The Duellist And the Emperor
11 Chapter 11-Horrific Ac
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The Duellist And the Emperor
Author :Elcid
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11 Chapter 11-Horrific Ac

With his mind in disarray, Sun surprisingly made his way to his mother's mansion that evening after leaving the ball. She had not attended and was overwhelmed by her son's visit, she hugged him tightly as her eyes crawled with tears.

Sitting down on the dining table, she prepared some green tea which they both drank, Sun liking the bitter taste as he served himself again, once his cup was empty. As he took a sip of his refill, Sun noticed that his mother had new tears streaming down her face and she quickly wiped them off. 'What is wrong now?' he asked. 'That Tet man who is now Fei raped me…' pausing as she sobbed and tried to control herself, 'Your father thought me and that Tet guy had an affair, but the story is he forced himself on me.'

Estelle revealed to Sun, what had happened in the past, Dr Tet Watson who Fei possessed was infatuated by Estelle when she visited Phoenix and Daniel at one of the Gaia Corp offices. One day she waited in Daniel's office as he was running late, and Dr Tet entered the office locked the door

and had his way with her. Phoenix had discovered them together as he was wanting to meet with Daniel and was heading to his office, that is when he saw Tet coming out Daniel's office together with Estelle. She told her son how Phoenix did not believe a word she said. Daniel had revealed to her that Dr Tet was powerful beyond measure and she believed him because Phoenix who had confronted him was beaten to the ground when he fought Dr Tet. She never knew that he was Fei or anything about the sword, all she knew was that Daniel her brother told her that in order to protect Sun, it was better she comply with Dr Tet who would visit her and have his way, until he eventually got bored of her and seized paying her those visits she dreaded. She explained to Sun that is why his aunt hated her so much and that she had thought of suicide many times. Gazing at his mom with an expression of remorse he could see she was a broken woman.

'You can stop crying woman,' said a voice and Sun and Estelle both quickly got out of their chairs with Sun lifting his cup ready to throw it at the intruder, who he could not see. Then he appeared before them hiding behind the curtains of the window; the intruder was Phoenix Guan. 'Phoenix!' cried Estelle star struck, he joined them on the table looking calm. 'Dry your tears, Estelle. I figured out everything, after a year of anger and isolation. Gaia Corp was a booming company, but you're forever ambitious brother wanted more, so he sold his soul to the devil and that devil wanted you in return. The day you were to meet your brother, I was supposed to meet him too. When I confronted Tet for touching you consensual or not, he beat me. Your brother revealed who Dr Tet Watson really was…' pausing Phoenix grabbed the hand of Estelle, 'I have always loved you and I am sorry for not believing you when you told me the truth, about you and Tet, and I ridiculed you. My sister hating you was my doing…I am sorry.' Phoenix stood up and he kissed his wife on the forehead before turning to his son, 'Ha! You have grown up, Lei Tai champion like his father, I know you may think I have never been there, but I have watched you grow from a distant.' 'Were you the homeless man I saw outside when I was leaving the Gaia Corp campus?' asked Sun. 'Yes, it was me, like I said I have seen you grow from a distant,' answered Phoenix. 'So…' before Sun could carry on, Phoenix interrupted him, 'Son I want you to join me time is of the essence, and Estelle I promise you I will make Fei pay, I know how to kill him.' Phoenix told them about the Sword of Carnage if destroyed it destruction will lead to Fei's death as was revealed to him by Daniel Faris. 'The sword is like his anchor for him to stay alive,' he said. 'Then why has uncle not destroyed it?' enquired Sun. 'We need to find it, as arrogant as Fei is, he is not going to make it that easy for us,' replied Phoenix.

Sun accepted in joining his father who told him he was in contact with some Separatists and that they needed to prepare. What surprised Sun though, was that his father did not mention anything about Aunt Kelly denouncing him live on television. They left Estelle, disappearing into the night, leaving her with a sense of hope.

