Taming the Generals Daughter
33 Day before the Ball - part 2
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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33 Day before the Ball - part 2

" Mingwei "

Mingwei turn around with her frightened reaction, who wouldn't be not? When the Crown Prince of the Han Kingdom is in his out of his mind trying to run wild and take away the future crown princess of the foreign kingdom.

" Are you mad?! Why? How?! "

Mingwei was frustrated and grabbed the crown prince hand and immediately vanished in the thin air. Knowing that he erased his memory, how come he's here?

" What? We can both escape now, or you want this kingdom and ours to be one? I can do that for you. -— "

Li Xuanche keep on talking nonsense while Mingwei was busy running and searching for a best spot to hide.

" Are you nuts?! How can you run wild here? Have you finished the issue in the palace!? How can you be so dumb over this situation?! Your a crown prince now Xuanxuan and I'm a tool for our kingdom as always! We are no longer a child! We have to carry out our own responsibility! You are old enough to understand this Xuan! "

Mingwei yell in anger, she thought that this is no longer a problem thinking that she already fix everything before leaving.

Xuanche let go of her hands and stopped for a minute, Mingwei suddenly let out a loud sigh and hold his hand.

" Okay stop the child act now, I know that you are capable on protecting yourseld but yo—"

" I know I'm the crown prince and I know my responsibilities but do you think I want to be the crown prince!? My crown princess want me dead and take the thrown for herself and the woman that I want, want me to take good care of the kingdom?! How about me? Who will take good care about me? "

Crown Prince Li Xuanche look at her with a fierce pair of gaze he is completely mad about everything.

" Hah! Seriously, how I wish you are serious about everything as how much are you serious about me. "

Mingwei said as she roll her eyes and take out a deep breath as she embrace Xuanche in her arms. He is shaking and obviously crying.

" You wanna know why I love you? "

Mingwei ask as Xuanche froze for a second, while holding his runny nose he shake his head.

" Because you are way more a lady like than me, how can you be so straight forward towards everything are you dumb? "

" Hey! You how— how can you say I'm dumb I'm the crown prince and I excel in everything you do well. I do better and I— "

" Fine fine what a lady, since you are already here I don't need to send out Qin to execute the plan I have in mind so— "

" Don't you need to pay me first before asking me to do a work? "

" HEY? Are you gonna listen to me or I will rip your balls off. "

After talking overnight, Xuanche finally left and and Mingwei returned to her room.


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