The Duellist And the Emperor
10 Chapter 10-Coronation Showdown
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The Duellist And the Emperor
Author :Elcid
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10 Chapter 10-Coronation Showdown

Shaving his beard off, as he carefully peered in the mirror was Phoenix Guan, gently moving the blade as the shaving cream was removed with the beard. Once he was done, he rinsed his face with some lukewarm water and then he dried his face with a towel, taking another look at his face this time with more admiration as he grinned.

After having left the Sol Islands, Phoenix Guan had made his way to an inn in the outskirts of Feiville. During a planned encounter with a drug dealer, Phoenix took the opportunity to beat the drug dealer into sleep and steal his suitcase full of cash. Phoenix used the money to rent a room in the inn and purchased new clothes.

Sitting down on his bed he grabbed the remote and switched on the television, with his heart already pumping to the news that he suspected, Fei Yue was being talked about. Phoenix listened carefully as the breaking news was on Emperor Fei Yue's coronation as the Emperor of the world. He also gave the Separatists, the ultimatum to yield or be destroyed this same message was also given to the Council of Masters in the Sol Islands. The part of the announcement that really gripped Phoenix's attention, was when Fei mentioned the Guan family amongst the list of prominent families, to be invited to attend the events as proof of their allegiance.

Slowing down his racing heart and breathing deeply Phoenix had a flashback of Daniel Farris telling him about the Sword of Carnage, and how Fei had divulged the secret to him arrogantly. That the sword was the root to him still being alive, should it be destroyed, Fei will die as the sword was his vulnerability to his immortality.

Emperor Fei held a meeting at the Fei Tower, with all the Union Guard Generals who were secretly members of the Brotherhood, and fiercely loyal to Fei. It was certain to them, that the Separatist were not going to yield to their demands and Separatist suspects were rounded and arrested. The other major subject was the invasion of the Sol Islands, it was clear after Jeffrey Mins relayed the information that the Separatist leaders were in the Sol Islands' Council of Masters. After the meeting, Fei had another visitor, Medil who pulled a brave face as he gazed at Fei.
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'Medil Serr!' exclaimed Fei, with a grin on his face and Medil replied with a nod and a more blank facial expression. 'You finally see me in my true body…you clearly did not know who I was then…but Tet,' Fei sniggered once he spoke his words. 'So, you wanted to see me, what is it?' asked Medil getting straight to the point.

'How is the clan and the Grand Priestess?' replied Fei with a question. 'She was assassinated…' Medil's words were interrupted by Fei, 'So you killed her…crafty bunch your clan.' Medil kept quiet not bothering to correct Fei's assumption. 'So, you are now the Grand Priest I suppose?' continued Fei and Medil immediately responded, 'Yes I am and on the behalf of my clan I pledge our allegiance to you, Emperor Fei,.' Fei feeling flattered slightly laughed and put his hand on Medil's shoulder and then said, 'Loyalty is very important for me Medil, double cross me, and I will kill you, and every slithering member of your serpent, snake praying, bunch of people.' Fei's eyes lit up not with a glare but some form of intimidated expression but Medil seemed unfazed.

The streets of Feiville was lit with people as if another Lei Tai was about to take place, the only difference is people had more a facial expression of curiosity than that of excitement. It was the day

of the coronation of Fei as emperor of the world and the official stamp of his tyranny. It took place mid-day, with the glare of the sun as it reigned supreme with the lack of clouds and a soft wind to blow off the heat. A parade was on display and the crowning was taking place at the square outside of the Fei Tower, where a podium was set up with a majestic throne with steps looking down at the podium and this is where the crowned Fei sat. Further away from the podium were seated dignitaries with the Guan family in front. Sun sat next to Aunt Kelly baffled by the events and wondering what this meant to the world. Amongst them was Dylan Wilson who was now appointed police commissioner, by Fei after the previous police commissioner and his whole family committed suicide suspiciously, their deaths were reported as a suicide by the media.

The journalist took pictures with their cameras peering flashes, some pulled their phones streaming the event live online, as Fei slowly descended from his throne ready to make a speech. The area was filled with heavily armed Union Guards and police, monitoring and scanning for a supposed attack by the Separatists.

Once he reached the podium with a grin on his face Emperor Fei spoke, 'I have been waiting for this moment in my life for thousands of years, it is unbelievable to most of you I know. I am living proof of what happens when one pushes the limits of the ancient knowledge of the Daoists…Fear me not my children, my enemies have thought they could write history and put my name in the shadows, yet it is I who tried to unify the world and bring peace. One of the teachers of the Water School told me something before I foolishly slay them due to the horrors I had witnessed once I got back from my village…' pausing for a second he continued, 'he said…and I will never forget this, "This is our end, and your beginning, although you will succeed in many battles that await you. Today is one war you have lost." I had been my worst enemy and as my power and influence grew, so did my fear. I knew my end was coming, so using the knowledge I had, I took precautions. Upon returning to my village and witnessing the carnage, there was a short sword, which I had picked up if you are familiar with history or as the myth goes this short sword is known as the Sword of Carnage. So, I kept this sword as a reminder of the chaos around me and how my goal of world peace was important. But more importantly the fear, that I felt of losing it all drove me to find out how I could be immortal. So, sensing my end I transferred part of me into the sword, part of my consciousness stayed in the sword, using the Daoist knowledge I had I was able to pull this magnificent feat,' Fei continued talking, twisting the truth that when the sword was discovered by Dr Tet Watson, it was Dr Tet Watson who himself sacrificed his body as a vessel for Fei's consciousness or soul knowing that he will die in the process. During this time Sun and Aunt Kelly cast each other shocked looks at what they were hearing. 'His immortal, a sort of demi-god,' muttered Aunt Kelly, to Wren her husband who sat on her other side not cloaking her concern.

