The Assassin
20 Chapter 20
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The Assassin
Author :CookieBarkel
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20 Chapter 20

Garret listened carefully to everything I said. "Okay, first we need a distraction that will have all the guards out of the room. What would do that the quickest?" Garret thought for a second. "If one of the princes went missing most if not all the guards would go looking. That would-" Garret stopped taking and smiled, waving at someone guest who had passed to close to us. It was one of the important people from some city about fifty miles from here.

The person looked at me and came up to me. "You are a pink, correct?" I nodded. "Where are the bathrooms here?" I smiled tightly. "Go out the doors, turn to the left, go up the staircase, fourth door on the left, then second door to the right of that." The woman nodded and walked off. When I looked back at Garret, his jaw had dropped. "What?" I asked. "You remembered all that?" I nodded. "The closest bathroom is actually right across the room through that door beside that huge flower vase. But she asked for a bathroom, not the closest one." Garret laughed slightly.

Garret was quiet for a second then jumped back into the conversation we where having. "If a prince went missing, we wouldn't have to worry about so many guards." I nod. "Okay, you keep an eye out for the next prince to leave, when they do, can you make sure they…take a nice long break?" He nods. "Okay, when you get back, signal to me, and we will take out Xalem." He nods and I open my mouth to say something else, but a hand grabs around my wrist and jerks me back. I wince slightly.

"Hey, you are going to hurt her." Garret said as I collided into to Azeel. "Your time is up." Azeel said. Garret tried to pull his hand of my wrist but failed. Azeel pulled me away from Garret. "As of thirty minutes ago, she is property of me, the Crown Prince of Navolin. You are not to interact with her anymore." The words ring through me and I feel anger rise in me. "I am not anyone's property." I say quietly but strongly.

Azeel looked at me quickly, "Be quiet. I will speak to you in a second." Then he looked back up at Garret. "As for you, we won't be speaking with you again." Azeel walked off with me, and there was literately nothing I could do against him without blowing my cover, so I let him pull me away from Garret. When we got to a table, I sat down, and he sat in the chair in front of me. My first words where nothing short of a growl. "I am not your property." He stared at me for a second. "Technically all servants that work under me are my property." "Technically? Really. I couldn't care less about that. I am not going to Navolin and I am not your property." He gave a tight smile. "You are wrong there. I have already bought you and you are coming with me."

He must have seen the rage in my eyes because he said, "But don't worry. Titles like servant and property don't mean anything." I raised an eyebrow. "Really, because I just heard you making it quite clear to Avi that you were Prince Azeel." I made sure to heavily enunciate the prince part. "That is because the title Prince actually means something." My jaw dropped. Then is turned into a grim expression. "Well I am sorry if you don't like my title, if it doesn't hold enough importance for you. Not all of us can by snobby, rude, dim, royal, princes like you." I stood up and stormed towards the bathroom. I needed a second before I completely messed things up, if I hadn't already.

I heard his chair scrape across the ground as he said, "Kiya, get back here right now." I did so much as turn to look over my shoulder. I just stormed to the bathroom and slammed the door shut, then locked it. It took me two seconds to hear impatient knocks on the door. "Kiya, open this door, now." He yelled through it. I nearly yelled something back, but instead I punched the tile wall. I instantly regretted it. I heard my hand pop in at least seven different places and crack in two. I nearly let out a small scream, but instead I just quickly placed my other hand over my fist and healed it.

I looked in the mirror, took a deep breath to calm my anger and unlocked the door. As soon as I opened the door, Azeel grabbed me, and yanked me out of the bathroom. He looked more scared than angry. "What was that? Is there someone else in there? Did they hit you?" He looked my over quickly, then rushed into the bathroom. I was shocked. I thought he was going to yell at me. I stood in the doorway as he looked around, his eyes landing on the wall where I had punched. Some of the tiles had shattered, and there was a dent in the wall. He walked up to me and said, "Please tell me that wasn't you. Tell me you didn't punch the wall."

I was so shocked by his gentleness that I nodded, meaning I did punch the wall. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in for a hug. "I am truly sorry that I pushed you to punching the wall." I just nodded. He held me a little away from him, looking into my eyes, his voice getting serious for a second, "But if you ever speak to me the way you just did, you will never have to worry about speaking again. Got it?" I nod to him. "Yes Prince." He nods and says, "Good, now let's go dance." I give him a tight smile while thinking, "I swear he is about one wrong breath from getting on my kill list. First, he is yelling, then he is all hugging and caring, then he is scolding me? I seriously don't think I can hold my cover long enough to outlast him."

I force myself to dance. First one dance, then a second. Then a third. Finally, Xalem stands up. "Hello, to all my great guests. Today I have the honor of having the Princes of Navolin here. And tonight, at midnight, I would like to invite the princes to come up to the observation deck, and we can show you what our small town truly is special for." I save the information. I now know we have to get our plan into motion by eleven thirty.

