The Assassin
2 Chapter 2
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The Assassin
Author :CookieBarkel
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2 Chapter 2

"So, do you want to take the front or the back?" Garret asked. "Don't you get to pick?" I ask with a twinge of anger. "Hey, what did I do to you?" He asked. "Nothing. I am fine. But the leader should chose the rules. Apparently Wilker trusts you." Garret gets an angry look in his eyes. But he seems to not want to be angry at you. "You are mad because I got to be the leader. You are just mad that he thinks i am better." "You are not better. This is just the way he is getting back at me." "Getting back at you? For what? Why?" "You know what. Never mind. I will take back." I stormed of and checked carefully, but didn't see anything.

When I got into the building, I did another check, but there was nothing. I went to turn on the lights, but as I reached for the switch, I heard something move. I pulled out a dagger from my arm, and walked towards the noise. I walked into a small stack of wood, that I had somehow missed, and it rustled. Whoever was in here, now knew I was here. I saw a head move, and jumped for it, putting my dagger at neck level, yet they did to. They also got me flipped around, to where my dagger was no longer on there neck.

"Throw down your weapon. Now." The person yelled. So I did. But right as I did, I realized it was Garret. "Garret, it is me." I said. "Jaycie?" He asked. He sheathed his dagger, "Why did you throw your dagger?" "I thought you where a Rackie. You also had a dagger at my throat and had my dagger away from you. Had I not, you might have killed me, before you knew who I was." He grabbed my dagger and handed it to me. "Let's get the lights."

We walked to the light switch and turned on the lights. "Where is the cache?" I asked. "The folder didn't say. He dint tell us to bring it back, so he isn't expecting it." I looked around, but my eyes kept wanting to go back to the switch, so I did. After looking for a minute, I saw it. The switch was on a door. I beckoned Garret over. He smiled and looked over the warehouse. "Let's sit up there." He said pointing towards a small alcove built onto the wall to hold feed bags. We turned off the lights quickly, so the rackies didn't see them on.

We went over there and I raised my arms to reach onto the ledge and pull myself up, but it was about six inches over my arms. Garret easily reached it and pulled himself up. A second later, he leaned over and held out his hand and I grabbed onto it. He pulled me up in one try. I was baffled. Most assassins would have someone figure there own way up. He was seated on his feet and I was seated on my feet. the only other way to sit, would be with our backs pressed against the wall, and are feet against the other, with our knees bent about halfway up.

"Why?" I asked him. "Why what?" He asked. "Why help me and be nice. Is this some sort of dream? I mean, when we got here, you a cussed me of being jealous of you." "Can't I be nice? And you were being jealous." He said. I was quiet for a while. "If you think this is a dream, then I have to guess you dream about me." I rolled my eyes. "You can be nice, just not to me. I am the only female assassin. No one is nice to me. At least none of the boys." He rolled his eyes. "What if there was a reason I was nice to you. At least nicer than the rest." I tried to decode the words. "What do you mean?" I asked. "What if I am nice because I don't feel threatened by you, and I don't hate you.

I went over his words in my head. If he didn't hate me, that meant..."Stop talking in riddles." I said. But my breath was going faster. I knew what he meant, I just wanted to hear him say it. "I mean I have never hated you. I like a girl who goes against what others think girls can and can't do. And a girl who doesn't let words get under her skin. Turns anger into power." "Really?" I asked, but it was more to take up time then anything. He leaned towards me, "Truly."

Then he kissed me. One kiss on my cheek. This one on the corner of my mouth, then the other corner. Finally, he did one straight on my lips. He pulled back and I was just sitting there. He fell to where he was sitting with his back against the wall and his feet against the other wall. Then he pulled me next to him. I was kneeling there. "I have liked you for a long while. But telling you something like that is a lot easier said than done." He said. Then he pulled me in for another kiss. This time, I kissed him back. "Garret, this isn't the best idea. What if someone walks in?" You have ran through the guild in your bra and undershorts, dragging me behind you by the ear. You never cared what others thought. Now I kiss you, and you are worried?" "One, you deserved that, and two, maybe I am not worried, just nervous."

That seemed to be enough from him, because he lifted me up and set me straight on his lap. I sat with one leg on either side of him. He pulled my face to his and kissed me again. After a while, his tongue danced across my lips. When it got to the split lip, he pulled back, "I could heal that you know." He said. "I could to. But I am not, and neither are you." I replied. "Whatever you say." He said. Then kissed me again. His tongue played along the split lip again, bit he was careful not to hurt it.