Back in the Sol Islands Felix felt very uneasy about Aunt Catherina and Charles still being in the Sud Republic. He kept having the paranoid thought that Eddy will harm them, the feeling kept bubbling inside that eventually he told Carl, who also felt the same.

'I have struggled to get hold of my contacts and even Mrs Wilkins! I feel your pain. Eddy is sick in his head,' said Carl as he glared out into the sea, wishing his nephew was before him so he could strangle him. 'The Red Baron is no more,' he added as he sighed hoping his frustration would diminish.

Carl had his own fears to add to what Felix felt, he knew the Union Guards had probably raided his mansion and it was not far from the truth. As they were to later hear on the news, Mrs Wilkins defended the Sobek resident and was eventually killed, to Felix and Carl's delight she had died taking away the lives of a couple of the Union Guards during the raid. Carl and Felix were also on the wanted list as Separatist leaders and operators. Felix remembered when his Uncle Fred asked him to join the movement, but he was too caught up on proving his worth, by winning the Lei Tai. He wondered if he had joined the movement instead and not worried about the Lei Tai, would Uncle Fred still be alive? Felix then brushed those thoughts away. What he realised about the movement though, was that its leaders in the Council of Masters were actually against the Lei Tai and not worried if it turned into a sport. The Lei Tai a concept originally from the Sol Islands and imported to the rest of the world by Daruma was an ancient way to solve conflict and avoid blood being shed on the battlefield. It was not for gladiator-like entertainment, and to people like Grand Great Uncle Kek, it was nonsense to say it commemorated the past. They also saw the Union of Nations as a tyrannical organisation, that had enslaved and divided the world into eight nations. This was different from the message you got online from Separatist propaganda, which Felix came to realise was done and run by Rochelle Sud and her followers.

Aunt Catherina and Charles lived in fear, she wondered what was going on and had not heard from anyone. She was relieved when Eddy paid her a visit, he had come with a tall friend of his who she did not know was Jeffrey Mins.

'Have you heard from Carl?' Aunt Catherina anxiously asked Eddy who quenched his thirst with a glass of water. They were in the kitchen while Jeffrey and Charles wherein the living room. 'Those criminals are done for,' sneered Eddy. 'How can you say that?' Aunt Catherina frowned in disapproval. Eddy gave her a cold look and an evil grin appeared on his face as he strolled towards her. 'You not even my real mom,' he said brushing her hair with his hands. 'I have always loved you like you were my own I…' Eddy silenced her as he put his finger on her lips and Aunt Catherina hit them away. 'How dare you!?' she snapped, and Eddy suddenly slapped her, shocking her as she stared at him horrified. He slowly got closer to her, 'What are you willing to do to save Charles?' he asked her, and Aunt Catherina realising she had raised a monster did not understand what was happening. Eddy got closer and then launched himself at her grabbing her. She completely felt overpowered, feeling slight jolts of electricity at that moment as he turned her around with his chin brushing her head. Holding her against the wall as her face faced the wall, he ripped the back of the dress she wore as she yelled, 'EDDY NOOO!' laughing sinisterly he rubbed against her, thrusting and then ripping her underwear, tears appeared on her face. 'Fight me and I kill Charles, now make your buttocks jiggle,' he muttered. Once he was inside her, he violently started to thrust, breathing heavily as he enjoyed himself.

Charles had tried to rush to his mom's aid from the living room when he heard her yell, but after two steps into his sprinting dash, he was knocked out by a single blow from Jeffrey who he watched the television with. Eddy climaxed after ten minutes of hard thrusting as his one hand held Aunt Catherina breast and the other her bare posterior's cheek, watching it bounce with each pound. 'I am the one who killed your miserable husband…now you going to offer me that body of yours when I visit,' said Eddy as he got off her and Aunt Catherina kneeled to the floor. She was silent, still going through the trauma she had just experienced.

