The Assassin
10 Chapter 10
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The Assassin
Author :CookieBarkel
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10 Chapter 10

As I stare at the mirrors, I see myself staring back. I try to ignore it, but I can't. I hate feeling like I am being watched, and now it is like I am judging myself. I am still covered in blood from my fights. I try to focus on my lap, but I can see the mirror under me. I keep fidgeting until I am actually hunched over trying to shut the world out. My eyes are squeezed shut. I hear a small whimper come from me. I keep trying to get my lock picks out, and it takes me an hour and a half to bend my hand far enough down. I immediately start working the locks on my feet.

All around me, I see myself. I still look the calm, collective, assassin. But inside I am breathing hard. This mirror room works. I can feel everything I have ever done, come back at me. Not the killings or the fights, but just general mistakes I made. And with myself staring back at me, I can feel myself being judged. It feels like I am being looked down upon. I have never cared what other's thought of me. But what about what I think of myself?

I have me feet undone quickly. Then my hands. I jump up and start feeling across the walls for a door. I can't find it anywhere. After a second, I start cracking the mirrors with the only blades I have left on me. I use the hilt of the knife and slam it into the mirrors. They crack and shatter. The glass splaying across the floor. It only takes a few minutes for guards to come in. The door was on the far side of the room. The only thing was, I had two daggers, and the made the mistake of only send in two guards. I snarl at them and throw one dagger, sinking it into one guard head. Then I lunge and slam my other dagger into the others heart. I get both my daggers back and stalk out of this room.

Outside the door, is one more guard, who is quickly on the floor. I keep walking, and there is some sort of alarm going off. I walk into a hall, and I can see it is smokey. I sniff, and it is made to make someone temporarily dizzy. It usually hangs from five to six feet up. Right where my head is. I see guards at both ends of the hall, so I walk into the smoke. I immediately feel the affect, as it clears out and guards come closer. Any random person would be on the ground by now, but I had been trained against this stuff. I shake my head, trying to get the fogginess out.

When the guards get close enough, I jump into battle, until I see one of those devices. It would shoot out a dart if I didn't stop. Daren is holding it, and I can see how bad he wants to use it. "Girl, stop fighting or this will only get worse. I look around, and about seven more are pointed towards me. I can't dodge them all. I slowly raise my hands in surrender. "Hand over the blades." I look at him. He is enjoying this. When I don't do it, one of them does a kick that makes me fall to my knees. "Now." Daren says. I grit my teeth and slide the away from me. Daren comes up behind me and pulls me up. He puts his device right to my neck and says, "Don't worry, there is only enough Balron to put you out for half an hour. He pushes the button, and I feel a spike of pain at it hits me. He shoves me to the ground, and I can hear the guards laughing.

When I wake up, I immediately sit up. I don't even figure out my surroundings first. I can see I am in a room. I have been taken out of my suite and left in my bra and the shorts I wear under my suite. Even my hair was taken down. I scoff. But as I look around the room, I see a hot pink and gold outfit, if that is what you could call it. on top of it is a note.

Put this on as soon as you wake up. We will not

Force you into it, but you will not be let out of

this room until it is one. Not for food and water

or the bathroom.


I pick up the top part of the outfit. It is a piece of fabric that wraps around my chest, going from a little higher than the bottom my my rib cage, to a little lower than my collar bone. It is a silky gold fabric that has hot pink embroidery on the front. The bottoms are basically a swimsuit bottom with a long piece f fabric running to the floor in the front and back. The fabric swaths are only about four inches wide though, so they don't cover my legs. The swaths of fabric are hot pink, and the bottom itself is the gold color. There is also a head piece. It is basically a veil that covers my eyes with a gauzy cover. I can see out, but others looking in will have a harder time seeing my face. The last thing are the heels. They are very tall. Running in them will be hard.

I already know why this is the outfit. When I was running, I could feel the heat. This was enough to cover everything, and still keep you cool. But it didn't make a man want to look away either. I ran the fabric through my hands. After doing a through check of the room, there was no way I was getting out. I sat back on the bed. "I have to wear the outfit; I might as well just put it on. The quicker I am out of this room, the quicker I can escape." I just stare at the outfit. "Putting that on is like I am accepting this fate though." I take a deep breath, and change. I sit down on the bad, and just wait.