One of the Union Guards not far from the podium removed his military beret and threw it on the ground and then took aim with his rifle as he started to shoot at Fei. This caused immediate mayhem, with screams and all the dignitaries took cover, while the crowds that were close and far scrambled for safety.

Some of the Guans who crouched down, looked up and to everybody's surprise none of the bullets had hit Fei, with every shot as the bullets got close, they simply lost momentum, bouncing off to the sides. Other Union Guards jumped on the Union guard firing the shots. It was Phoenix Guan, welltrimmed he was tackled to the ground, surprisingly not resisting as his weapon was snatched away from him; flat on the ground he glared at Fei. Kelly peered not believing her eyes and stood up

ignoring the turmoil around her. She held her breath for about ten seconds frozen in time before she started to breathe again, and her mouth and eyes slightly opened in awe. She could not believe she had just caught a glimpse of her brother. The other flabbergasted party was Sun as he whispered, 'Dad,' covering his forehead with a heavy frown.

Fei was not fazed, it was his coronation and his day, his response to Phoenix's glare who lay pinned flat on his stomach by the other guards was a grin. 'Hold him up!' barked Fei and the Union Guards still holding Phoenix lifted him up to his feet and he did not show again any signs of resistance. Fei strolled a few steps away from the podium towards Phoenix's direction and then said as he stopped, 'Phoenix Guan…' but his words were shot down by Phoenix who interjected with a snarl, 'You are the world's greatest evil! Those shots were just to see how powerful you really are! But I will make you pay for everything!' At that moment of his last words, closing his eyes the guards who held him suddenly bounced off him rolling on the ground in different directions. The guards then pointed their guns, but before they could pull the trigger, they suddenly found themselves struggling to breathe as an invisible hand choked them. 'Your ancestor was close…you are not even close enough,' said Fei and then he pointed his hands at Phoenix. He briefly closed his eyes and then shot them open, firing a lightning spark that zapped Phoenix off his feet, sending him flying all the way out the square, into the road filled with people running about for safety. A combination of Union Guards and police officers rushed for him amongst the moving crowd, but Phoenix was gone.

The events did not really affect the proceedings that were to occur later, like the coronation ball. Fei had used the opportunity to display his ability. Something only a few old martial art masters knew was capable, images of him shooting lightning sparks went viral online and the fact that this thousands of year-old figure had resurrected himself, made people see him like a god and the rest simply feared him. The security forces were able to douse the flames of turmoil and bring peace, with that a tighter security. Commissioner Dylan used the opportunity to settle any remaining scores by arresting people on trumped up charges, that they were Separatists who aided Phoenix Guan.

Phoenix Guan was another subject, the news kept talking about him and to Sun's anger, his father was portrayed as a mad man and a bad father who wanted to live by his ancestor's legacy by attempting to kill Emperor Fei. As for Kelly Kray, once the dust settled, she did the unspeakable and denounced her brother much to Sun's horror agreeing with the media's narrative and pledging on the behalf of the Guans, their allegiance to Emperor Fei as she was interviewed before the coronation ball, where the Guans were also invited to attend.

The ball occurred at night, as it rained taking place in one of the halls of the Fei Tower and Kelly who was about to meet with Emperor Fei to personally display her loyalty, had noticed the sourness in Sun's face who occasionally shot her glaring glances. 'I did what I did, to protect our family…you show me some respect!' she said as she launched a slap towards Sun's cheek, but her wrist was grabbed before the slap could reach his face. Sun held her hand tight fuming with anger, 'When I was small, I respected you…if I yielded to your demands, it is because of that respect. But today you disgust me,' he said and then shoved her hand away. Wren blankly watched not wanting to get involved as Sun marched away leaving the hall. 'He has a point,' said Wren. 'He does not know…So for now. I need to protect the family from that monster…' Kelly's words froze into silence as Emperor Fei appeared walking towards them, her heart raced but she knew what to say.

After the ball, Daniel Faris who was one of the guests at the ball was summoned by Emperor Fei. 'Your friend has returned,' began Emperor Fei as his eyes scanned Daniel suspiciously, 'you pleaded for his life, but I wanted that vermin dead just like his ancestor. I guess his angry that I had my way with his wife,' finishing his words with a snigger. 'I…' Daniel tried to respond but he could not, a sudden choking sensation blocked the necessary air to speak and just before he could pass out, the sensation disappeared as he panted for air holding his throat. 'Eddy!' barked Emperor Fei and Eddy Sobek walked in glancing at an uncomfortable Daniel, he then gazed at Emperor Fei. 'Look here Daniel, see this boy…he will be your successor of that company you love so much…now get out of my sight!' said Emperor Fei and without muttering a word Daniel left.


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