunfire. With snipers firing from unknown locations.

Felix and the rest rushed into the Fei Tower with Rochelle taking the lead, the elevators were immediately made not operational and the only way up was through the stairs, where they started to meet some resistance. Rochelle, James and a handful of militiamen and women got stuck fighting in the corridors, while Felix decided to continue to the top floor of the skyscraper where Fei was supposed to be. Shaking his leg as the fatigue from climbing the stairs kicked in, Felix rushed inside the room where he saw Fei waiting for him and the lifeless corpse of Eddy.

'Eddy Sobek,' began Fei, sneering in tone, 'the Separatist have definitely got me, you guys managed to steal and destroy the Sword of Carnage…the irony is I hated that thing. It is what killed my mother after all.' Felix kept quiet pulling a brave face as he shook inside, Fei was very powerful, and he ignored the voice in his head that told him he was stupid, to have abandoned the others so he could try to challenge Fei by himself. Regardless, he was there now, and he glanced at Eddy's corpse satisfied to see the cousin he once loved, was dead.

'Pull that brave face all you want, but I know deep down inside you are scared,' said Fei and continued, 'before we start this fight, I do not know if you are familiar on how you and I are connected. This whole war is not just an ancient affair, it is also one big family affair.' Felix who kept silent begin to frown and wonder what Fei was getting at. 'My mother was married off to a man from the Sol Islands. He had conquered all the clans in the islands and my mother was a faraway foreigner, to add to his list of concubines. His abusive behaviour caused her to escape from the Sol Islands when she was pregnant with me…' pausing Fei chuckled and then continued, 'She never returned to her original village and instead was accepted in one close to the Dragon's Lair. Do you know who conquered all the clans unifying them in the Sol Islands?' Felix could not believe what he was hearing, and the question asked meant that Fei was a relative. 'That is a tale that is not even recorded in the history books, your direct patrilineal forefather! Felix Subek the First! Was my father and that makes me your great, great, great, great, grand uncle!' Fei's voice rose in tone with hints of anger. 'That bastard sailed the seas searching for my mother, given that the Subeks were fierce pirates who raided coastal towns. Once he had found which village my mother was in, he and his band of filth raided, raped and pillaged the place. The Sword of Carnage came from the Sol Islands. My father had received his revenge by killing my mother.' 'Well all of that is in the past now!' grunted Felix. 'The past,' muttered Fei as he looked down and then glared at Felix who began to choke, and his body felt paralysed.

Busting into the room, appeared Sun and Phoenix. Sun wasted no time as he fired a few shots at Fei who stumbled back, and Felix was free as he breathed heavily. 'You done! You scum!' snarled Phoenix. Fei defiantly got up, looking at his bullet wounds as blood trickled down. 'Boris' prediction was right, destroying the sword has weakened him instead,' said Felix as he finally regained most of his breath. 'Well he dies today,' muttered Sun. Phoenix drew out his hand opening his palm as currents of electricity shot out, zapping Fei who yelled in pain for a couple of seconds and then fell to his death. Phoenix began to sweat and pant as the attack had drained him.

The eight elders of the Union of Nations were liberated, as Fei had them in some form of house arrest and the generals of the Union of Guards were all executed by a firing squad. The elders announced the death of Fei and the restoration of peace around the world. A new system of world governance was being discussed, with what remained of the Separatist movement's leadership. Phoenix had got back with Estelle and Daniel Faris was found dead, he had shot himself, and with his death, Gaia Corp was split into different corporate companies.

Five years had passed, and a twenty-eight-year old Felix contemplated the craziness of that year, the world was now a different place. The Lei Tai as per his Great Grand Uncle Kek's desire was no longer, it was replaced ironically with combat sports and the world still had some turmoil. However, the greatest of them all was finally gone.



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