The Bringer of Truth
7 History
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The Bringer of Truth
Author :scoobyyy
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7 History

"You can let go of my hand now while there are SOME people in the empire that like men, I sure am not one of them" He pats my shoulder as he smiles at me again which by now creeps me out. I let go of his arm before he continues to say "Not to mention I like my partners a little more less creepy, and a bit more curvy"

He then raised his hand as he showed me over to my seat and we both sat down looking at each other across the table.

"I am sure there are many things you want to ask me so I prepared beforehand if you look to your right there is a book. That book will cover more of what I am about to tell you if you want more information. It's all based on my accounts on what has happened and my own personal speculations."

Livy then began to explain to me how back in our world before Christianity came into existence how we had many different gods coexisting. Every god ruled their own people in the way they wished and punished them how they wanted. There was one rule among the various gods and that was they would never interfere with each other. But one day the emergence of a new religion and the birth of a new god changed everything. When Christianity was born there was a war in the heavens that mortals never knew about. Everyone always mentioned the war between god and the devil but in reality the big war was between God and the rest of what we now call heretical Gods. God fought the Norse gods of the north, the Greek gods in the Mediterranean he even went as far as the Gods of Japan and those of the Aztecs. This war happened every time his people conquered new lands and spread his name. But Gods cannot be destroyed they are eternal they are part of something greater and the Christian God had no choice but to banish them from this plane of existence. This is when the four Gods of different civilizations came together and created a new universe. From there you can guess what transpired we had a new civilization born and everyone lived in harmony as most as anyone could.

When Livy got to this point he picked up the pace as he was getting exited from telling the story.

Everything changed in the last two hundred years it was at this time that the Christian God back on Earth decided that his battle with his son Lucifer was not going anywhere. No matter how much Lucifer was disobedient he was still his son and he could not bring himself to condemn him to a life worse than death. This is when he made a deal with him; whoever controls the land that the current gods reside will be named the Lord of both universes. This was also when the champions of every mythic god came into being as well. For two hundred years the war waged with neither side gaining the upper hand. It was at this point that it was decided by all Gods that whoever could control the continent will become the one true God.

"This is where you come in you are the final piece in their agreement the last person to arrive from our original world. What you do from now on, what you achieve will be is based on your will to survive."


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