The Bell of Death
8 Primrose
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The Bell of Death
Author :DaoistEasternWitch
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8 Primrose

It was late afternoon, I had just bid goodbye to my parents. The cozy room that became my home was filled with presents left behind by my birthday party three days ago. Balloons of all sizes littered the floor. Different kind of flowers. Heather, Hyacinth, Roses, Lily, and Tulip, but my favorite was the Primrose.

I can't live without you.

He didn't say it, but I heard it still.

A plea. From me, from God.

As it was getting colder, he gifted me a jacket. Draped on my shoulder, his perfume still lingers on it.

A morning spent on him hugging me. Tightly.

The room is bathed by the red-orange hues of the twilight sun. The breeze coming inside my opened window was cool. Summer had ended. Autumn had come.

I was looking at my Meadow that was beginning to shed its splendor.

Knock. Knock.

Doctor Lenard entered the door, after looking at me for a moment, he said, "It's time."

I was waiting.

Waiting for this day to come.

I nodded.

I bowed my head. Looked at the tablet on my lap, on it was his image frozen in time. We were in my favorite place. The Meadow. He placed a kiss at my head as he hugged me from behind. A picture of us immortalized.



We were smiling so wide.

So happy.

My time was still longer than his. But I have decided, to give everything that I had. My vow to last as long as I can.

Has ended.

Benedict Angus has the rarest type of congenital heart disease.

And I… am his only donor match.

"Give it to him."

I knew right from the start. I pleaded to meet him, to know the person that will carry my heart when my time expired.

"Give him my heart."

Dong. Dong. Dong.

The bell of death rang. The church bell solemn as it announced the end of another time.

That day marks the end of Dessrie Lunan.

I was 20 years old.

And on that day, I have truly lived my life to the fullest.
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    《The Bell of Death》