When I hear the door opening, I stand up. I don't bother trying to fight. Daren walks in, and there are three guards in the hall. He looks over me, his eyes stopping on a long scar thin scat that is just above the waistline of my bottoms. "What happened there?" He asked. "Nothing. I am just really clumsy." I lied. He finished checking over me. His eyes stopped on all my scars, but nothing else. I didn't have any, but the ones I did have were all thin white lines, were I absolutely couldn't heal them anymore.

"Follow me." He said. I walked along behind him, with the three guards behind me in a vformation. "Do you need to use the bathroom?" He asked. I shake my head. Then he keeps walking. We are only stop when we get to a huge door that is open. I look inside and see nine girls; all dress exactly like me. They are all siting down on the ground, on the backs of there legs in two rows. Four going down on side five on the other side. One is missing from the front on the left-hand side though. I look past them and see the boss and a woman sitting in orient chairs at the far end of the aisle. I would have to pass all these girls.

Daren pushed me forward and I started walking down the aisle. All the girls had their hands in the laps and were looking down at the ground. I frowned at them. When I got in front of their boss, I glared. "My beauty, you look stunning. So much better without all those horrid blades." Th woman at his side doesn't even stir at the fact that he called his beauty. I saw matching rings on there fingers and realized they were married. "I am not your beauty." I say hostile tone. "Oh, come on, no need to be so hostile. We are all perfectly friendly in here." I glare at him. I realize the guards never entered the room, and Daren is gone. This confuses me.

"Why am I here?" I ask. "You are working for me. When ever we have guest coming, or something along those lines, we set this room up. But we are missing a girl, so you will take her place. If we call to you, you are to come. Until then, well you have seen the other girls." I look at him with disgust. "No. I will not be your servant." He smirks at me, "You should be happy you are here. Only the prettiest ones end up here." I scoff at him

"I am not doing this." "Yes, you will. I will have you doing this very job until you denounce your old home and guild. Lilith, please show... what is your name?" He looks at me as a girl gets up and walks to me. "Don't have one." I say. He frowns. "I now know how difficult you will be. I know your name Jaycie. I know the basics about you." He nods to who I am assuming is Lilith and she leads me to the front left side. "All you have to do is sit here and be quiet. Don't talk unless he talks to you, don't look up unless he tells you to. If someone passes by, don't even acknowledge them." She sits me down, set's my hands in my lap, and tilts my head down. Then she walks back to her spot.

I sit like that for a second, then stand up. "No. I am not doing this." "Sit down." The boss orders. "No." I say. "It is sir. No sir. And yes. We are about to start training. I have guests coming later today. I need you at your best." A guard comes up behind me and makes me sit. I am scowling at my lap seconds later. Then starts the torturous 'Training'.

The boss starts calling the guards down the aisle, just so that someone walks by. The second the guard leaves the first time; I stand up and make a face at his back. I hear on of the girls give a small, almost unheard giggle. I am forcibly returned to my sitting position at the boss's request. The guard walks down the aisle again and I stand and make a break for the door. Two guard capture me, and I am again returned to my spot. I slowly start taking of my heels, without them noticing. When the guard walks by again, I jump up, turn and chuck them at his head. They both find their mark, and I laugh. He turns, walks up to me, and slaps me across the face.

I am forced to put my shoes back on and return to my spot. That is basically how the rest of the day goes. I actually throw my heel so hard at one guard, it knocks him out. My face is red and stinging. I hear the boss let out a groan od disappointment. I am sitting again. The last four times a guard walked by; all I did was look up. But I was still punished for that. I hear footsteps, the boss is coming towards me. He hadn't left his seat all day. When he reaches me, he says, "Jaycie, stand up." I stay sitting and looking down. "Now you sit and behave. Go figure." He says. I smile to myself. I raise my hands to my face and heal it. Then put my hands down.

A guard comes to the door. "Mr. Garrow is here Sir." He looks down at me. "Do not mess this up." He says. He walks to his chair and sits down. "Bring them in." From the corner of my eyes, I see someone enter. He looks mad. He storms pass all of us, and up to the boss. "Mr. Garrow, how-" "Don't you act all calm about this Xalem." He yells. I smile and an idea comes to mind. I stand up and stretch. Xalem's eyes shoot up to me, and back to Mr. Garrow. He can't say anything. I start walking towards Mr. Garrow silently. He is yelling at Xalem. I am almost to him, when a hand catches me around the waist and covers my mouth. They drag me to my spot and sit me down. It is a guard.

