The Duellist And the Emperor
6 Chapter Six-Ghost of The Pas
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The Duellist And the Emperor
Author :Elcid
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6 Chapter Six-Ghost of The Pas

A woman with silver streaks of hair was chopping away onions as she spoke to her husband who sat meters away reading the news on his tablet. She was light of complexion with epicanthic folds and gazed at her husband with her green eyes. This woman had a permanent natural fierce facial expression, which gazed at her more tranquil husband. This woman was Kelly Kray; mature with no heavy signs of ageing, she still carried an air full of energy just as she did when she was young. Her martial adventures of the past had left her with a tiny scar on her upper lip.

Her husband Wren Kray was tall and very dark of complexion, like the darkest of chocolates. Carrying more muscles than those who were twice younger than him. He was a former union soldier and had never been taught the Guan Family's Shi San Shi, he was an expert in the Tiger Style, and he came from the Sud-Republic.

The Krays owned a high-end restaurant in Feiville, which they both ran and on that day in the morning, they were closed.

'So, I punched the life out of him!' exclaimed Kelly Kray, not looking at the onions she chopped. Wren kept cool, calm and quiet. 'It is unacceptable, for him to go out get drunk and get into pathetic street fights,' continued Kelly, 'he is the next leader of the family! I cannot have him fall apart. He reminds me of my brother so much... curse that bastard!'

Kelly Kray was complaining about Sun, who she had recently straightened out by beating him up after she had challenged him to a fight. Having been lenient with her nephew, she felt it was the last straw. 'That is why they call you "Crazy Kelly". I agree with you though,' said Wren Kray as he sniggered. 'Look, the boy has finally listened and his even resumed with training our boys,' he added. Kelly sighed putting her knife down as the chopping stopped. 'Well, speak of the devil,' she said catching a glimpse of Sun, who had just walked in with his two cousins whom he was training in the park.

'Hi,' replied Sun, greeting his uncle and aunt. By his side were his young cousins Su and Wren Junior. The boys were identical twins and thirteen years of age, with Su being five minutes older than Wren Junior. Their Shi San Shi training had begun from the moment they could walk, and they were both very proficient given who was their current teacher. Besides training them, Sun had resumed training for the next Lei Tai, focusing on regaining his title.

Sharing the same features, the twins were darker in skin tone compared to their mother and lighter than their father. They had long curly hair and light hazel eyes, with no epicanthic folds.

Sun's parents never officially divorced and were just separated when he was thirteen; they still lived together as some form of family. Nevertheless, it was when Phoenix Guan (Sun's father) disappeared that Kelly his twin sister, marched and stormed into Estelle Guan's home (her sister in law and Sun's mother) and demanded Sun live with her. It was Wren who had come to the rescue, dousing his wife's raging anger and they came to an agreement. Sun was to live with his aunt and uncle, and he would occasionally visit his mother, who he did not really share a bond with, he was closer to his uncle, aunt and father. Estelle Guan was not a martial artist, she was instead a well-known socialite from the United West where her family was originally from. Kelly believed that Estelle only married her brother because of his wealth, and despite Phoenix and Estelle having a child together, Kelly still mistrusted her sister in law. She did not like the whole Faris family.

'How did the training go?' asked Wren, standing up from where he sat. 'Great!' replied the twins as they walked away, leaving Sun alone with their parents. 'Mister!' barked Kelly and Sun turned his attention to her. 'So…' begin Kelly pausing as she put the knife aside which she was still holding and strolled towards Sun, 'Your uncle, Daniel Faris wants to see you.' 'About?' Sun frowned in response as he glanced at Wren and back at Kelly. 'Don't know,' she answered turning away. 'He actually told me, and I told her,' said Wren with a grin on his face. 'Ok is it today?' asked Sun. 'Yes, his at their main office here in Feiville…anyway, I am happy you are cleaning yourself up, remember no more street fighting while drunk. I will let you rot in jail,' said Kelly. Sun simply sighed and then grinned as he looked at his uncle who grinned back.

Noon had just set in and Sun had a quick shower before heading to Gaia Corp's main office in Feiville. He wondered what would be the reason for his uncle wanting to see him? Sun remembered the number of times his uncle had proposed for him to work in the company. Despite the tension

between his father's side of the family and his mother's family, Sun got along with his uncle. Politely saying no to many of Daniel Faris' offers.