Soon it was his long canines playing along my lip. When they touched the split lip, he was extra careful. When his tongue moved to my teeth, asking me to open, I gladly open for him. Then his tongue explored my mouth. After a long while, I pulled back, but as I did, his teeth caught my lower lip and scraped against it. I re-positioned my hips because it was starting to hurt, but when I did, his eyes fluttered shut. "Don't do that." He said. I laughed. "Sorry." I said sarcastically as I did it again. I was about to say something else when I heard a door open. I was immediately crouched on the ledge, with him next to me, when I heard someone talking.I could just make out eleven people on the far side of the warehouse. The

leader was saying, "Let's find the falazaic and get out of here before any assassins are sent after us." I almost laughed. Garret went to jump down, but I stopped him. One of the Rackies where headed towards the woodpile. When they ran into it, they let out a colorful string of curses. We both jumped and landed with catlike silence, but the curses covered any sound they may of heard. I drew my twin swords from my back, and Garret pulled his from the side of his legs. I hadn't seen or felt them there. They where well hidden. The sheath must have ran from ankle to hip. "Nice. I didn't even see them." I said. He smiled and we walked around quietly. We both stopped when the lackey started talking.

"Why do we even need this poison?" I was hoping and hoping the leader would answer. He did. "We need to kill all the major people in this town. Mayors, assassin leaders, major market leaders, all of them." "What about the assassins who try and stop us?" Another asked. The leader laughed. "That is why we will have so much. We will kill anyone who gets in our way and take over this town, once we do that, we will work up to taking over the country." A third lackey asked, "Do you think the rumors of the female assassin is true?" The leader scoffed. "It is bullshit. Woman need to stay true to there hearts and do there rightful jobs. They are for hire or for around the house. They wouldn't know what to do with a knife if you should them step by step."

I didn't realize I was shaking till Garret put a hand on my back. "I get him." I said quietly. He nodded. "What if it is true." A fourth asked. The leader let out a loud laugh. "I will put her in her place. Show her what woman where made for." I nearly screamed. But I just took a breath and flipped the hood of my cape on. He copied me and I said, "You talk." We sneaked pass them and to the cache of falazaic. I flipped on the lights, and they all looked our way. In a matter of seconds, they where all in a semi-circle on the outer edge of stuff. The closest one was twenty feet away. "Looks like two assassins are here now." The leader said to his buddies. He walked forward a few feet, making the closest one fifteen feet away. "It's a shame we have to kill you, I didn't hear you come in. You must be really good." Garret laughed, "We are so good that we where here an hour and a half before you and we knew you where coming today."

The leader was speechless. "We also already found the cache." I open the panel and the leaders mouth feel open. He pointed from his buddy's to us, they all started to move closer. "Let's kill these bastards and get out of here." The leader said. I gave a small laugh. My hood was deep enough to not let them see my face. But I could see all of them. They all looked at my when they heard the laugh. "The thing about you boys is," I started pulling down my hood, letting my black hair rain down my shoulders, "You can never get used to change." I pinned the leader with and icy stare from my blue eyes.

"So I think the term you are looking for is bitch. And yes, I hears you little resolution to put me in my place." I lunged at him with my two swords. All the Rackies jumped into war. Six came at me, and five went at Garret. I quickly chopped through five of mine. But I turned my back to the leader for a second and he pushed down on the shoulder pressure point hard enough to temporarily parallelized me. It was going to last twenty seconds. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me across the floor towards the falazaic. It took about ten seconds.

When he got there, he lifted me up to where my feet where standing on the ground, and he pushed his arm against my collar bone to keep me from falling. "Had you just lat me believe you just got here, I might have just killed you, but I think I will put you in your place." He pushed a kiss onto my lips. He wasn't careful of my split lip either. I could feel the pain from my lip. When he pulled back, he threw me on the floor behind him. Then he rummaged in the Falazaic cache. "I think I will freeze you, them I will kill your little friend here." He kept talking while looking for the right one. Garret came over right as the paralyzing went away. I stood up and pushed him back practically saying, This is my kill.

was standing right behind the leader when he turned. "You are right, us woman need to stay true to our hearts, so here is something from mine to yours." I pulled on of my daggers from the breast pocket out and stabbed him in the heart. I put my lips right nest to his ear and whispered, "I think your biggest mistake in life was thinking woman are only for hire." Then I pulled my dagger out and let him fall.

