The Assassin
8 Chapter 8
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The Assassin
Author :CookieBarkel
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8 Chapter 8

I was standing in the middle of my apartment. My bag was packed and sitting by the door. Sleep never came to me yesterday. I laid down for hours, but I couldn't fall asleep. So, now it was four in the morning and I was wide awake. I was in my backup suite since I had left my other on at the guild. Garret's clothes were sitting in a neat pile on the coffee table. I was had all my blades on.

I walked out the door, locked it behind me, and walked into the streets. My thoughts where everywhere. I couldn't stay still. Everything was to close. I needed to get away from everything. I walked towards the back of town. Slowly the buildings disappeared, and I was in the trees. I went to a clearing that I had made. My little cabin still stood. No one had ever found it before. This is were I stayed until the sun was just high enough in the sky to tell me that the guild would be awake.

I ran home and grabbed my bag. "Okay. Here we go." I thought. When I got to the front doors of the guild, I paused for a second, took a deep breath. Then I walked in. No one was in the halls. Wait, no one was in the hall that I was in. I could here the quiet chatter of everyone from other halls. Every time I turned down a new one, I could hear people fill in the one I just left. The one I entered would be empty. I gave myself a small smile "I am glad for once everyone is staying away without me having to yell."

I was almost all the way to Wilker's office when I saw Garret. He was standing on the doorway to one of the many sitting room's in the guild. He was staring at me, silently asking me to come over and talk to him. I shook my head to him and walk past. I feel a small part of my heart breaking, but this is what I need. For whatever reason, Zachery betraying me last night made me realize that I needed to get away from everyone at this guild. Even Garret. Whatever fragile thing that had formed between us, would have to take this test.

I shuddered at the thought of losing Garret. But for some reason, it didn't scare me as much as I thought it would. I push those thoughts away. I knocked lightly on Wilker's door. I realized right then, I almost never knocked. I usually just walked right in. "Come in." He said. I pushed open the door and walked in falling into a kneel. I didn't even look at Wilker. I heard him walk around the desk and he actually came to my level. "Jaycie, please look at me." He said. I slowly looked up. He had never done this. Came to my level instead of just telling me to stand. This was his subtle hint, saying right now, he wasn't my Assassin master. "I am proud of you. It takes a strong person to admit when they need a break. Especially someone in our profession. I know you want to just leave, but there is something I want to give you. I planned to give it to you later, but you deserve it." He stood up, and I did to.

It takes me two seconds to see the box on his desk it if fairly big. He picks it up and hands it to me. I sit down in my favorite chair. When I open the box, I see a brand-new suite. When I pull out the suite, under it is a cloak, and then a bunch of blades. "You bought me a new suite?" "Yes. Everyone else is going to get there's next week. But I figured, you could use yours now." "Why?" "Just go try it on."

I walk into the connected bathroom and get changed into the new suite. I can immediately feel the differences. Where he has had more armor added. Some taken away. As I add the dagger's I find there are also new pockets. For more daggers. I find each one. Everywhere, where I used to have dagger's had daggers, and then there are more. Six on my back, pointed up and out. Two in secret pockets on the cloak itself. Then I pick out the lock picks. One set goes in the heel or my shoe, and one in the small of my back. I look at them and see had them engraved with my words. Unbindable on one, and Unbreakable on the other.

When I walk out, I realize, there are no knifes to go in the breast pocket sheaths. I grab mine from my old suite and put them in there. A perfect fit. When I walk out all the way, Wilker smiles at me. "You look great. And I know this suite will be better, I had some areas reinforced, because you have changed you fighting style preferences." I smile at him. "Yes. I noticed. And I love the suite. I noticed you had my blades engraved with my words." "Yes, I know how important that is to you." I walk up and give him a hug. "Thank you. For this gift, and the mission." I back off and he hands me a folder. I read through it and hand it back. "I am ready. I will see you in...when I get back."

I see him nod once before I leave. As I walk out, I see the halls are full now. No one is trying to hide from me. I keep my eyes forward the whole time. When I get out the door, I quickly walk out the gates. I am stopped though. "Jaycie. Please don't go. I don't want to lose you." Garret is standing at the front of the gate. I can hear the pain in his voice. But it doesn't affect me. I turn to him.

"Garret, you need to let me go. I told you, after that second kiss, that this was all a mistake. You changed my mind by saying that you are willing to take the risks with me. This is a risk you must take. Letting me go. This is something you have to do. And if you can't do this, see this is what I need, it is obvious you can't see what is best for me." Garret looked shocked. "I know you think this is the way, but it is not. Just let me help you. Let me be there for you." "You want to be here for me?" I ask. I can feel anger welling up. It is not a mask either. This is true anger. "Then get away. I need to take a step back. From Wilker. From the guild. And most of all, from YOU."