I pout in place for a second. When the guard leaves, I go back behind Mr. Garrow. A guard comes to grab me, but I raise a hand, about to smack Mr. Garrow. The guard stops and I smirk. I have all the leverage. I hear Mr. Garrow's yelling come to an end. When he turns, he slams into me, knocking me down. I start waling loudly, and I can see hi irritated demeanor falls into a caring look. "Oh, are you okay girl?" he asks pulling me up and wrapping his arms around me into a hug. I see Xalem staring daggers into me. "" I stutter. " hurt." He takes a small step back and looks at me. "Did you hit your head, or anything?" He takes a step back and looks me over, to make sure I am not hurt. His eyes land on my scars. He turns and looks at Xalem. "Did you give those to her?"

Xalem's jaw drops. He knows I did this on purpose. "No. She has always had those." I let out a whimper and Mr. Garrow looks back at me. "Did he give those to you?" I keep my head still but let my lip quiver. He turns back to Xalem, "You have scared her into silence? Really?" "No. She is just making me look bad. She is not yours to deal with anyway. We have made out deal, now go. You remember the treaty, right?" He nods his head and turns back to me. "I am sorry for plowing you down, I hope you aren't to hurt." With that, he walks off.

I go and take my seat again. I hear angry footsteps walking towards me. I am pulled up by my arm. "What are you playing at. Do you want me to kill you?" He asks. I can see several girls flinch. "Yes." I answer plainly. This obviously takes him by surprise. I add to my answer. "It would be a mercy; I wouldn't have to work for a man with more wives than smarts." He squints his eyes. "I only have one wife." I smirk at him. "I know." He shoves me to the ground, causing me to roll on my ankle. I jump up, landing on it and wincing, but not thinking about it. I throw a punch, landing it on his throat. He falls to the ground wheezing for breath. Two guards come to hold me back. But I evade them and swoop down, grab Xalem's dagger, and run to his wife.

I quickly have a dagger at her throat. I smile at them and see fear in Xalem's eyes. "Let her go." He says in a small voice. "Why?" I ask looking down at her. Her breathing is fast, and she isn't even moving. "According to you, us woman are only pretty faces. They don't have any value. How about I get rid of this pretty faced valueless person?" He squeaks. "No. Please no." I smile at him. His eyes flick away from me for a moment and I assume they go to his wife.

"She did nothing to you. Leave her out of it." "And if I don't?" I ask. He wipes the fearful look of his face and smiles at me, "Then you are in for a long, long night." Someone grabs my wrist from behind me, and yanks it outward, away from the wife. The dagger is pulled from my hand, and I am pushed down the couple of steps that lead to there chairs. When I land at the bottom. Let out a grunt, wrapping my hands around my ankle and healing it. Two guards grab me, and a third has a long sword at my neck. I was getting use to being mover around like this now.

"Put her in a mirror room. Keep her there all night tonight and all day tomorrow. No one enters at all. For any reason." They pull me into the hall, and down. I smirk at them. "I broke your precious mirror room. It is useless." On guard laughs. "We have several." My face pales and I go limp. After walking for a few minutes, I am thrown into a room. "Do your business now." They close the door. I look around. No windows are in the room. There isn't a mirror over the sink. Not a single thing to use as a weapon. I do my business and wash my hands. Then I take a few gulps of water. Something tells me I am not getting some for a while, and the last time I drank anything was at least this time last night. When I knock on the door, it opens, and I am grabbed. Something hits my jaw hard enough to knock me out.

When I wake up, I am in the hunched over position. I look around and can't tell were the light is coming from. I try and follow the reflection, but I can't find the light. I can feel the staring. I try and fall asleep, but I can't. The affect starts to really affect me. I lose track of time. Hours could have passed; I am not sure. I lean down, resting my head on my legs. I close my eyes. I can feel myself shaking. With myself looking in on me, it forces me to see every part of myself. The good, the bad. My best days, my worst ones. My favorite memoires, and the ones that make me scream. Everything comes to the surface. And there is no where I can look without seeing my reflection.

