The Assassin
15 Chapter 15
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The Assassin
Author :CookieBarkel
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15 Chapter 15

I woke up extra early the next morning, so I could go out and buy the hair dye I would need. I also bought the purplish eye color. When I got home, I set to work. After about an hour, I look completely different. My raven black hair is now chocolate brown. My eyes are no longer the piercing blue that they used to be. Now they are closer to a purple light that is covered in ice. I smile at myself in the mirror. I could hardly recognize myself. I pack my bag with everything I will need. I put the purple eye color in the bottom of it and add everything else on top, like my poison infused lipstick and the antidote that I take so I don't poison myself.

All the makeup that Wilker had made especially for me to use. All of them infused with something that would help me. I put in simple pants and a shirt, knowing that I will have to wear what the stupid uniform again. I look myself over one last time, then head to the guild. When I get to the gates, one of the guards smiles. "I am sorry ma'am, but you aren't going to want to go in there. Pretty girls like you shouldn't be in rough places like that." I go to step by him and say, "Luckily pretty girls like me know how to fight." I use the slightly mystical voice that I had trained myself to speak with.

The guard shakes his head. "I am not letting you in." I want to just shove past him, but I don't. I lower my voice and speak in my regular voice, "You will let me know if you know what's good for you. I am in disguise, and if you ruin that, let me just say, you will wish that you had never crossed my path." I frown at the weak threat. I knew I could do better if I really thought about it. They had use to just come to me. The guard nods and let's me past. I walk into the guild, making sure to remind myself to use the mystical voice.

As I am walking through the halls, some new assassin walks up to me. "Hello there. I don't believe we have meet." I smile up at him. Time to see how good this disguise is. "No. I don't believe we have." I say reaching out my hand. Over his shoulder, I see Zachery, staring looking confused. I ignore him and look back at the assassin in front of me. "Kiya Farsaye." The assassin takes my hand, but instead of shaking it, kisses it. "A beautiful name for a beautiful woman." I look over his shoulder again, and Zachery is coming over. He has a smirk on his face, and I know right then, he knows it's me.

I think back to yesterday, he read my file. He knew the name. I silently curse myself. The assassin in front of me is about to say something when Zachery cuts him off. "Newbie move it. I think I have to talk with this gem." He let's his eyes roam over me, and there is nothing I can do because I am trying to protect my cover. He knows it to. The original assassin scoffs. "Excuse me, I am on a higher level then you, you aren't aloud to boss me around. It is quiet the opposite actually, so why doesn't you leave." Zachery cringes at the statement. He had obviously not worked up the ranks yet.

"Just because I am working my way back up, doesn't mean I don't know more than you." He holds up one finger, his pointer one. "I can kill you with just this one finger. Now, I suggest you leave before I prove it." The new assassin glares the walks off. When Zachery faces me again, I slap him. I still use my mystical voice, as I speak. "I have never seen someone be so rude in my life. Show him some respect." I see the other assassin turn and watch. Zachery looks amused as he puts one hand on his face, right where I slapped him. "Looks like we have a feisty one." I raise my hand to slap him, but he catches it with the hand from his face. "Not going to happen princess." He says. I try and use my other hand, but he catches that one to.

I can see the crowd forming around us, so I can't use the simple counterattack to this move. Zachery leans in and kisses me, right on the lips. "I will see you around, Kiya Farsaye." Then He turns and walks. A bunch of assassins surround him. I push through the crowd, grab his arm, and pull him through to the other side, then start to pull him down the hall. He doesn't even have time to make a comment, and I shove him into a random room and slam the door. It is a bathroom. "Go figure." I think. He looks around in shock. "What the?" I hiss at him using my normal voice. "You know who I am. What was that out there?"

He smiles. "Kiya, I think something is in your throat, you sound different." I quickly zip forward, grabbing his arm, spinning it, and locking it behind him. I hear the wince he lets out. "Don't even play that card with me, you know who I am. So, stay away." I pick up my bag and walk out. I storm off towards Wilker's office, but I fix my demeanor before walking in. I also make sure to hop back into my disguised voice. I walk in and sit down in a chair; I purposely don't pick my usual one. Of course, he doesn't look up, so I have time to drop my bag behind a different one.

Before looking up, he says, "What do you want?" I smile to myself. He thinks I am one of the other assassins. "Didn't I arrange a meeting for this time." He looks up with shock. "Excuse me miss, how did you get past my guards?" I almost burst out laughing. I decide to see how long I can play this. "What guards?" He looks shocked. "What about my other...employees?" "They all just stared at me." His jaw dropped. Then he tilted his head. He was thinking. "What is your name?" I know he had my report, so I just skip the question. "That doesn't matter." He sits back, clasping his hands in front of him. He knows.