When Garret went and grabbed the duffel bag, I cleaned off my blade and put it back in it's sheath. When he came back I was reaching to put grab the first Falazaic. But my hand froze over it. I couldn't make myself do it. "Jaycie, are you okay?" Garret asked. "Yes." I answered. "I am fine." I grabbed one and hurriedly put it in the bag. He held the bag at the edge of the hidden panel, and I sweeped my hand through the whole thing, pushing it all into the bag. "Who do you want to carry the bag, it might clear things up with you and Wilker. I nodded my head even though I knew he saw my arm shaking as I picked it up. We where quiet for a while. I eventually tasted the coppery tang of blood. My fingers flew to my split lip and came back red. Garret saw this and came in front of me stopping me. His fingers where on my lip quicker that the blink of an eye. He was using his healing power. I tried to pull back, but his other hand was on the base of my head, keeping it there. When he backed off, I said, "Why did you do that. Wilker will see it. He purposely kept it there." He smiled. "It's still there, just not bleeding, all I did was stop the blood."

I turned and kept walking. After a while, he asked, "Did Wilker give you the split lip?" He asked. "You did say he kept it there for a reason." I was quiet for a long while. "Yes." I said. Out of my phrivial vision, I could see him studying my face. "He gave it to me the other night, along with a knife down the face, and a very sore body." Garret's eyes filled with anger. "What happen that night?" He asked. When I didn't answer, he grabbed my arm, and stopped me. "Jaycie, what happen?" I looked at him and sighed. "I can't tell you." I said. "Why?" He asked. "If I tell you, you will want to go up to Wilker, and if he knew you liked me, I would be put through hell. I would have to pay for it because he can't stand other people liking me.

Garret's face changed to question. "Why can't he stand other people liking you?" "I don't know. But I do know that ever since I turned sixteen, and started to work with clients, he has hated it when a client like me a little to much. Like with Velris, last year. His son took a liking to me and wasn't scared to show it. He ended up dead because he couldn't take a hint from Wilker and back off. I think it is because Wilker doesn't want me to marry and leave. I am one of his best, if not the best." Garret shook his head. "I wont go to him. I just want to know what happen." I sighed but, I told him everything, from the kneeling, to the dagger down my face, to the jumping out at me till I could block him.

We continued to walk. But after a few mutinies, you make it to the guild. You feel your grip on the duffel bag get tighter and your arm start shaking more and more. When you get to his office door, Garret knocks. "Come in." Wilker yelled. You both walk in and fall into a kneel. You rest the duffel on the ground and try and calm your hand. "Garret, rise." Garret stands quickly, and you can feel anger boiling up. He is purposely leaving you on a lower level. "Garret, I want a full report on everything that happen. Now." And now you are regretting kissing Garret. You are about to be punished. "Yes sir."

Garret starts talking, about the fight in the beginning, us separating, mistaking each other for enemy, me finding the falazaic, and then us waiting in the alcove. To my surprise, he doesn't say anything about the kissing.

Then he moves onto the rackies. They came in. The fight. The leader paralyzing me, kissing me. Then me taking him down. Finally how it was my idea to bring back the falazaic. That is when Wilker realized Garret was lying about something. Wilker stands up, walks around the desk, and leans across the back. "Jaycie, stand up and hand me the bag." You stand and hand him the bag, but he sees your shaking hand and arm. He sets the duffel on his desk and pulls out the largest size of dose.

He walks toward you with it, having the needle to close to your arm. You jump away slightly. "So, Jaycie wanted to resupply my falazaic stocks." He looked at Garret. "Yes sir." Wilker crossed his arms and made the tip of the needle rest on my arm. I started shaking. "Garret, i am giving you this one chance. Tell me the full truth." Garret looked at me, but i just kept my head forward. It was the best way. "It was my idea to bring home the falazaic sir. I thought if she did it, it might fix things between you." "Garret, if I wanted you to fix things between us, I would have said something. Don't ever lie to me again, and don't get into my business. Understood?"

"Yes sir." "Good, now go." Garret left the office, and I turned on Wilker, backing away from the needle. "What was that about?" I yell. "What was what?" "Having him give the report, while I was still kneeling? Putting on the show with the falazaic? Why?" "He lied, and you let him, i never want to see that disrespect again. Got it?" He turned to put up the falazaic and you pull put a dagger. It almost made it to his neck, before he grabbed my arm and spun it. I was on the ground with my arm locked behind me. He shoved the neddle into my neck about an inch. I and practically frozen now.