A new armada of ships had surrounded the Sol Islands, with Fei not making it a secret that he was in one of the ships. The Union navy had its aircraft carriers with planes flying out within sight as a sign of intimidation. Commercial flights at the Sol Islands' international airport was stopped, and a decision was made at the Council of Masters after days of heated debate.

They all agreed they would make a stand and not yield to Fei, fighting to their last breaths but the disagreement came with Boris, who was appointed to command five hundred militiamen including Felix, James, Rochelle, Carl and Drasul. His father Grand Uncle Kazak had appointed him, and the rest of the masters were to remain and fight, Boris finally yielded.

They were to all escape in the Nautifist and although it could cause damage to the new armada surrounding the islands. A Union victory was inevitable and Great Grand Uncle Kek and Grand /Uncle Kazak could sense Fei's enormous power.

After a quick meeting that was stopped, just as the Sol Islands surprised the Union forces with their anti-aircraft missiles, Boris headed with Felix and the rest to the Nautifist where the five hundred

men awaited them. Everybody kept quiet, but the mood was sombre, they knew some of their loved ones left in the islands would die. The Nautifist was the Separatists lost hope and will serve as the movements main centre of command, it stealthily moved undetected under the depths of the sea, as Union Naval ships closed in.

Back in the Sol Islands, Union planes had finally started to destroy the islands' airspace defence, supported by the Union Naval power. Ren Sud, Great Grand Uncle Kek and Grand Uncle Kazak, headed to one of the beaches where Union Marines had landed, and ran head on, like a swarm of ants popping out of a crack, in a wall. A few hundred militiamen stood hundreds of meters behind waiting for the four masters to display their power.

Ren Sud stepped formed and with a simple stretch of his hands, a lighting spark burst out of his palm shocking hundreds of marines till there were dead all dropping where they stood. He was exhausted after that and stepped back, with Great Grand Uncle Kek and Grand Uncle Kazak stepping forward. Ren Sud looked out into the ocean as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and his eyes widened in amazement. The Subeks gazed at each other in disbelief once they caught a glimpse of what Ren was seeing, it was Fei who was floating in the air with currents rapidly surging around his body, with sparks shooting out of his feet, hitting the ocean. His hair stood up and he was quickly coming their way, looking fiercer as he got closer. 'He emits his energy to the point where he can fly like that…impressive,' said Great Grand Uncle Kek. 'Death to a worthy opponent,' he added wryly, with a grin on his face as he turned to Ren and Grand Uncle Kazak. The Union Marines on that beach stopped at the shore as Fei dressed in his military uniform softly landed to a splash on the shore and marched towards Great Grand Uncle Kek, Grand Uncle Kazak and Ren Sud. He stopped a few meters away from them as he gauged at them with his eyes scanning. 'It is funny thousands of years ago I fought your very ancestors, you two are clearly Subeks and you…' Fei paused staring at the glare of disgust coming from Ren who then said, 'I am the descendant of the great Rey Sud, Ren Sud!' Fei sneered at Ren and before the two Subeks could blink, like thunder striking, the Emperor passed them and struck Ren with his fist, piercing the body right through. In seconds he had defeated and killed one of the world's most powerful martial artists. He removed his bloodied hand and Ren who was dying, just choked and fell to the ground his body shaking slightly. Fei stomped and crushed his head, mashing the skull to put Ren out of his misery, before he turned to the Subeks, 'If I was in the body of that Tet I would have been equal or no match for both of you or him,' he said spitting on what was now the corpse of Ren. 'Son let's give him all we got!' barked Great Grand Uncle Kek as he and Grand Uncle Kazak charged for Fei, who zapped them before they got close as he drew both his hands, shooting bolts of an electrical spark. The Subeks were electrocuted as they yelled in pain and both fell within half a minute. Their bodies were fried beyond recognition.

