The Duellist And the Emperor
1 Chapter One-Fallen Champion
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The Duellist And the Emperor
Author :Elcid
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1 Chapter One-Fallen Champion

He dodged the first punch as he stepped back and his legs mildly trembled, a symptom of his alcohol consumption. The crowd cheered with some spitting profanities; his opponent was an oversized street fighter towering over him and swinging hard with a combination of stomping kicks. This deadly duel took place in an underground parking lot in the late hours of the night in the metropolis that was Feiville.

More combos of death came his way and despite being in a drunk state, he was still able to dodge the attacks. This frustrated his behemoth of an opponent who then managed to snatch him by the neck, lifting him up with incredible might. This fighter who was smaller in comparison was Sun Guan and he struggled to free himself, wrestling with both his hands as he tried to remove his opponent's hand off his neck. Some in the crowd thought the fight was over as Sun was thrown on the hard ground and they followed with whistles and applauds.
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Sun quickly rose up and unexpectedly in that time, he started to have flashes from the Lei Tai which had occurred three weeks ago. Remembering how he had underestimated Felix Sobek, the current champion of the Lei Tai. This moment triggered a rage that neutralised the drunkenness and sobering anger erupted within. Sun exhaled as he gained some self-control and then stared at his opponent, gesturing at him to come close. The giant street fighter fell for the bait as he rushed forth. He swung once and then twice but Sun remained evasive and as the opponent tried a third time before he could complete his movement, Sun threw a straight punch that was sudden and powerful. His opponents face was lit in a state of shock as his eyes widened, feeling the impact of the punch, that was delivered to the body.

The opponent fell to his knees with his head down, he grunted in pain as he struggled to stand up. In that time, Sun wondered if he should finish him off. Friends of the opponent emerged from the crowd, rushing in to assist their friend. They helped him up and made their way off with him as he struggled to walk. Sun lifted his hand in the air as a sign of a celebration as some in the crowd cheered in delight and the others booed.

Flashes of light illuminated the area as they suddenly appeared out of nowhere, followed by the sounds of police sirens. A voice from a megaphone deafened the sound of the crowd, 'THIS IS THE POLICE, WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED…' as the voice kept talking. The crowd morphed into a state of frenzy as everybody ran in different directions giving birth to an atmosphere of mayhem. Sun remained calm, standing in the same spot as he glanced about.

The police emerged with batons, beating and catching who they could in the crowd and sneaking behind the still intoxicated Sun was an officer who struck him hard on the head. Sun found himself immersed in darkness and when his eyelids opened, he was sitting down on a chair, with his hands handcuffed. A mild headache surfaced just between his eyebrows and as he closed his eyes frowning, the pain got worse. Looking around he was in an office; the door was open and walking in was a man with some paperwork. He had his police badge on his chest, and he wore a shirt with rolled-up sleeves, grey pants and maroon shining shoes. His red tie was loose, and the top button of his shirt was unbuttoned.

The police officer was cleanly shaven with short black hair, he was white, and he had hazel eyes, he looked just a few years older than Sun. But the job had taken some of his youth away, although his eyes still showed some keen enthusiasm for the job. He sighed as he sat opposite Sun and they gazed at each other.

'Detective James…Stockhorn.' said Sun. 'Yeah, so we meet again, another street fight bout…wow…' pausing, Detective James opened his drawer and took out an air freshener as he sprayed it around his office, which reeked of booze. 'Look! Just because you come from a rich family! Do not think for one second you will not end in prison! Losing the Lei Tai tournament does not give you the right to get rowdy…' Detective James sprung forth placing both his hands on the table as his head moved slightly forward, and he glared. 'This is the second time you get in trouble! I do not know what it is about you fallen champions or former Lei Tai champions! Felix Sobek is in prison awaiting trial! And now I have you!'

Sun was not fazed by the yelling coming from the detective, he just needed a pill for his headache, lifting his hands he massaged the area between his eyebrows and closed his eyes sighing. 'Are you fucking listening to me!' Detective James slammed his hands on the table causing some documents to fall off, including his wireless mouse.

Sun who was mute at this time just stared back dazed, tired and not bothered. 'Stockhorn!' bellowed a voice from across the door. Detective James was not startled, but Sun shook a bit and caught the glimpse of a tall dark-skinned bald man by the door. The man was in uniform with his badge and stripes showing his superior ranking. He had very dark brown eyes and a hawkish look.

Detective James looked at his superior blankly masking his contempt. 'Let the kid go! His family lawyer called in, the last thing we want is trouble with the Guan family. Besides that, this kid is a national hero! If this was ancient times you will be hanged…no decapitated! Remove those handcuffs! DAMMIT!' Despite having dark skin, the man's face reddened to a visible tinge. Detective James reluctantly made his way towards Sun as he uncuffed him. 'Kid, you safe to go home, your driver is waiting for you,' said the man. Sun struggled to stand up at first and once he was up, he walked out.

Once he was gone, Detective James' superior slammed the door shut, 'Commander Dylan Wilson…' began Detective James but was shut down as Commander Dylan snapped, 'Shut! Your trap! James!' The commander then opened the door and slammed it again on his way out.


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