The Bringer of Truth
2 A Unforgettable Meeting
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The Bringer of Truth
Author :scoobyyy
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2 A Unforgettable Meeting

Having lived a long life and experience many hardships along the way have taught me to have nerves of steel. If I were to be honest as well now that I was dying I was hoping to experience something exciting at the end of my life. This is the end of my life we are talking about if nothing happened at this point in time then wouldn't it mean all our lives, the years we have lived was a big lie?

"You don't seem scared seeing me that is very good for being scared is the same as admitting of being afraid of the unknown. The unknown is not something to be afraid of the only thing you should be afraid of is finding the cost of losing your own soul" smiled the stranger who sat on the chair in the corner of my room.

"It is not that I am not scared quite frankly I am petrified, only a fool would not be scared seeing you. Not being able to be afraid is a curse that I would never want to have" I smile back at the person sitting on the chair. "So, what brings you here to see this frail old man before he is about to die"

The stranger smiled back at me as he put his hands together "Well of course its because of the proposition you just gave out. You want another chance to redeem yourself and I can offer you a solution for a price of course. God won't listen to you, but I most definitely will"

I looked closely at this so called "angel" he looked no different than any other person. Besides the black suit and the creepy glasses, you could almost say he looks normal. I turn around to see my heart monitor on my side and saw that it stopped functioning.

"I imagine this is your doing correct?" as I pointed to the heart monitor "This could only mean you stopped time right before I was going to die. Which means you are not lying about who you are which I never doubted just your ability to grant my wish"

"That is quite harsh don't you think? To answer your doubts, I certainly can make your wish come true and even grant…" I raise my hand to cut him off before he finishes.

"I do not need anything more just my wish, what is your price state it. I also do wish if you stopped hiding your identity, we both know your not St. Michael coming to collect my soul"

"Oh, quite to the point I am starting to like you a lot more senile old man. You are right I am nothing like my dear brother he is quite the bastard. But back to business let me re-introduce myself I am Lucifer in the flesh" He appeared in from of me as he made a bow as he re-introduced himself "I am here to drag you into an ancient war between me and my dick of father that you call God. Are you interested in fighting for team Lucifer? We do offer taco Fridays of course no shells that is just an insult"

I laugh as I say "You are honestly not what I expected, I thought you were going to be redder? Big horns? Look like a fat goat? No matter if you can promise me to grant my wish I do not mind being on team Lucifer. Before I agree I want to know two things how you will reunite me with my beloved and what do you require of me"

"Good questions! Very simple to answer in fact I can show you."

He comes close to the bed and he flips his hand over and above it spaces itself seemed torn in the shape of a mirror. I can see the picture of a girl in rag clothing as she is outside what seems like washing her clothes. This girl I knew as the woman I had loved in this life but how is it possible?

"The woman you have been looking for her soul was moved to this world by yours truly. She is truly a pitiful soul she was waiting for you her entire life only to find out you never were going to come. She died of a broken heart from suicide and now she is serving her life in lowest social hierarchy possible as penance"

I slowly lift my hand as I reach out to her picture but then lucifer takes his hand away and turn to me with a smile.

"I can take you to the world she lives, and you can change her life in any way you want in exchange you have to help me beat someone in a game"

I look up and see his black eyes that were as dark as night "Who is the opponent"

He pats me on the back almost knocking me out of bed "Well my dick of dad of course who else"


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