"I think It does Miss Farsaye." I roll my eyes. "Took you long enough." "How did everyone else take this. Anyone else figure out who you are?" I nod. "I had to threaten the guards to get in, and Zachery noticed me almost immediately." Wilker laughs. "Not surprised. That boy can pick you out of a crowd even if you are disguised as a juggler." I nod. "Sadly. It really sucks when I have to keep a cover and he is around."

Wilker nods. "Anyway, I called Garret in over an hour ago. He said he would be down in an hour. He will be here soon." I smirk at him. "Funny. My partner, Avi, will be here soon to." Wilker rolled his eyes. "Just sit still and wait." I waited for about five minutes before Garret enters. He was looking back and saying one last thing to someone. "Okay. I know. I will wait until she leaves." When he walks in, he connects eyes with me. "Hello. I heard your name is Kiya?" I nod. He sets his bag down and walks over to shake my hand. "And your name is?" I ask. "Garret." I smile "Nice."

He goes to sit down, and I see the look on his face when he looks at the chair, I usually sit in. He sits in the one on the far side of it. Wilker nods to him. "Garret. Nice of you to finally come down here." I stare at Garret in shock for a moment, then remember, when there are other clients in the room, we never fall to a knee. I shake the thought away and look back at Wilker. "Uh, sir. Shouldn't we send Kiya out before we start speaking about out newest...job?" I can't help but let out a laugh. "Garret why would the details of this trip be hidden from me. I am going on it." Garret look's confused and turns to Wilker.

"Why isn't Jaycie coming with me? You are sending me on" Wilker opens his mouth the try and stop him, but Garret keeps talking. "this mission with some random girl who probably doesn't even know how to use a blade. Are you trying to punish me because I accidentally made Jaycie cry the other day?" I stood up and walked behind Garret crossing my arms and putting them on the back of his chair and laying my head right next to his ear, so I only have to whisper for him to hear me.

"You don't want a beautiful woman like my coming on this trip with you? I am offended." He jumps up and back's away. "I don't care if you are offended. I don't want to take you on this trip. I want to take Jaycie." I was about to tell him it was me, but I decided to keep him in the dark a while longer. I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his neck. "Oh, but I am sure I will make better company. You can play the hero card when we get in trouble and be my prince in shining armor." He gently but effectively unwraps my arms from around his neck and backs away again. "No. Stop. Stay away from me. I don't want you near me. I care to much about Jaycie to let her walk in here and see a random girl hanging off my neck."

My eyes go wide. Then I feel laughter welling up inside me. But I also feel so happy and something else inside me. I let the laughter out. It is a small laugh. "Garret, it is me. I am Jaycie." I speak in my regular voice and he looks confused. "I don't believe you." I smile and roll my eyes. "Fine, ask me something only I would know." He looks at Wilker, and he is just sitting back, smiling, and watching. He thinks for a moment. "When is the first time I kissed you?" I am so shocked by the question; it takes me a second to answer. "Umm...that would have been right before my fight with Farren. You healed the split lip I had." He smiles. "You are wrong, but you are also right."

"What?" I say. He looks from me to Wilker. "We have plenty of time to talk on the way to the sand plains. I nod. "Okay." We both sit down and Wilker says, "Jaycie, I know you are sure, but I want to ask. Are you sure you want to do this?" I nod and he leaves it at that. "We will come pick you up in one week. Where we found Jaycie. Okay?" We both nod at the same time. In that case, off you go." I nod and walk out with Garret.

"I need to go up to my room." "Why?" He asks. "I need to change into that uniform." "Okay." I run up to my room, leaving my bag with him and change. I have to move more slowly because I have the heels on this time. When I get down the stairs, Garret is there. "You ready now?" He asks. I nod and start walking. About two seconds later, I hear someone give a wolf whistle. "Dang Kiya. You are looking better now." Zachery says. Garret stiffens next to me. I spin around and fix him with a glare. "You know very well who I am." He walks up to me and pats my head. "Yes, you are Kiya Farsaye."

I growl at him. "Call me that again. I dare you." He smiles, and zips forward. He has my hand spinning it. Since I have my heels on, I have to follow my arm, or I will twist my ankle. When I am facing away from him, He grabs my other arm and pushes it to the middle of my back, then me into the wall. He doesn't push my hard enough to hurt me, but hard enough that I can't get away. "Kiya Farsaye." Then I feel his jerked back. I am pulled back, but he lets go of me. I try and turn, but only end up tripping on my heels and fall onto Zachery's chest. I see Garret ready to pounce. He had pulled Zachery back, but couldn't move until I was out of the way.

Zachery smiles up at me and says, "Kiya. I know you are falling for me, but don't make it so literal." I hiss and stand up. "Garret lets go. We have places to be." I walk out the door with him. He looks mad at me. We both get into a carriage and he puts both of our bags in the back. I climb onto one bench and he takes the other. I can see the look on his face, and I have obviously done something to make him mad.