Gaia Corp's main office, like most of its offices around the world was at the forefront of technology. Its campus was enormous, and Sun was received at the main entrance by a man whose limbs were mostly replaced by machines. Sun frowned upon meeting him, understanding the frown he introduced himself by saying, 'I am a cyborg.' Sun simply nodded in amazement, he followed the cyborg who took him on a small trip to one of the board rooms of the office, where inside awaited Daniel Faris.

'Thank you, you can get to your duty,' Daniel told the cyborg once he left. 'Sun!' he exclaimed excitedly as he stood up, turning his attention to his nephew. Sun simply had a small smile on his face as he returned the gaze. Daniel Faris was a very tall man, dressed in a black suit with a canary silk tie, which had black polka dots. He was olive skinned, with brown eyes and a shark-like sharp nose. Approaching Sun, he shook his hand, towering over him.

'Hi uncle,' began Sun, 'So what's up?' he asked. 'I am having a…' interrupted by the opening of the door they both glanced and caught the glimpse of a woman. She had a mixture of concern and a kind of wry smile as a facial expression. She had long dark brown hair, straight with curls at its end resting calmly pass her shoulders and stopping mid of her back. She had light hazel eyes and despite her age, her beauty had been preserved. She had an olive skin to accompany her delightful features; this woman was Sun's mother and Daniel Faris' sister, Estelle Faris.

'Sun!' she exclaimed rushing towards him as she hugged him, and he hugged her back. She attempted to kiss her son on the cheek, but he pulled away, 'That's enough mother,' he said, sounding a little annoyed. 'Come on! I have not seen you since that Lei Tai competition…You really do not care about me! Who paid for your lawyer or bail money! Not your sweet aunt Kelly…me…you, ingrate,' her voice was filled with sadness as tears began to pour down her reddened face. 'Guys…guys…there is no time for this,' said Daniel, as he had salvaged a tissue which he gave his sister, taking a deep breath, he then continued, 'Like I was saying, wanted to see you, to invite you over at a party, I am having at one of my mansions here in Feiville, it sort of like a work function. Look I know you do not want to join the family business, even though I am sure Phoenix, your father who was my closest friend, would have wished or been happy you joined. Just come through it will be fun…look at your mother…she is hurting at least do it for her.'

'Fine!' Sun said reluctantly as he looked at his mother fighting off the bit of guilt he began to feel. 'Great! I will text you the details, during the day,' said Daniel lighting up with a smile. Sun nodded his head and turned heading for the door, ignoring his mother whose red puffy eyes he could feel were looking at him.

He had mixed feelings about the whole thing as he headed out of the campus, at least he will meet new people and even beautiful girls. He smirked at the thought shaking his head; when he was outside the campus something caught his attention. Gazing at the source he saw a homeless bearded man dressed in a worn-out trench coat staring at him. But the moment Sun gazed at him he turned away, walking away with his companion, a small white dog. Sun frowned and then he headed home.

The party at the mansion was filled with executives and managers from across the world, all who worked for Gaia Corp. Arriving there, Sun wished his name was not on the list as the doorman searched for his name on the tablet. His name was there, and he was allowed in. Everybody was well dressed bow ties, ties, white shirts and the whole works from the men, with the ladies dazzling in different stunning dresses. Nevertheless, Sun Guan simply wore a black leather jacket and he was tieless, with the top two buttons of his white shirt unbuttoned.

Staring at the alcohol that was being served, he could remember the warning his aunt had given him, "You better not get drunk…or else…especially if you cause chaos!" Smirking Sun then chuckled as he helped himself. His hand swooped in as one of the servants was walking by, 'What is it?' he asked, smelling the drink. 'Martini!' the servant quickly replied, as she walked away. 'Just one…' Sun murmured to himself, as he took a sip and strolled about looking at the people.

He could feel some stares as people recognised who he was, the former Lei Tai champion. Some ladies approached him, with one pulling out her cell phone for a picture. Sun did not decline, as he

pulled his best smile. When the ladies left another one approached him, as she waited for her turn catching Sun by surprise. This lady seemed to be around his age, she had alluring emerald green eyes and she was a brunette. She wore a short canary dress and drowning in her beauty Sun stayed mute as he stared at her frozen. 'I am Arrieta Long,' she said drawing out her hand for a handshake. Sun snatched it quickly, his hand relaxed, but Arrieta Long was caught off guard by the speed. Sun then gently kissed her hand as he said, 'Nice to meet you, I am Sun Guan.'