All the guests are cheering, and the princes are nodding. I noticed one of the guests come over to Azeel. "You should be honored. This place has the best view of the stars that I have ever seen." Azeel nods, "I can't wait." I look around the room, but I don't see Garret. "Shoot." I say under my breath. I look around again. He is not there; I spin but he is not behind me either. "Kiya, are you okay?" Azeel asks walking up to me. "I am fine." I spin again only to hit into someone. I immediately step back, looking down. "I am sorry. My bad."

I feel frantic. This is not good. I have lost sights on Garret, and I have to get this plan in gear. I feel a hand on my arm, "Oh, it is quite alright." The voice sends fear spiking through my like a dagger down my back. I actually cringe. I see Cloton staring down at me. "Prince Azeel, will you grant me the honor of dancing with this fine woman?" Azeel smiled at him. "Sure, I am a tad tired right now." Cloton smiled and walked me to the dance floor. He slide his hand down to my hand and held it up, while placing his other hand on my waist. At first I didn't do anything, then he said under his breath, "Unless you want Avi to die, you will make it look like you are enjoying yourself."

I immediately put my hand on his shoulder and a fake smile on my face. He pulls my to his chest to were all he has to do is whisper for me to hear him. "At eleven thirty, you will leave this room. Claim you are tired and head to your room. Stay there all night. I don't care what you do, just don't leave your room. Understood." I growl slightly. "You don't scare me, I will not listen to you." I feel his hand slip further down waist until I can feel his hand on my dagger. "All it would take is for me to drop this dagger, and they would kill you." I froze. "You wouldn't dare."

As if he had timed it, he dipped me in time to the last notes of the music and said, "Try me." When he stood me back up, he still held me close as the second song started. I thought for a second, then smiled sweetly. "What is that for?" He asked. As we started going a circle in time to the music, I started digging my nails into his shoulder. I saw him wince slightly. "You know, you really should have left me alone." I say. "Why?" He asks tightening his grip on my waist, where his hand now rested again. "Because. When you mess with me, you mess with my temper. When you mess with my temper, you end up dead." "What?" He all but yelled. I let go of his shoulder and back handed him, making sure my nails scratched into his skin.

I turned my back to him just in time to see Garret walk in the door and nod to me. It was time for step two of the plan. I saw Janel looking worried. It was her prince that was gone. "Hey Janel." I said casually. She looked at me sadly. "What's wrong?" I ask innocently. He looks at me again. "I think he blew me off. He has been gone for almost twenty munities." I wrap my arm around her in mock sympathy. "Where did he go?" I ask. "The bathroom." I nod to her. "This is bad. We need to alert the guards." She looked up at me. "Oh no. What is he is hurt?" I see tears in her eyes. "Don't worry Janel. Let's just go tell a guard."

She practically runs to the closet guard. When I get there, she is a sobbing mess. "The prince, he left for the bathroom and." Her voice cracks. "And he isn't back." The guards eyes go wide. He immediately catches the eye of another guard and hold up his hand in a fist. That guard signals to another, and so on and so forth. By the time they leave, there are only four guards left, not counting Garret. All four are next to Xalem. I feel a smug smile come on my face. He did everything to make my two weeks here hell, now he was going to pay. Finally. I looked up to see Garret working his way up. I looked over to Azeel, and he was flirting with another girl. "Go figure." I thought. As I get closer to Xalem, my killer cold slides over. I zone out the rest of the room. All my focus is on Xalem and Garret.

When I ten feet away, I look at Garret and he nods. I lunge and yell, "Everyone, move." I pull out my daggers mid lunge, landing on the closest guard. He doesn't stand a chance. All the guests are running now. The second guard turn to me with a sword out. "What the…?" He doesn't have a chance to say more. His blades lock with mine. I can see Garret has one guard down already, and a second almost down. I feel the sting of a dagger hitting my stomach. I don't even let it stop me, I just stab my dagger straight through his neck.

Then I turn to Xalem. He has his wife behind him, trying to protect her. "Who are you?" He asks. I smile. "Oh, I am Kiya Farsaye." He shakes his head, "No you aren't. You are lying." My smile turns deadly, my voice like a dagger itself, doing it's damage before I even get to him. "I am Kiya, it is one of my many names. But the one you know is Jaycie Laker." He looks absolutely scared. "What are you doing here?" To his credit, his voice is almost even. "I am here to kill you." I say. Then I lunge again.

