The Assassin
22 The End
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The Assassin
Author :CookieBarkel
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22 The End

@@Hello to all my readers,

Thank you for all your comment's and votes. Even if you didn't comment or vote, thank you for reading this story. I hope you liked it an I hope you keep an eye out for the second one. That''s right, you read that correctly. I will be writing a second one, and I will try and make it just as good as this one. I know I left this book on several questions like,

1. What is the Elite?

2. Is Colton really dead?

3. How will her relationship with Garret change?

4. What is going to happen at the Assassin Ball?

5. What will happen in between her and Levi.

6. What will happen between her and Jaxson?

If I left out a question feel free to add it. Also if you have any guesses on the answers, feel free and guess in the comments. I am sad to say that I am taking a break from the Assassin though. I will be working on my other two books, Downright Dangerous and The Elemental's. I will be publishing the first chapter of The Assassin 2 soon.

I hope you liked everything added to the story. If you have any questions about the story, I would love it if you asked. I don't want anyone being confused. If you have and constructive criticism go ahead and put it in the comments. I know there are tons of grammar and spelling mistakes, I will be editing.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what everyone says and I hope keep your eye out for The Assassin 2.



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