The militiamen who stood by watching the downfall of their masters, then made their move despite all of them knowing their fate. Although some of them pissed in fear as they rushed for Emperor Fei knowing he could issue enough energy to wipe them all. Nevertheless, bravery was in every part of their bones, embedded in their genetic make-up. They were vaporised within seconds much to the shock and awe of Union Troops who watched in disbelief.

Within hours the Union forces controlled the islands with a few remaining militiamen who were pleaded by the few masters of the council that remained, to seize to fight. They knew they had

played their part as the Nautifist moved underneath the Dragon Ocean.

Rochelle looked in wonder as she glanced around the submarine, surprised at its unusual size, it was a nuclear-powered monster and probably the world's biggest naval vessel, it was self-sustaining to its inhabitants. It also housed its own other vessels and was armed with state-of-the-art weapons and was undetectable with stealth technology.

Boris spoke through the intercoms and to the few militiamen who stood before him, 'We are the movements last hope and we will not fail them. We are going to head for the coast of Feiville and as planned we will avenge our brothers and sisters. Most of all restore balance to this world! If history repeats itself, then Emperor Fei's time is coming soon!'

Later on, Boris met with Felix and the rest in the Nautifist's unusually big conning tower, a few things where discussed, and Carl managed to communicate with Silver Serpent, who was busy mobilising what was left of the movement around the world. He and Felix pleaded for Silver to go and fetch Aunt Catherina and Charles, Silver agreed with no resistance. He was to collect them and take them to Eastland.

Silver had taken a few days to arrive in Wobbleton, sneaking into Aunt Catherina's house he came across Jeffrey who he choked from a distance by staring at him till he died. He had found Jeffrey and Charles in the living room. Charles was sobbing, while the television played at the maximum volume. Charles had never met Silver, but his presence began to dry his tears and the young boy's intuition led him to trust Silver, who tapped him on the head and muttered with a smile, 'Wait for me, my boy.' Silver headed to Aunt Catherina's room, whereas he got closer, he heard the groaning sounds of a man, confused and frowning he opened the door and found Eddy on top of Aunt Catherina, who was naked and silent with tears coming down, as she looked into the distance with her chin resting on the pillow. Meanwhile, her backside stuck out bare, sandwiched on top by Eddy.

Silver's presence quickly made Eddy Jump off and rush for his clothing he looked drunk as he stumbled and jumped onto the curtains covering the window, which he smashed with his jump.

Wearing nothing but shorts and barefoot he run away. Silver quickly covered Aunt Catherina, she was speechless and distraught. 'I am here on the behalf of Carl Sobek, I am here to save you and Charles,' said Silver. 'Who…are you?' asked Aunt Catherina as she struggled to speak. 'I am Silver an old friend of Frederick, wash and pack, I will assist Charles,' replied Silver as he left the bedroom.

He assisted Charles in packing the little he could, and when he went back for Aunt Catherina, he saw her this time lying in the bed bleeding, she had grabbed one of the broken glasses from the broken window and stabbed herself.
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Crying in pain she looked at Silver and said, 'That bastard...raped me, I brought him up… me and Frederick…he confessed,' pausing as she breathed heavily, 'he told me…it was him that killed Frederick…' Aunt Catherina began to murmur gibberish as she cried moving her head side to side, regathering some of her senses, she muttered to Silver, 'take my life…please, take away this pain, tell Charles I love him…' before she could continue Silver gently placed his hand on her chest closer to the left and a sudden surge of electric current flowing from his lower abdomen went straight to her heart and she suddenly gasped for air as her eyes and mouths widened and then and then she was dead. Her eyes were now closed, and a smile appeared on her face. 'You are now at peace Catherina,' said Silver.

Silver left the house with Charles who had a bag pack on his back, holding Silver by the hand. 'Your mom killed herself kid…but she told me to tell you she loves you, the pain she carried, a woman does not deserve,' said Silver as he walked away from the house with Charles. 'I can relate sort of, I am also hurting my youngest and only sibling that was alive was murdered,' he added but Charles kept quiet with a blank facial expression.


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