Xalem pushes his wife back and dodges my blade by centimeters. I immediately attack again. I hear his wife scream, and then run, but I don't care. Once Xalem is dead, she will be powerless. My dagger's move in a dance I had been trained to do all my life. A slice here, a jab there. All to either weaken, scare, or kill my opponent. Xalem is backing into the far corner, and I see Garret jump behind me, fighting of the guards that are slowly coming back in. When I have Xalem all the way in the corner, I grab him, and shove him into the wall. My arm it thrown back ready to plunge into his heart.

"You should have picked someone else to make your slave." I say, the I start to throw my arm down, only something stops it. A hand around my wrist. "What the?" I feel myself yanked back. I try and fight back, but someone puts something in my mouth. I taste it. I can't exactly tell what it is, but when I start to go unconscious. Right one the edge of unconscious, I can't do anything, but I can still hear and see everything. I know I have messed up. I am about to die. Something is going to happen. I am turned to Garret, who is fighting like a crazed animal. I mouth the word sorry, forcing my mouth to move. Now I am all out of fight, I can't move the slightest bit. I wish I couldn't because I hear someone, Azeel, taunt Garret. "Look's like you aren't keeping you sweet little girl safe, are you?" Then I feel a kiss being pressed to my lips. I can't even fight it.

Garret's Point of View: A couple seconds earlier

I feel something hit me in the cheek as I am fighting behind Jaycie. It sends shocks of pain through me. I fall to the ground, not even being able to make one single noise. I am forced to watch as guards surge in from all different sides. Several force the weapons from my hands and stand my up, holding on to me tightly. Whatever was on my face, fell off, but it is to late for me to get away.

I watch as Azeel grabs Jaycie's wrist, right before she is about to plunge the dagger into Xalem, and he yanks her back. I notice that he holds up a small bottle to her mouth, barley anything is in it, but a couple drops of liquid land in her mouth. I try and surge forward, but I am helpless right now. I can't get to her, can't save her. I see her go limp, her eyes go kind of foggy, and the fight die out of her as she stills. She mouths one word to me. Sorry.

I want to tell her there is nothing to be sorry for, but Azeel cuts in. He is holding her in such a way, which if she were conscious all the way, you would think she was his wife. I want to push him away from her, but I they keep my at a distance from Azeel. Then to my horror, he kisses her. He does it just because he knows I can't stop it. For Jaycie, the worst thing is not being able to be in control, which is why he drugged her. For me, it is having to watch. To know I am fully capable of helping her, but not being able to. I feel one thought go through me. A cowardly one. "I wish they would knock me out, so I didn't have to watch."

Azeel asks, "Where should we take them? They are risks." I hear a voice say, "Follow me, I know where to go." I swing my head to the left, and there he is. The assassin that drugger her just the other day. Then everything clicks. Why she told me to be careful, why she wanted to leave the bar so quickly. Why she admitted she was scared. He had to have been there, and there is only one reason why she would have kept all this a secret, he was threatening to kill her. Or better yet, someone she cared for. A thought runs threw my head quickly. "If he was threatening to kill her, she wouldn't have warned me. If he was threatening to kill me, she would distance herself from me to make it seem like she didn't care about me."

I feel them start to walk, I am right behind Jaycie. Only twenty feet separate us. Azeel is basically carrying her. I watch as her head falls back, and that is what reminds me that under her shield of strength and speed is just a woman. For a second, I forget all about her being an assassin and simply see her. Not the strong, fierce, fearless woman who walks through the halls of the guild like she owns them, but the real her, the one behind her assassin shield. She looks almost fragile. That's when I realize why people never guessed that she was the female assassin when they first meet her. Even after years of fighting, she still looked innocent. She looked fragile. This is the thought that sends me surging forward.

One of the guards had loosened their grip on me, so my arm slips out. I kick that guard back, and he falls to the ground, hitting his head hard enough to go unconscious. I swing my free fist into the other guards nose. I hear the crunch of bone and his nose visibly move up. If that didn't kill him, then the bang of his head into the wall did. I ran forward, ready to slam a fist into Azeel, but he spins, and I have to avert my fist into a wall to keep it from hitting Jaycie. My fist goes through the wall. I quickly pull it out and try and hit Azeel again. "Let her go. Now." He laughs as he dodges the punch. I feel about ten hands grab onto me. I am pulled back into a wall of guards, keeping me away from Azeel.

"She had nothing to do with the mission. I forced her to do that. I told her if she didn't, I would kill her. It is my fault and she doesn't deserve to be punished." I see Azeel smirk at me, then look into Jaycie's face. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Another jab at me because I can't get to her. "We will be the judge of that. And if she isn't guilty, then I can take her with me to Navolin." Jaycie moves slightly. The mystery assassin steps up and says, "Hurry. We have to go." They rush us down several halls, and I am stopped at a door about half was down the hall, she is taken all the way down to a door at the end. Right as the door opens, she screams in fear. All I see is a glimpse of mirror before I am shoved into my room.


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