With that, I walk away. I feel the emotions in me welling to an all time high. I push them as far down as I can. Then I keep walking. I only get a few blocks before I am stopped again. This time when I hear the voice I freeze. I can't move for a second. "Jaycie." It is Zachery. I turn slowly, putting my free hand in casual distance from my side dagger. "What do you want?" I ask. "I wanted to apologize." I feel my head come back in shock. "What?" "I knew you were drunk the other night. I didn't realize you were drugged until I saw them giving you the antidote."

I throw up my mask of anger to make sure he doesn't my shock anymore. "You still knew I was drunk. Why did you do it." "When I first sat down, I didn't know you were drunk. When I realized you were, I just acted. I didn't even think of how you would act when you were back to your normal self. To be honest, I am terrified of you right now. You didn't so much as put a hand on me. Garret gave me a beating, but you, you just stayed mostly calm. That is worse than you blowing up on me."

I think for a second. "Where are you going?" He asked. "On a mission. None of your business. Just go." He turns to leave, and all the sudden I remember he got kicked out of the guild. I feel a flash back.

Flash Back – Start

"Jaycie, sit back down now." Wilker yelled at me. I was fifteen. And I was going to storm out of his office. "Now why the hell would I do that?" I snap at him. He walks around the desk and comes up to me. "Because I am your boss. You have to do what I tell you. If I tell you to sit, you sit. Now go sit." I smirk at him and shove pass him. When I am sitting, he walks in front of me and leans against the back of his desk. "Now. Tell me exactly what happened."

"I have told you a million times. He grabbed my ass, so I backhanded him." Wilker raises an eyebrow. "Then why is that man in the hospital?" He asked. I laugh, "He may have tried to grab me, so my dagger came out, and next thing, I was running to the guild." Wilker came up to. "This isn't funny. Cut the laughing. You were covered with blood, had a dagger mark on your neck." "Fine. Two of his friends jumped me after I got away. One had a dagger at my neck, the other interrogating me. Both of them are dead. And gone." "Jaycie. You can't just kill on your free will" "Why not?" I ask. "Because, you could get traced back to me. An assassin master. If you are going to do that, you are out of this guild."

I smile. "Okay. Bye." I walk out. "Jaycie, you leave this building, you are never aloud back." I saunter out. Leaving all of my things. It took four hours for me to be jumped. He had taken all my blades, so I had no defense. When I came back in the guild, two guards grabbed my arms, and treated me like an intruder. They dragged me to Wilker's office. I was a bloody, broken mess. When they dropped me in his office, I literally had to beg to be let back into the guild. Then I was treated like a newbie for about two months before I worked my way back up to the top.

Flashback – End

"Zachery, come here." He looks at me. "Why?" "Because, I am getting you back into the guild. I walk into a store, buy a piece of paper, and pencil. I write a note saying to let him back in as a newbie. Have him have to work back up to his previous level. I write the note in a special way, one that will let Wilker know I wrote it."

"Why are you doing this?" He asked. "Because." I said. "I was kicked out once. You know that, you made fun of me because of it. Remember how I was when I came back?" "Yes. You didn't want to leave, afraid that you were going to be kicked back out." "Yeah. It is hard out here when you have nothing. Give this note to Wilker. Then you are going to work hard. Work like you life depends on it. You better prove to Wilker you deserve back in. Prove it to me. If you ever see me again. When you get back, Garret is going to see you. Before he has a chance to hit you, show him that letter. Don't let him have it, he will rip it. Tell him I said if he touches you, I will never talk to him again. I will never interact with him again. Tell him I will personally make sure he can never hit anyone again.

Zachery nods. I turn to walk off. I barley hear his words. "Thank you." I pretend to not hear them, and walk off, but he knows I heard them. I get to the carriages. I throw my bag in one, tell the driver where to go, and then sit back. Soon the movement draws me into a half doze These rides always put me to sleep. But right now, I can't sleep at all. So, I am in a half awake, half asleep state. And I spend the whole ride that way.

Hey everyone,

I wanted to say, they don't have cars, trains, buses, things like that in this world they use carriages and horses. Sorry for the short chapter, but the next one is going to need to be full length, so I didn't want to make this one extra-long. I hope you like this one, I know I kinda just threw the whole story into a whirl, but I have a plan, you are just going to have to stick with me.


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