The Bringer of Truth
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The Bringer of Truth
Author :scoobyyy
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6 Discussion 2

Beelzebub explodes in laughter falling off the sofa in the process, once he calmed down, he stood back up and sat down on the couch.

"If that is the case why did you let him choose Leila? That woman sees nothing beyond her desires of the flesh. What more she has a tendency to play with her prey she might end up breaking your little hero"

"It is because she MIGHT break him while if he had chosen you, you WOULD have broken him. I don't need a broken pawn" Lucifer said

"Lucifer you know you're a cruel bastard lets put away the fact Leila is a stupid psycho but considering the history of those two. You truly are one of a kind and that is coming from me of all beings…You truly are cold saying I would break him I would just destroy his soul which by the way is much more merciful" Beelzebub then stands up and pats his legs as he straightens up and does some stretches.

"Well I do have to go now and so I can enjoy the show I want to see how this plan of yours is going to work out. For starters let's just hope for all our sake he does not let us down. I am not in the mood to become some angel morning snack" a mist of flies started to take form as it took Beelzebub away before he left you could hear him say. "Just remember Lucifer do not ever play those games on me if you do that throne you love to sit on will be taken away" You could hear his laughter as it echoed farther away.

Lucifer just stared off at the spot Beelzebub was as he was lost in thought before he said "You also will play a part in this and in time you will understand that nobody is ever free from their fate."

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It seems like I arrived into someone private study, the whole room was quite amazing. You could find maps of the continent detailing the locations of the known cities and even trade routes were noted. There also was an amazing collection of books on the other side of the room which caught my attention immensely. I walked over and looked at the books that were on the shelves. One of them was labeled "The story of the Ishtar and the Istri people" which I found eye catching. While another really sparked my interest it was named "The story behind the six Lords and the final piece". I grabbed the book as I opened its first page, I saw that below the title there was a name that I have seen for a long time in history books.

"Are my books to your liking my lord?" said someone behind me.

I put the book my in the shelve and turn around "You have quite a collection did you write all of this?"

Once I turned, I saw that the person speaking to me was an older man seems like in his fifties, dressed with what seemed a toga.

"I did, I started writing all the knowledge I had accumulated since I arrived in this strange land. Actually, writing is quite my hobby you could say"

I was unable to hide my curiosity, so I asked "What is your name"

"Oh, they call me Livy I am humble historian from the great Roman Empire" he smiled gently as if he didn't know that the Empire been long dead and its ashes gone in the wind.

I walk over and stretch my hand out "Nice to meet you Livy, my name is…. Sebastian" as he grabbed hold of my hand I didn't let go and asked " Would you mind now telling me now why you really are here".


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