After a while of staring out the window, I look at him. "Why are you so mad?" He looks over at me and just gives a small laugh then looks away. I want to hit him. "What?" He turns to me again. "You really don't know?" I shake my head. "No." He crosses his arms and stares at me for a while. After a second, he takes his jacket off and throws it to me. "I can't pay attention to you when you are shaking." I want to throw it back at him, but I am colder than I am stubborn right now. I put it on, and pull my knees to my chest, wrapping the front of it around them. "Now, why are you mad at me?"

"What is going on in between you and Zachery. Yesterday you were alone in that office. Today you kissed in the hall. Just now you didn't let me hit him." I smile. I can't help it. "Are you kidding me? You think something is going on between us? He is nothing to me other than a fellow assassin." Garret didn't seem to believe me. "You think I could fall for him?" "You fell for me." Garret said. I rolled my eyes. "I guess I am pretty crazy, aren't I?" He laughs. "A little?" "Hey." I say in mock hurt. He smiled at me. Then I remembered earlier in the office.

"What did you mean I was wrong about our first kiss, but also right." He laughs. "You don't remember do you?" I think back. "No. I can't remember kissing before that." He smiles. "It was on mission. I can't even remember the name of the one we were supposed to kill. You were dressed in the beautiful ball gown. I had to wear a suite, but at the time I thought, if it meant having you by my side, I would wear one for the rest of my life. Anyway, after we killed the targets we ran. We ditched out daggers, and I only kept one on me. When we heard the guards getting closer, we went into that study."

He takes a breath and keeps talking. "We heard them at the door, and without even thinking, you grabbed my shoulders, pulled me down to your level and you started kissing me. When they walked in, they dragged us apart. I remember you shaking, and adding a stutter to your words. When they found the dagger on me, you burst into tears and cowered on the other side of the room. Even got one of the guards to hug you and say you were all right. You made up some fake story about having dragged me into this room for some alone time and had been here for the last thirty minutes."

I smiled. That night all came rushing back into my mind. "I remember. When I tried to back away from you, the guard thought I was trying to get away. When he didn't let me go, I turned and started crying into his shirt. He was so shocked. I think that is when he decided we had nothing to do with the crime." Garret nodded then said, "You know, it is scary how easily you can cry. And how manipulative you can be." I smiled at him. "Well, those skills have saved me so many times. I just burst into tears, add the stutter and boom. Works like a charm." We were both quiet for a while until I said, "Wake me up when it is warmer." He shakes his head. "No sleeping or you won't sleep tonight." I pout. "But I am freezing. If I am asleep I won't feel so cold."

He shakes his head. "No. I am doing this for your own good." I think for a few seconds. "Fine, if I can't sleep, you will have to keep me warm." I get of my bench, take the one step over, and climb onto his bench. Since his feet are laid put, I have to climb over them. Then I wedge myself in between him and the seat wall. I lean back against his chest, keeping my knees to my chest. "What? No. This is my hard earned warmth." I smirk up at him and shake my head. "Not anymore."

He pulls his arm from behind me and wraps it around my shoulder. We sat in comfortable silence. Every time I tried to shut my eyes, he shook my shoulder. He also added some sort of comment like 'No sleeping' or 'Wait until night.' I scowled every time he woke me up. Eventually it started getting warmer, so I took of the jacket. An hour after that, I took of my heels. Then the stupid face veil. Then I stretched my legs out so my body heat wasn't radiating onto me. Eventually Garret said, "Maybe you should go to the other bench. At this rate, you aren't going to have anything on when we get there."

I laugh when he says that. "I don't think the guards would mind." He let's out a small grunt of disapproval. "I don't care what the guards mind. They don't get a say." I smile up at him. "Don't worry, nothing else is coming off." I move over to the other bench and sit down. Gareth and I pass between periods o talking and staying quiet. When we are about three hours away, we switch unto another carriage, so they don't recognize ours. Then we keep on riding. Once we hit the sand, I feel myself start falling back into Xalem's version of me.

Slowly we make our way closer and closer to the city. When we get to the front gates, I shake. "Jaycie, you all right?" I look at him. "It was nice to meet you Avi." He nods to me. He took my subtle hint that it was time to play our roles. I put my mystical voice in place as we booth step out of the carriage. He grabs both our bags and says, "I will figure out where yours goes. Just go get with your group." I smile. "Thank you Avi, See you around." With that, I walk towards the city, then the main building where the garden and dragon statue were. Where the reception room was. Where all the bad memories were. I just pushed everything down and focused of Kiya.

Jaycie's problems weren't here. She was Kiya, and it was time for her to figure out how to kill two major people, while still getting out alive. I make sure Kiya is in full control, then I take a step in. I am ready to take on anything they throw. "I hope."


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