Arrieta seemed smitten and nervous as she tried to mask her timidity with a smile. Sun was confident she was going to be his. 'Hi! I am Eddy Sobek,' said another voice and Sun saw that it came from a man with piercing blue eyes and short blonde hair. He was formally dressed and now at Arrieta Long's side staring and smiling at Sun while marking his territory. Eddy drew out his hand, but Sun instead responded with the yin yang gesture in a martial manner. The right hand in a fist, with the left-hand open on top with its fingers pointed out and the thumb tucked in. Eddy seeing this immediately replied the gesture. 'A Sobek, first one I met defeated me at the Lei Tai,' said Sun. Eddy laughed smiling and replied, 'Yes my cousin Felix, that was quite a fight you guys had.'

'Hope his well, is he the best in your family?' asked Sun. 'Not by a long shot, his good…but not good enough,' said Eddy as he winked, 'Anyway was nice to meet you. Oh yes, and she is my woman, I see you met,' he added. 'Beautiful woman,' replied Sun. They left him as they strolled away. Sun chuckled to himself as he took another sip from his drink.

Inside his office staring at the mirror as he fixed his tie was Daniel Faris, he turned to a young lady who had just fixed herself and said, 'See you outside.' She in response walked towards him, kissing him on the cheek, before she left shutting the door behind her. Daniel took a deep breath and gleefully lit up a pipe and took a puff. 'That girl nearly broke me,' he muttered and then followed with slight laughter.

'Saw the whole thing, she made me hard…did not want to interrupt,' said someone. Shaken and a tinge red on the face was Daniel, who was about to sit and enjoy his pipe. He moved his head wildly, looking around and by the window behind the curtain he saw the person who had spoken. It was a man and he made himself more visible as he moved away from the curtain and took a few steps forward. He had long black hair and a full black beard, which was getting grey at its ends. The man wore a worn-out trench coat and glared at the shocked Daniel Faris, who gazed at him in disbelief. '…Pho…Phoenix.' stuttered Daniel. 'Yes,' hissed the man, 'I am back old friend like a ghost from the past,' he added as he looked around. 'How has your plotting been a failure these days…hey, the police commissioner is still alive…yes you piece of shit! I was not responsible. I simply hinted to a young man where a secret abandoned tunnel was…hmmm the Dragon's nephew. I see you invited my son to your filth of a party.' The man walked back and forth in a stroll as he spoke, and Daniel Faris mustering the bit of courage he had, quickly looked down at his table where he stood, remembering there was a loaded gun there. He rushed for it and pointed it at Phoenix, struggling to keep his hand steady as it shook. Phoenix sniggered in response and then with a sudden blank expression on his face, Daniel began to grab his throat as he struggled to breathe. Something was choking him, he dropped his gun and held his throat with both hands and then before he was about to pass out. He felt himself getting pushed into the chair as he sat. The choking had stopped, and he was gasping for air.

'I am far stronger than I was before, very strong…strong enough to put up a resistance
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against your master,' said Phoenix as he took a few steps towards Daniel. Regaining some breath and still panting with a reddened face, Daniel responded, 'No you cannot! You always thought you had it figured out. I am the one who negotiated for your life to be spared. So, he fucked your wife, my sister…' silenced again, he felt himself choking with Phoenix this time gesturing the action with his hand. Daniel was lifted off the chair and was floating slightly above it and Phoenix said, 'You made it look like she cheated on me! But that is not what happened, is it? Now tell me how he is stronger…' his voice fell to a sudden silence as the doorknob moved. Once the door flung open, Daniel fell on his chair as Phoenix and his invisible grip to Daniel's throat both disappeared. Struggling to breathe and slightly coughing with a bit of sweat, he stared at the frowning face of Sun.

'You okay uncle?' asked Sun. 'I am absolutely…okay,' lied Daniel, as he slowly got up masking his trauma with a smile. 'Look thanks a lot for the invite, but I am going to bounce,' said Sun. His uncle simply nodded as his thoughts raced and then Sun closed the door.


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