"You may be great, but I am still your master. Got it?" "Yes sir." "I have trained your to be the best of the best and this is how you repay me. When i let you up, you get out of this guild till tomorrow. Got it?" "Yes sir." "Speak up." "Yes sir!" "Good, now go." He pulled the needle out and I ran out of the guild and into the streets. After a few mutinies, I felt a presence behind me. "Garret, back off." "Jaycie, I am sorry. I shouldn't have lied. Please don't be mad." "Garret, we both made a mistake today, kissing each other. Neither off us really like the other one, so let's not pretend. We were both stressed and made mistakes. The lying, I am already over it. So just leave me alone." "Wait, what? What do you mean today was mistake?"

"Everything we did was a mistake. So leave me alone. You don't want someone like me. Okay?" "Like you? Why do you mean." "Someone who is as broken as I am. Someone who has as much water under the bridge as I do." Garret open his mouth to something, but I shook my head. "Just leave me alone okay." I ran off. After making sure he wasn't following me, I made my way to my apartment. After having dinner, I take off my double swords and undershorts buckle my armored suit. I am left in just my bra and the shorts I wear under my suit. "This is good enough." I thought. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up, I took a quick shower, then head off to the guild. As soon as I get in the door, Zachery Rinston stops me.

"I am sorry, but only assassins are aloud past this point without a guard or another assassin with them." "Why can't he go a day without telling me I shouldn't be am assassin." I thought. "Then why are you already past that point?" He tsked. "Oh, Jaycie, don't try and tell me I don't belong. I have always been always been a true assassin. You on the other hand, you should only be trusted only the catwalk at The Barrel." "Just because I am a better assassin then you, doesn't mean you still aren't on the radar. I mean desperate people might as you to do something for them." "You mean how desperate people asked your mother to get in to bed?" "Oh no, he is not bringing her into this."

My fist goes up, and is about to land, before it is stopped by another hand. "I will not have this fight happen in my halls. Take it to the sparring room. Now." Wilker let go of your fist and you drop it at your side. "Fine, let's go Zachery. See what you got." We both practically run to the sparring room. No one is fighting, but people are just getting their, so we have as audience. Wilker didn't follow though, so this fight doesn't have any rules. "Jaycie, you just set you just self up for disaster." Zachery said. "No, I just found myself a warm up fight." Then I threw my punch. It landed squarely on his mouth.

I expected him to fall, but he only stumbled back. He advanced towards me and we circle each other. After a second, we both pounced. We were a whirlwind of blades and fists. He swiped a dagger down my face, and I shoved a kick into his gut. He threw and punch into my abdomen, and my dagger left a blood train across his knuckles. After a about ten mutinies, he said, "Why don't we make this more of a street fight."

He uses nods to Someone behind me, and all the sudden, four hands grab me, two on each arm. I can't fight without my arms. "There, good luck wining like this." I shove my legs up towards him, but my two holders each wrap one leg around my ankles, so that I can't use my legs. Zachery walks up to me, and punches me in the face, then in the gut. He keeps punching me over and over. As he does, i get more and more pissed.

Until finally, I break free. I launch myself forward, landing one him. He is on his back, and I am sitting on his stomach. My punches fly one softer the other. His face is a bloody mess, before someone pulls me off. "Let go of me, I am not done yet." I screech. "Yes you are. He will probably die if you hit him one more time." Garret's says. "Then let me hit him twice. Just to make sure He is dead."

Garret bursts out laughing, along with half of the other assassins. This gives me enough time to slip out of Garret's arms. I run back towards Zachery, but the two guys who held me back step in front of him. ''You want to step in now? Good. You were next anyway." I pull out two daggers and start fighting with them. It take about two mutinies for me to disable them. Then I am turning there faces into blood pools as well. I am about to make another hit, when both of my wrists are grabbed. "Let go, or you are next." "Jaycie, my office. Now."

"Of course it is Wilker. Lucky me." I thought. "Fine. Just let go and I will get up." He let's go of my arms and I get one more punch in before I am literally kicked off of the assassin. "I said now." Ryan yelled. I stand up, but as I am walking to the door, I pass Zachery. I give him a swift kick to his manhood, and keep walking. A few seconds later, someone grabs a fist full of my hair and pulls me back. I stumble into Wilker. He is the one pulling my hair. He yells into my ear. "I SAID NOW. HIT OR KICK ANYTHING ELSE, AND I WILL TEAM THE WHOLE GUILD UP AGAINST YOU." I can't help but give a angry comment. "I would probably still win." With that, Wilker drags you out of the room, to his office, and throws you to the ground. "Stand up. Now." He yelled. "I am starting to think I have dug myself a hole that is to deep to jump out of."


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