After a long time, I let out a scream. I yank at my hand shackles trying to break them, but I know I won't. I only hurt my wrists. I scream again and again until my voice it hoarse. This is the quickest I have ever broken down before. All the sudden, I realize, home is a lot better. The guild, Wilker, Garret, even Zachery. Everything is better there. Even when it is horrible, it is still home. Memories of Garret come forward and I feel tears fall down my cheeks. Everything we had built together could be gone now. I couldn't keep my temper in check long enough to make sure I didn't push the only one that cared for me away.

After several fits of screaming ang crying, I just sit there shaking. When the door finally opens, it is behind me. My cheeks are wet, and I don't even fight the guard as he unlocks me. He doesn't have to hold onto me to keep me from running. He leads me through several passages, until we get to a huge office. When I get in, immediately fall to a knee out of habit. I realize what I did and jump up. I am still looking at the ground. "Jaycie, look at me." Xalem said. I look up and he nods. "Take her to the sleeping area. Make sure she gets a bed. Go." The guard leads me away again. He gets me to a room, and leads me in. All the girls that were in the room that night, are there. The guard closes the door behind me and leaves. I look around. There is one free bed, and I take it. There is a night stand next to it, and seven drawers going down. I take my heels off and set them in front of it.

"Are you okay?" Someone asks. I look up and it is Lilith. I nod. Someone else steps forward, "Hi. I am Janel. The drawers on the nightstand have your clothes. In the morning, put that outfit in the basket under you bed, put the basket on your bed, and it will be cleaned and put away when you get back." I nod and turn towards the wall. "Um...Jaycie. I think you should change into your pajamas. They are in todays drawer. I look in the draw marked with todays day on the front. Inside is a pair of pajamas. A pair of shorts and a shirt that reaches almost all the way down to the waistline. It is gold with hot pink hem lines. I put today's clothes in the basket under the bed and slip the basket back under my bed. I look at everyone else, and say, "I am done. Thanks for turning." Then I lay back down.

I see everyone else settle down, but I know I am the first one asleep. I wake back up before the sun if up. The window is wide open, and I walk up to it. "Why would they leave this open if they knew I would be in here? Maybe someone here wants me to leave." I reach my hand threw it, and realize, it is three stories up. "That's why. I need to fix whatever has happened. I need to be more observant." I walk back to my bed and get dressed. I make the small bed and put the basket on top, before sitting down.

The sun comes up slowly, and I am still the only girl awake. I am about to lie back down when the door pops open. A girl in an orange and gold outfit walks in. It is the same basic design as mine, just different colors. "Wake up ladies." She says. She sees me sitting up and dressed. "Hello." She says softly. I nod to her. She gently wakes up each girl and then walks up to me. "The guard says to walk out when you are done changing." Then she leaves.

I walk out before any of the others say anything to me. The guard puts a smile on his face. I had never seen him before. "Ma'am, please follow me to the dining room." I nod and follow him. He pointed to a chair and I sat down. Food was set in front of me, and I ate quickly. When I was done, I was led to what looked like a sitting room. Over the course of an hour, it filled with the other ten ladies'. Then Xalem walked in. "Hello ladies. My Beautiful girl." The last part was directed right to me. I almost gagged. "How are we today?" Everyone murmurs good. "That is good."

He looks at each of us, then says, "Tomorrow we are having some very important guest's. So, I want you all to behave. Today, you can just hang out, and do whatever. Girls please show Jaycie the ropes." They nod and he walks out. Janel turns to me. "What do you want to do?" I shrug. "Can I just be alone for a while? Please?" They nod. "We will all meet in an hour and show you around." Lilith. I smile "Okay." I go and sit be the window. I can see much of there city. They have tons of gardens and there are girls and guys working in there. The girls are wearing the same outfit as me, but with green.

I notice a huge dragon looking statue on the far side, with smaller ones around it. There is a girl kneeling in front of it. I keep looking around. There are a bunch of people walking around, talking having fun. I can see the difference between servant and person. By the outfit. But one thing I notice, is a lot of skin shows. I keep observing. I can see out to the sands plains. As far as I can see, there are no city's anywhere near us. We are isolated away. No wonder we couldn't find this place. I sit here until Lilith comes to get me. "Are you ready for a tour?" She asks. I nod. "Then let's go." We walk into the hall, and all the sudden, I scream out, falling to the ground.


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